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Could this be the new Commonwealth Stadium?


You’re looking at a proposed rendering for the expansion and renovation of Commonwealth Stadium. UK is currently accepting proposals for the project, and uploaded this one by international architecture firm HNTB to their website yesterday. It is unclear whether this is the proposal UK has decided to go with or if it is one of many under consideration. Nevertheless, let’s get into the details.

UK gave each firm a list of criteria it wanted in each proposal, including new locker rooms, a recruiting room, club suites, a president’s suite, relocating the press box, and updating the exterior facade to enhance the aesthetics of the stadium. Here is what HNTB came up with (click to enlarge each picture):


The existing site plan and proposed footprint for a renovated Commonwealth


The proposed Main Concourse Plan


Changes to the stadium’s South Side


New recruiting room on the stadium’s east end, connecting to the Nutter Field House. Also includes a large patio overlooking the field and a signing room in case any of the recruits feel the need to sign on the spot.


The new “Wildcat Club” in the South Mezzanine featuring bars and a large patio overlooking the field.

Enlarged North Main Concourse, Suites/Press Box level, South Club level, and new locker rooms (click to enlarge each picture):

cws-proposal7 cws-proposal9 cws-proposal4 cws-proposal5 cws-proposal2

The proposal also includes plans for the Nutter Center renovation and expansion. View all the entire proposal on UK’s website.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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40 Comments for Could this be the new Commonwealth Stadium?

  1. wildcat
    9:32 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    it looks so beautiful i could just cry.

  2. ummm
    9:35 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    did a kindergartner do these renderings?

  3. tonydelksarms
    9:37 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    I like the Mike Brady plan from sherman oaks califorina, he did some work back in the 70’s on a un-named amusement park in the cincinatti area.

  4. why
    9:41 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Why would the “Wildcat Club” feature bars if they can’t serve alcohol?

  5. theWilkman
    9:45 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    4 – exactly my thought. Maybe there’s wind from the SEC that the alcohol ban may be lifted eventually? Maybe they’re finally realizing how much money they leave on the table each year.

  6. Alcohol
    9:52 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    I have always been available in club level suites across the SEC…just not sold to the general public.

  7. Jack Nicklaus
    9:52 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Mike Brady is talented but needs to be more careful with his plans. Tends to misplace them right before important meetings.

  8. RUPPS_rhetoric
    10:02 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    2) It’s a concept for a proposal. It certainly gets the point across. A firm is not going to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on high end renderings until they’re awarded the job. This is par for course in the industry. Once a design team is selected, you can guarantee you’ll get some much better stuff. This is only a proposal.

  9. Jessdogky
    10:03 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Man oh Man this is getting me PUMPED!! Heck yeah!! STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. BigBlueBrock
    10:04 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    4 & 5 – SEC’s alcohol policy prevents sale of alcohol to the public. Suites and club areas are considered “private,” so alcohol can be served there.

  11. Sexington
    10:07 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    This is rediculous!! It needs to be at least one and a half times bigger than that!!!

  12. D. Zoolander
    10:12 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    What is this, a stadium for ANTS?!?!

  13. why
    10:19 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #6 & #10 Thanks for the info, I knew they could have alcohol in the suites but didn’t know they could sell in the club levels.

  14. Chas
    10:59 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Looks like a real stadium!! Thanks god getting rid of the old hideous facade on the current suites. They look like the old press boxes from the Louisville Redbirds

  15. Sarah Palin
    11:19 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    You can put lipstick on a pig football program and its still a pig football program. Cracks me up that we are installing an Air Raid attack that according to Brown and Stoops requires 14 WR’s and we will have ten or so, about 7 of which couldn’t catch a pass last year and can’t catch one in spring practice either. About midway thru the SEC schedule, when we are down to 6 receivers and can’t run the ball, I fully expect UK FB fans to revert to their true colors and start blaming the coaches and system. Truly hope Stoops can ride it out this year because 4-8 is about the best to hope for. Unless UKAA appropriates another $100 million or so to vandalize every other SEC facility while improving CWS, then it’s just $$$ down the drain.

  16. Zoolander
    11:38 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    What is that, a stadium for antz!

  17. jake
    11:39 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    I love the exterior architecture of this proposal it looks whole a lot better than it currently does

  18. Heyo
    11:57 am March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Hey Sarah Palin its good to see you in the comment section and its great to see you have as much knowledge about football as you do with everything else you talk about.

  19. UK Rifle >>>> TCU Rifle
    12:06 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    First thing they should do is build a huge ass parking structure to free up space and actually have a place for the higher student parking needs.

  20. Crystal Palin
    12:12 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #18 care to place an over/under wager on a win total of 4 for next season? Mom knows what she is talking about. How about an over/under bet of 16 games into Stoops tenure before UK fans turn on him? Lol just watch UK’s receiving corps get beat up in the SEC. Gonna be ugly next year. Then a la Mumme they will recruit a dozen WR’s next year at the expense of the rest of the roster. Oh, and that strength of the defense? The D-line? Just heard Rumph will miss at least most if not all of next year.

  21. Football Man
    12:14 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Hey Jack! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!Happy Happy Happy!

  22. Heyo
    12:21 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Hey Crystal its good to see the smarter Palin on here. Next years win total is irrelevant because obviously theres alot of changes taking place. If im taking the over/under on the 16 games them im definitely taking the over. There is no doubt about it that with this offense were going to be loading up on WRs the next couple years, but with Stoops’ defensive history I see no reason to think we cant increase the player quality on both sides of the ball. With all the excitement around the program what makes the Palins so pessimistic?

  23. Chrystal's baby
    1:01 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #22 how about looking back at 60+ years of futility? How about watching 7 or 8 UK coaches come and go and seeing the same irrational exuberance from the fan base for each and every one? How about none have achieved anything but fleeting success? How about hearing UK fans crow about this year’s awesome recruiting class….that is still ranked at the very bottom of the SEC. Simple…as long as UK is in the SEC, it will be at the bottom of the league. Maybe we rise above Vandy someday and inch above Mizzou. That’s about it.

  24. kelkat
    1:04 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    Why do trolls get on these sites to try and get attention? If you aren’t a UK fan why would ya be here? And if you are a UK fan…why are you so negative????

  25. Da ville is ghetto
    1:13 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    I like everyone else would love for a new 100,00+ seat stadium. But I think for the budget given this is a nice renovation. I particularly like the recruit room with the patio and connecting bridge and the new field enterance in the middle of the end zone instead of the corner.

  26. Catscatscats
    1:16 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    UK is a dry campus, which means regardless of SEC rules, they can’t sell alcohol or provide in suites at the stadium. Now, if that rule were changed somehow…

  27. jonathan
    1:28 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #15, money down the drain? so you’re saying that we should just let old, outdated buildings erode and deteriorate? no need to spruce things up to make them modern and appealing so people will actually want to spend time there? great idea. what people like you don’t understand is that this isn’t being done solely for recruiting, thinking that all of a sudden guys are gonna commit b/c we have a remodeled stadium. it may help, but regardless, it’s needed! when’s the last time you went to CWS for god’s sake?!

  28. turkeyblue
    1:36 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    The Palin’s should be worrying about Clint Hurtt and his recruiting.

  29. Chrystal's baby daddy
    1:36 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #24 see #23. I’m not a troll. I get on here 98% to get bball news. Just happened to see this post, felt like commenting. Feel free to ignore or watch my predictions unfold.
    #27 maybe it’s worth whatever the price tag is to improve the fan experience. My comment was that you could put chandeliers in the restrooms and diamond encrust the bleachers, but as long as UK is competing vs. Bama, UGA, Fl, South Carolina, LSU, etc., then expecting performance results to improve by renovating CWS is flushing the $$ away. Not gonna happen unless u consider possibly vaulting above Vandy in a couple years as the measure of success.

  30. Chrystal's baby daddy
    1:39 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #28 we are UK fans. However, can you not read? Do a little research. Hurtt is likely done at UofL but UofL will not be punished for his actions at Miami. Whether they have lost their recruiting pipeline into South FL remains to be seen. Hope so.

  31. Tom Jurich
    2:00 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink


  32. RUPPS_rhetoric
    2:38 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    I love the trolls that show up. Must mean you’re doing something worth trolling on. Pay them no mind and be exciting about the future. Next year could be rough, should be rough, and probably will be rough. But I’m going to put faith in Coach Stoops… what other choice do I have? GO CATS!

  33. Boogie Fan
    2:50 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    After seeing these, it looks like George Costanza finally became an architect.

  34. Bob the Replier
    4:41 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    They need to replace all of that battleship gray paint on the exterior of the stadium with Wildcat Blue.

  35. Kelkat
    5:05 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #29… No one is expecting an over night change to the program. But your negativity and so called fans like you that share this negativity are part of the problem with the football program. The culture needs to change and Stoops has made strides to start that process. And that bottom of the SEC class that one of you Palin sister was putting down was a pretty remarkable class put together under a VERY SHORT TIME PERIOD. Talent is what wins and the Cats recruiting looks as if it could dramatically pick up with this coaching staff.

    And lastly…UK has sold almost 40,000 tickets to the Spring game. That is double of the highest turnout EVER for a Spring game. There is a slight buzz around the UK program right now that most of us that have been following UK for a long time have never seen.

    I just hate to see the negative comments from so called UK fans…do you think that negativity is in anyway helpful for our football program??? Are you doing the team you supposedly root for any good by being negative???

  36. I am Todd Palin
    6:12 pm March 27, 2013 Permalink

    #35 if you come back to read this. Well, to call me a fan might be a little overdoing it. I am a UK grad, as was my bro and sis. Next year both of my kids will be at UK. Had season FB tix for years and still have bball tix. But no, I swore off UK fb a few years ago. Dumped the tix. May go to a game or so each season. I do watch on TV, but I’ve emotionally divested myself from UK fb. It has given me hope and shat on my face too many times.

    Good for Stoops. Nice start. Good for 40k showing up for the spring game. Good for upgraded CWS. Enjoy it because Bama, FL, UGA, USC, LSU, Auburn, and the rest of the SEC await and they don’t give a crap about how good you’re feeling now.

    You know why I even post? Because these same Stoops troops on here that laughably predict a program turnaround are the same people I have heard praising every coach we’ve had from Claiborne to Curry to Mumme to Morriss, etc. And then they on them in a heartbeat and curse them at commonwealth when, duh, they can’t win in the SEC. Not gonna change bro, but by all means keep bashing your head into a brick wall and believing it will. I am pain free. Lol

  37. MarkI
    8:01 am March 28, 2013 Permalink

    To ALL of the Palin’s…….you’re so full of shit. The Palin’s are out of touch with reality and quite dysfunctional. Therefore it is appropriate that you post under their names…… May I suggest the “Flintstones” as future monikers?

  38. Chrush
    1:50 pm March 28, 2013 Permalink

    #36, you do a disservice to the Palin name. Next time, use Eeyore or Chicken Little with your “sky and falling” negativity. I’d hate to go through life thinking like you do. Poor thing, the football program has disappointed you. Boo hoo. I’ll admit, the track record is not good, but football has taken a backseat to basketball for years. I’ve been following UK football since the start of the Claiborne era, and not since Fran Curci was buying recruit$ out of New Jersey in the ’70s (which cost us an SEC title and a Sugar Bowl trip in ’77) have we had a recruting class like the one Stoops and Co. signed this year, so there is hope. We finally hired a defensive-minded coach, something we haven’t had since Claiborne brought his his wide-tackle 6-2-3 from Maryland. We (finally) got back a newer version of Mumme’s entertaining Air Raid attack, which will be more balanced. Don’t rain on our parade.

  39. George Costanza
    3:25 pm March 28, 2013 Permalink

    #33, Very glad someone finally recognizes my work. Actually, my partner and I, Steven Koren (formerly of the Van Buren Boys LLC) rendered this during the ‘Summer of George’

    Our firm just received a cassette tape which includes audio from a James Franklin staff meeting, where it appears Vanderbilt was planning the untimely demise of UK football. As near as we can tell, it is approximately 2 years old. Unfortunately, all I could make out was lone crying out “Dear God”

    Anyone who doesn’t like our proposed drawing can go straight to hell

  40. Old Cat
    5:44 pm March 28, 2013 Permalink

    What a shame that this site cannot be used for constructive purposes. If you are not excited about UK football go somewhere else.