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Could DeMarcus Cousins go #1 overall?

As of this second, no one really seems to think so.  But, it doesn’t mean that the newly hired John Greig isn’t trying to get his super-sized client in that position.  Greig told Yahoo! yesterday that “the NBA teams that do the proper homework” are finding Boogie to be just as worthy of the top overall pick as John Wall and Evan Turner.  Greig acknowledged that there are concerns about a variety of non-basketball issues, but has no concerns that NBA team will find them to be non-issues when it comes draft time.

So, with that in mind, how does DeMarcus Cousins stack up when compared to previous big guys drafted in the top spot of the NBA Draft? Below are the stats in the final college season of the last seven big guys to go #1 overall (because those are the only stats I could find), as well as Boogies, for comparison purposes. While I’m completely aware that statistics are a pretty terrible predictor of draft status, I do think it’s interesting to compare where Cousins stacked up as a freshman when compared to three seniors, three sophomores and a freshman.


What we can deduce from these numbers and our exceptionally intelligent collective basketball minds, though, is that DeMarcus Cousins at least resembles what a top overall pick should be. His numbers are there. He’s 6’11”, 270 pounds and has the footwork and agility of a man a foot shorter. If you watched tape of him offensively from the beginning of the season and compared it to footage from the last 10 games, it would blow your mind. In fact, outside of a few immaturity concerns (way different than a “bad attitude”), I can’t really see why a team wouldn’t consider taking Boogie with the first pick in the draft.

Besides John Wall.

Wall, as many believe Cousins to be, is a once-a-decade prospect and comes with far fewer questions. After the inevitable rush of questions of Wall’s games that will come after this swell of love subsides (that’s the Hootie and the Blowfish effect), you can expect DeMarcus Cousins’ case as a potential top overall pick to gain some steam. Of course, in the end, Wall will end up being the guy, but that doesn’t mean that Cousins isn’t deserving of the recognition either. It just means you got really spoiled this year. I hope you appreciated it.

But, with that being said, how about a Friday debate? If you have to top pick, who are you taking. Wall or Cousins? If you say Evan Turner, you’re disqualified. He’s not an option.

Article written by Thomas Beisner