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Cool story in the LHL

Catcher Adam Bender, 8, left, tagged out Neil Solis at the plate as his Astros team played the Angels at Veterans Park last month. Adam lost his left leg to cancer when he was a year old. He tried a prosthesis but didn¹t like it and refuses to use a wheelchair.  Photo by Charles Bertram | StaffHerald-Leader photo…that kid is totally gunned 

I don’t know how the boycott is going for some of you guys, but you may want to temporarily lift it and read this piece in the Herald-Leader, written by Mike Fields. I actually saw it first on The Big Lead, which is sad because it happened right in our backyard.

Sigh. I blame Beisner.

Anyway, the story is about an 8-year old, Adam Bender, who lost a leg to cancer at the age of 1, and has been playing competitive sports since, despite his plight (apologies for the hacky, accidental rhyme). Adam plays catcher on his team, and led the league in put-outs at the plate for a stretch this season. He also suffered a mild concussion on a play at the plate.

In addition to baseball, Adam also competes in football and soccer. I won’t go into much more detail, as the piece written by Fields is terrific and deserves a read–if you’re interested.

The web story has an awesome video of Adam in action, as well as some great quotes from the courageous youngster. So, I implore you to drop your petty ban for at least a day and check out a truly amazing story.

Do it for the kids!!!

Article written by Evan Hilbert