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Conference tournament ‘swag’ report

We all know that college football is famous for the gifts that lucky participants receive as rewards for an invite to whichever “Random Sponsor and Location Bowl” they make. Whether it’s a shiny new watch or a lifetime gift certificate for poinsettias, it seems like football players get all the best stuff. Well, who knew that basketball players get showered with gifts at their conference tournaments in much the same way? Sports Business Daily knew, and they put together a breakdown of the loot that players from each conference will take home from their tournaments.

SEC players get to choose from a grab bag of goodies, ranging from a 24-inch upright Swiss Army travel bag, which may or may not come with tweezers and a little plastic toothpick, all the way to an iPod touch (let’s play Words with Friends!). They can even choose a Blu-Ray player or Sony Cybershot if those don’t tickle their fancy. That certainly beats the Big West’s ‘T-Shirt’ or the Northeast Conference’s ‘Anaconda Long-Sleeve Dri-Fit Shirt,’ which I assume features something like this on the front. And, although the Pac-10’s choice to give out backpacks full of snacks and Dr. Pepper may not be your kind of thing, reports seem to indicate that it has Billy Gillispie considering holding out for a west coast job. You can see what the rest of the conferences are handing out by following this nifty little link.

[h/t @DraftExpress]

Article written by Hunter Campbell

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  1. giggles
    6:10 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    This is the reason why t. jones chose uk.. he hates chips and dr pepper

  2. UKEarp
    6:12 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    Big East……ipod touch. Cheapskates must still be paying Pitino’s attorney fees

    6:12 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    OK, I’ve been bored on my day off so I had a little bracketology fun. Took Lunardi’s latest bracket, went to and simulated every game in the tournament. I’m only posting the results here because they’re really interesting and it has an all-star Final Four.

    Here are the rules I followed:
    -All games set to “Neutral Court,” but…
    -As you still have to pick a home team and an away team, the team with the higher seed was the home team by default.
    -I recorded final scores for the round of 32 on.
    -Since it’s only a simulation, I played the Final Four games and the National Title game as a best-of-seven series and took an average of all scores to determine the winner.

    Here are my results (* denotes winner of game):

    Play-In Games:
    16 Bethune-Cookman*
    16 UNC-Asheville

    12 Michigan St.*
    12 Virginia Tech

    16 McNeese St.
    16 Texas Southern*

    11 Colorado
    11 Boston College*

    First Round

    1 Ohio St.*
    16 Bethune-Cookman

    8 Missouri*
    9 Florida St.

    5 Xavier
    12 Belmont*

    4 St. John’s*
    13 Long Island

    6 Texas A&M*
    11 Clemson

    3 Florida*
    14 Morehead St.

    7 UCLA*
    10 Saint Mary’s

    2 Notre Dame*
    15 St. Peter’s

    Second Round

    1 Ohio St. 69
    8 Missouri 78*

    12 Belmont 71
    4 St. John’s 76*

    6 Texas A&M 65*
    3 Florida 64

    7 UCLA 75*
    2 Notre Dame 63

    Sweet Sixteen

    8 Missouri 88*
    4 St. John’s 78

    6 Texas A&M 63
    7 UCLA 67*

    Elite Eight

    8 Missouri 78
    7 UCLA 80*

    First Round

    1 Duke*
    16 North Texas

    8 George Mason*
    9 Illinois

    5 Arizona
    12 Michigan St.*

    4 Louisville*
    13 Harvard

    6 Kansas St.*
    11 Richmond

    3 Syracuse*
    14 Indiana St.

    7 Cincinnati*
    10 Tennessee

    2 Brigham Young*
    15 Norhtern Colorado

    Second Round

    1 Duke 84*
    8 George Mason 60

    12 Michigan St. 79*
    4 Louisville 76

    6 Kansas St. 62*
    3 Syracuse 52

    7 Cincinnati 82*
    2 Brigham Young 72

    Sweet Sixteen

    1 Duke 71*
    12 Michigan St 69

    6 Kansas St. 52
    7 Cincinnati 54*

    Elite Eight

    1 Duke 73*
    7 Cincinnati 59

    First Round

    1 Kansas*
    16 Texas Southern

    8 Utah St.
    9 Gonzaga*

    5 UCONN*
    12 UAB

    4 Wisconsin*
    13 Bucknell

    6 Vanderbilt*
    11 Michigan

    3 San Diego St.*
    14 Milwaukee

    7 Villanova*
    10 Washington

    2 North Carolina*
    15 Wofford

    Second Round

    1 Kansas 87*
    9 Gonzaga 69

    5 UCONN 74
    4 Wisconsin 76*

    6 Vanderbilt 76
    3 San Diego St. 82*

    7 Villanova 95
    2 North Carolina 101 (OT)

    Sweet Sixteen

    1 Kansas 82*
    4 Wisconsin 64

    3 San Diego St. 86*
    2 North Carolina 83 (2OT)

    Elite Eight

    1 Kansas 88*
    3 San Diego St. 81 (OT)

    First Round

    1 Pittsburgh*
    16 Boston University

    8 UNLV*
    9 Old Dominion

    5 West Virginia
    12 Butler*

    4 Kentucky*
    13 Oakland

    6 Georgetown*
    11 Boston College

    3 Purdue
    14 Kent St.*

    7 Temple
    10 Marquette*

    2 Texas*
    15 Long Beach St.

    Second Round

    1 Pittsburgh 76*
    8 UNLV 74

    5 Butler 58
    4 Kentucky 78*

    6 Georgetown 70*
    14 Kent St. 53

    10 Marquette 69*
    2 Texas 49

    Sweet Sixteen

    1 Pittsburgh 73
    4 Kentucky 79* (OT)

    6 Georgetown 62*
    10 Marquette 52

    Elite Eight

    4 Kentucky 79*
    6 Georgetown 67

    FINAL FOUR (Remember, all games from here are best-of-seven with scores averaged)

    7 UCLA 66
    1 Duke 75*

    1 Kansas 68
    4 Kentucky 83

    4 Kentucky 70*
    1 Duke 68 (OT)

  4. Keep on keepin on
    6:18 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    Thats awesome……but i dont really see that happening. Hope it does tho

  5. Jim Cantore
    6:29 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    For those of you who are to young to remember April 3, 1974, I suggest you listen to hour one of the radio podcast.

  6. Typical UK fan
    6:35 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    #3-your post is too long! I only read things in paraphrases. And it must be only one page

  7. afidler
    6:51 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    Hunter, I can’t remember are you on Reddit? If so, are you also on r/CollegeBasketball? I’m the Mod fidler of there. PM if you are!

  8. The Truth
    7:10 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    Regarding Jones versus Jurich:

    Matt cannot be on “Cards Radio”. It is already pretty generous to allow UK voices on a show, but UL should have some say in who that voice is. So, the problem is not that he is a UK fan, the problem is that he is a venom spewing [email protected] If he wants to move up in sports media he has to be bigger than just a UK homer. If he sees this as a step up, then he needs to learn not to take cheap shots at UL all the time. Sorry, you can’t spread your anti-UL tripe and then be shocked when you don’t get a prime gig on “Cards Radio”.

    Not to mention that I don’t see Howie on any UK NCAA tournament selection shows. Shocking. You mean THEY don’t want an anti-UK voice?? What is this, Soviet Russia?!?!

    I think Jurich is a little too heavy handed with the media sometimes, but not this time. You want a blue voice on the selection show? Fine. But it can’t be Matt Jones. Go find somebody else. If he doesn’t like it then he can change his tune on UL and start singing our praises. We know he can do it….he already did it with Calipari.

  9. BlueVirus
    7:21 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    8- you lose

  10. Junior Braddy is walking on thru that door
    9:11 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    8. You are too stupid to argue with and trying to explain his point to a moron like you would be pointless.

  11. test
    10:54 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink


  12. Ricky 3 stacks
    11:17 pm March 8, 2011 Permalink

    I approve #12
    You Tardinal Douchebag