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Completely irrational reason to want Alabama to win tomorrow night

AP Photo/Butch Dill


AP Photo/Butch Dill

AP Photo/Butch Dill

I have no issues with admitting that I love finding weird statistical correlations and acting like they are for sure causation. For example, part of the reason I wanted the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series, was that the last two times that the Cleveland Indians lost in the World Series, the Kentucky Wildcats went on to win the National Championship in basketball that upcoming season. Now, clearly I know that the Indians losing had nothing to do with the Cats winning. But, did that stop the extra urge to root against the Indians this season? Not at all.

Moving on to tomorrow night’s College Football Playoff National Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers. Besides going with the SEC, which is how I usually pick who I want to win it all in college football, I have another motive for rooting for the Tide to roll. Kentucky men’s basketball has never won a national championship in a year that an ACC school has won the college football national championship. And even furthermore, the Cats have 8 national titles in basketball. An SEC school has been national champs in football in 5 of those 8 years.

Again, don’t blow up the comment section telling me how dumb I am for believing that these two events really have some sort of cause and effect link between them. Clearly there isn’t a true causation there. However, if I can find any reason to add to the mojo come March Madness time, then I am 100% all for it.

This all may seem like nonsense to you, and that’s completely fine. But when the Cats are rolling in March, ask any UK fan if they mess with the mojo, and they’ll say no. Mojo is almost completely for the fans, and doesn’t even get noticed by most players. However, there’s a reason Coach Cal doesn’t like raisins in his oatmeal on game days. He thinks the team loses when raisins are put in his oatmeal. And there’s a reason I still blame my old roommate Jared for the Cats losing to UCONN in the national championship in 2014. Because he messed with the mojo of our tourney watch parties. Go ahead and put that loss on Jared y’all.

Believe in this stuff or not, I’m rooting for Bama to take down Clemson tomorrow night, just for that slightly higher chance that I’ll think we have a shot to win the ‘ship in basketball. Why not?

Roll Tide. Beat Clemson


Article written by Brett Bibbins

Graduate of the University of Kentucky in 2015. Spend my free time watching sports, The Office or Harry Potter. Three-word phrases to live by: For The Kids and Cats by 90 @BrettBibbinsKSR

4 Comments for Completely irrational reason to want Alabama to win tomorrow night

  1. CVL123
    7:36 am January 9, 2017 Permalink

    “If you believe you’re winning because you’re getting laid or not getting laid or because you wear women’s underwear- then you ARE. And you should know that.”
    -Crash Davis, in Bull Durham

  2. KSR Spy
    8:51 am January 9, 2017 Permalink

    Still way more rational that any of the junk that Jonathan Miller has written for this site.

    • CATandMONKEY
      9:34 am January 9, 2017 Permalink

      Somebody’s butt hurts from attempting to read beyond 140 characters… Including spaces.
      I don’t remotely side with much of Miller’s ideas politically but can appreciate prose that provokes thoughts not usually considered by blinder-saddled fools.

  3. Jiminy Crickets
    2:57 pm January 9, 2017 Permalink

    Yes but the Cleaveland Indians won the World Series in 1948, the same year Kentucky later won it’s first national title. After that, every title that Kentucky won followed a Yankees World Series win, until 2012 when the title followed a Giants World Series win.