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Coach Stoops Gives Away a Game of Yahtzee!


Earlier today at the Kentucky Football women’s clinic, Coach Stoops, his coaching staff, and the players kept the ladies entertained for hours as they taught some fundamentals, modeled some uniforms, and cracked some jokes. Among some of the entertainment were some raffle giveaways, that included a boxed game of Yahtzee! signed by Mark Stoops himself.

My best friend Olivia Brown and her mother Cathy were in attendance this morning, and Olivia was actually lucky enough to win this piece of memorabilia, that will hopefully one day be worth a lot. Kentucky is selling this whole Yahtzee thing hard, and I gotta say, it’s working for em.

Feel free to follow both Olivia and I on Twitter @oliviabrown2 and @WilderTreadKSR

Article written by Wilder Treadway

KSR Alpha Class '12 #holla

4 Comments for Coach Stoops Gives Away a Game of Yahtzee!

  1. Concerned
    9:31 pm July 27, 2013 Permalink

    I, probably like most readers of this site, started reading KSR daily following the BCG firing. The posts were consistent and the information provided made me feel like I was an insider of UK athletics. KSR provided free information that kept it’s readers in the know.
    However, since the KSR brand has expanded into this era of unknown writers, the quality and information are both lacking. I have turned to other sites now for information regarding UK athletics simply because most of the posts found here are not informative as they once were… and the KSR writers response is always “another slow day for news”. Other sites are finding interesting topics to write about, why can’t KSR!
    Please get this blog back to prominence. I don’t read the site as often, even during bball season, simply because the posts are not appealing, or because I have already read the information somewhere else. I use to come here to check for the latest updates, or breaking news, now I get a banner notification on my iPhone long before KSR has a post. I hope KSR can get back to being THE go to source for UK sports!
    Just one reader’s thoughts and concerns!

  2. Treadmill
    11:28 pm July 27, 2013 Permalink

    @1 – It’s ironic that the KSR radio broadcast is going great guns and killing the ratings book, but the website that launched Matt’s successful enterprise may just be slipping. As evidence, this article was posted at 8:30pm and your comment posted as “first” (thank you for not declaring that) at 9:31pm. I like the KSR broadcasts because of the UK sports personalities Matt books, in addition to the national sports writers that call in.

    My problem with the website is that the writers have given far too much priority to making fun of rivals. Is this a UK sports site or is it a “let’s tear down and make crude jokes about the opposition?” It’s little wonder the comments section has become over run by UK haters and foul-mouthed attention seekers.

    I confess I can’t resist taking digs at the things our regional rivals do because they’re just begging for the attention, but I can’t help but feel the website has become too much anti-everbody not in Blue.

  3. Linda Taylor
    2:04 am July 28, 2013 Permalink

    3 – They’ve already gotten rid of you once. How many ip addresses do you have? They’ll eventually catch up with all of them and get rid of you for good. Really, how pathetic is your life that you’ve been posting under my screen name all weekend.

  4. Jeff Garlin
    10:01 am July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Get’um Wilder!