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Coach Cal on the ESPNU podcast

John Calipari joined his good friends Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg earlier this week for a segment on the ESPNU College Basketball Podcast to talk about his 2012-13 team.

It’s not a Harrison twins update, but it’s the next best thing.

Have some notes:

— Kentucky is the most inexperienced team in the country. Out of the 72 BCS schools, UK is the only one that doesn’t have a returning player who started in one game last season.

Ryan Harrow is more of the mold of a Brandon Knight. He’s going to have to take on the role of a shooter/scorer. “He’s a really good player.”

— Leadership develops. The team captains will emerge; they won’t talk about it.

— The surprise of the group is going to be Willie Cauley-Stein. “People are going to say, ‘Who the heck is this guy’?

— The freshman who is playing the best right now is Archie Goodwin. “He’s got a motor like Michael Kidd.”

— Cal will be surprised if Wiltjer isn’t scoring 14, 15, or 16 points per game. “I will be stunned if he’s not.”

— Jay-Z, Irv Gotti, and maybe Magic Johnson will be at the Maryland game. Drake is coming back to Rupp. “He asked for seats on the wood.”

Have a listen…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

34 Comments for Coach Cal on the ESPNU podcast

  1. Mark Turgeon
    11:43 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Harrison twins updates or NOTHING… phhhtttt

  2. BigBlueBallz
    11:46 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Drew, I know this isn’t your all’s responsibility, but I think it’d be a good idea to request no one harass the twins on Twitter if they choose Maryland. That is embarassing for our fanbase when a couple idiots tweet 17 year old kids negative things. Other recruits see that.

  3. John Wall
    11:51 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

    #2 yes that should be announced not to do that, because people will

  4. UK Snuggie
    11:52 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

    How proud are we that Cal is our coach? I hope to be just as proud that Romney will be our President.

  5. Musehobo
    11:52 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Agree with (2).

    And as a side note, a very good problem we have now is who starts? This has been debated ad nauseum here but I’m not sure if I’ve seen it since Cauley-Stein has gotten hot.

    Based solely off my observations I’m thinking

    1. Harrow
    2. Goodwin
    3. Wiltjer
    4. Poythress
    5. Noel

    It’s possible Wiltjer or Goodwin may come off the bench, and Cauley-Stein could start, but if Wiltjer is our best shooter, and Goodwin is our best freshman right now, what are we going to do?

  6. lonnieb
    11:54 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Romney will not be president……………….”If they want to attend college they should just have their parents pay for it”

    He has no clue what real life is like…….just another spoiled rich piece of shit

  7. cracka
    11:59 am October 4, 2012 Permalink

  8. 84Cat
    12:00 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    I would call Obama a piece of shit, but I would hate to insult shit like that.

  9. CAKE
    12:03 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Matt sounds just like the sports junkies guys. Whenever he makes fun of them, the voice he uses is not much different than his actual voice. Also, matt needs to show more respect to callers and people like Mike Pratt. His head is getting a little too big.

  10. Devastation inc
    12:06 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    6) or just get a job or two and take 6 years to finish. Thats what i did. it was not easy, but it paid off me. Put your hand back in your pocket and take responsibility for yourself.

  11. lonnieb
    12:09 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    I have a clinical doctorate and 120,000 in loans to boot. My parents didnt have any money. He has no idea what real life is like.

    Luckily I played DI baseball on full ride or who knows how much money I would owe

  12. should not complain
    12:16 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    It may take a while to payback if obama care sticks because doctors will be making as much as a truck driver. good luck doc

  13. USA
    12:17 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Doc- you should have served your country and went in with the GI bill. If you want gov to pay for school, it’s easy just do your duty. it’s an option for everyone.

  14. LT
    12:23 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    My father was a Mormon. That whole side of the family are Mormons. I will NEVER vote for a Mormon. If every real Christian in this country had any idea what Mormons really believe, Mitt Romney would never be elected.

  15. John Wall
    12:32 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Cal for pres

  16. UK Fan
    12:38 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    #14–If people in this country knew what Obama REALLY BELIEVED he would be run out of office.

  17. LT
    12:47 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    16 – You can’t believe what you hear on talk radio. Right wing extremists start rumors that they know will inflame their followers that have no basis in fact. I KNOW what Mormons believe and believe me it is worse than anything I’ve ever heard about Obama.

  18. uk
    12:47 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    #14 What do they believe? Just curious.

  19. MemphisCat
    12:51 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    I really enjoy listening to Cal, he is really a Pro-UK program guy, he really has swag and sells UK and his system 24/7. I don’t know about anyone else, but I do worry about the 1st two games this year, if we lose both games, how many “the sky is falling” fans will panic? I think we will take some lumps but by March, we can be one of the top-8 teams Cal is invisioning.

  20. Mormon
    1:03 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    #14 I’m a Mormon/cat fan and I know that we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, so of that doesn’t make us CHRISTian I don’t know what does. But I also believe in Blue Jesus aka John Wall baby!!!

  21. mark
    1:11 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Julius Mays and Ryan Harrow have started before , Mays has started alot of games, just not at UK.

  22. UKBlue1!
    1:14 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    #19. Most UK fans know this team is going to take some lumps. This is why Calipari dropped UNC and IU. There is a possibility we might lose 4-5 conference games this year and 2 non- conference games. The Cats will be a tough knock out by tourney time. This isn’t the 70’s or 80’s. BY the time, the NCAA starts will will have played about 35 games.

  23. skullanbonesdiss
    1:14 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    #4…You are clueless, Obama/Romney work for the same financial elite and you are buying into the stage play they call the general election[which will be hacked again]…..enjoy the fabricated war both will bring you…also might want to research Amber Lyon and how about a listen at this:

  24. Dale in Orlando
    1:21 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Best part of podcast was when Seth Greenberg said Jots

  25. Browski in Bowling Green
    2:02 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Cal:”what happens if we start off 0-2?”

    guy:”then you’re Tom Izzo”


  26. Lane
    2:04 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Great podcast, should have more of these “off the site” episodes. But I agree with #24, I was thinking Cal would say something. But again great podcast, hopefully our day continues to get better with the committment of the twins, however if they don’t come to UK I hope we can act like the classy fan base we are. We too should not freak out if they dont commit, because after three years, I’ve let my worries go and fully trust in Cal’s ability to get us the best.

  27. V
    2:07 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    We don’t need another rich spoiled brat in the white house. We took 8 years of hell from one rich brat and are we this quick to forget worst economic meltdown since the great depression. If Romney is elected he has already said, he doesn’t care about the 47% of the Americans, and the funny thing is he is talking about most people living in our state. But of course most of these people will cast a vote for Romney. Go figures.

  28. skullanbonesdiss
    2:31 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    # 27 Exactly correct..a good read: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney…….by Matt Tabbi

  29. skullanbonesdiss
    2:35 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

  30. skullanbonesdiss
    2:37 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Mortgage Fraud for Dummies…8 years in the making:[corrected link]

  31. Ryan
    3:02 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Romney cares about clean coal… All the coal money people must be happy!

  32. Politics?
    3:19 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    Hmmm was thinking this was a sports website….. Come on down?

  33. Rockfield, KY
    4:00 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    6. I grew up poor and my parents couldn’t afford college, so I worked hard and stayed in state and got an academic scholarship to pay for my school and worked the entire time I was there. Not only did I get everything paid for, but I also had a blast, joined a fraternity, and made good grades. I don’t want to hear excuses. The entitlement attitude in this country is ridiculous. If you don’t work hard to get to college, you don’t deserve college and you deserve to dig ditches. I refuse to pay for others’ free rides when I never got anything given to me without working my a$$ off for it. If you want to go to college, you better be one of 3 things: a genius, a hard worker, or a great athlete.

  34. LT
    5:10 pm October 4, 2012 Permalink

    20 – You believe that Jesus is one of many gods and that he is the god “with which we have to do”, that he is the god of this planet. You believe that you are going to become a god yourself, IF you stay obedient to your church and maintain your temple recommend among other things. You believe you are going to start your own world on a different planet after you become a god. That is one thing that makes Romney so dangerous as president. He has to answer to his church. He has to be obedient to his church.
    Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church once found an Egyptian papyrus that was a short paragraph about Osiris. Joseph Smith “translated” it into an entire book that he called “The Book of Abraham”. You see, he didn’t know about the Rosetta Stone that allowed ancient Egyptian to be translated into ancient Greek. He didn’t care that he was making it all up, he was used to it. He had already written the entire Book of Mormon from golden plates that disappeared. All of the men who he said had seen the plates later denied it. The Mormon church also has many secret temple rituals which Joseph Smith said came directly to him from God. However, large parts of it come directly from Masonic rituals, word for word.
    They keep their families in control by the threat of eternal separation. Women can only enter the highest level of heaven by a man “pulling her through the veil”. What a great way to keep everyone under your thumb. I had aunts that were hospitalized because their husbands beat them so severely.
    You have probably heard about their great genealogical records. The reason they do this is they baptize for the dead.
    Mormons also believe that polygamy will be brought back.
    Well, that’s enough for now.