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Coach Cal Has a Message

After a tough loss to arch-rival Louisville, it’s safe to say that most are feeling a tad deflated.  John Calipari feels the same way, but he’s moving forward. This morning on his personal site,, he wrote an open message for his players and BBN.  In the brief piece, Calipari touched on multiple subjects like working with Alex Poythress going forward and the improvement being experienced by Ryan Harrow.

On the subject of “Camp Cal” and the effort being put forth by the players:

My job is to help all these young people become the best versions of themselves on and off the court and get them to understand how much they need each other to truly do that. The last two weeks, we’ve moved in that direction.

On what Alex Poythress can become in the future:

All of us think Alex can be as good as anyone in the country. It’s my responsibility to get him to think that way and play that way for himself and his teammates so that we can all become the best versions of ourselves.


If you desire to read the rest of the message, it can be found here.

Article written by Jonathan Schuette

10 Comments for Coach Cal Has a Message

  1. paducahcat
    2:35 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Poythress is Calipari’s recruiting tool for Andrew Wiggins. They seem to have similar personalities off the court. If he can get Alex turned around, Wiggins will come.

  2. uk
    2:38 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    put us in indianapolis with louisville and iu

  3. bluegrassjimmy
    3:00 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Alex, Archie, Julius, Kyle, Nerlens, Ryan, Willie:
    You guys are special, you are millionairs just waiting for that check. You need to look at the opposing team and PLAYER you are playing against as someone that is trying to steal your money, fame, and your FAMILIES MONEY!!
    PLAY like your future depended on it, IT DOES!! Like your Family’s future depended on it, IT DOES!!!
    PLEASE don’t make the mistake of looking back in 15 to 20 years and saying “IF” I had only played like I was capable!!! DO IT NOW!!!

  4. Hoptownsbeast
    3:21 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Cal & team have come a long way. They are doing a great job. Im glad hes giving Poythress special attention. If he catches up to the rest of the team they will be a top contender

  5. gog8ors
    3:26 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    The picture looks as though his message is “Pull my finger”.

  6. JMFATZ47
    3:43 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah…Poythress blows. 14.5 ppg is awful. His confidence is shaken and sometimes it takes players longer than other to adjust to the big stage.

  7. bluristhurr
    3:55 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Whatever happened to the NCAA Football poll for the cover?

    3:59 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Although the 1st half of the Louisville game gave me flashbacks of the Billy Clyde era, I’ve got 0 doubts and 0 worries.

    4:10 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Because Cal is the best Kentucky coach ever and he will figure out how to reach his kids and shape them into #1 draft picks. In about 5 years the NBA is going to be dominated by Kentucky alumni and we will have at least one more national championship to show for it.

  10. Bald Guy
    5:01 pm December 30, 2012 Permalink

    Poythress is going to be special… he is just not an NBA player his freshman year so people are worried. This year is was thought to be a rebuilding year for sure but after yesterday I believe if Alex and WCS continue to get better we will make a run in the tourney. As for UofL… enjoy that one because its going to be a while.