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Coach Cal can’t tell you who is a “one and done” prospect? Riiiiight.

One and dones?  Me?  Whaaaatttt????

John Calipari has been a busy man this week as he and his favorite Hawaiian shirt have been tasked with leading the collection of bad haircuts that make up the SEC basketball coaches meetings.  They took a big step forward yesterday in eliminating divisions and afterward, people wanted to talk about what really matters.  One and done players.  Huh?

Anyway, in chatting with, Calipari talked about being the poster child for one and done players and offered up a response that I find to be quite humorous.  Here’s the excerpt:

“If you asked me if Eric Bledsoe would go after a year, I would have laughed and everybody around him would have laughed,” Calipari said. “Or Daniel Orton, who did not play his senior year in high school.

“Or Brandon Knight if you saw him play in Hawaii. I was thinking he might be here four years.”

Oh, Cal.  You’re so silly.  While there’s truth to this, of course, and no one in the world thought that Eric Bledsoe or Daniel Orton would be making the leap after one year, I think saying Cal can’t diagnose one and done talent is probably an inaccurate statement.  In fact, the most amusing part of this blurb is that I think it’s just Cal hitting us – and prospects and coaches –  with a humble brag.  “Gee whiz, it just seems like every kid who comes here gets good enough to leave and go pro.”

Well played, Cal.  I like your style.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

16 Comments for Coach Cal can’t tell you who is a “one and done” prospect? Riiiiight.

  1. NegativeForNoReason
    10:41 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    These guys show up at UK with a lead from third base….Not standing in the batter’s box.

  2. Brandon
    10:43 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    What did he say that was facetious? No one thought that Bledsoe, Orton, or even Knight would be one and dones at the beginning of their freshman years… it’s not like he’s saying that Wall and Cousins were tough to diagnose. This is a dumb entry.

  3. bluetooth
    10:54 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    why would cal give a interview to govolsxtra ? bet they told him they were somebody else

  4. sam jones
    11:02 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    What he said about about Bledsoe , Orton , and Knight was correct . I would bet he thought Jones was a one and done , at least when he signed him . So I agree with what he said .

  5. itchy
    11:05 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    Last year was the exception and not the rule. Other than last year, Calipari has never had more than one OAD in a season. Knight was the only one this season, and he never had more than one at UM and UMass.

  6. Dude
    11:09 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    #4 Your parkway in Indy gave me hell 2 weeks ago dammit

  7. Prayersinblue
    11:16 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    Leave Cal alone

  8. GoCats2
    11:17 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    #3 it was probably Macon_Volfan and Cal recognized him from this site.

  9. Hillbilly Fan
    11:22 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    When you only recruit the best of the best, a very high probability exist that they will be OAD’s. Says a lot about his very good coaching ability in all phases of college coaching.

  10. Major
    11:23 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    Cal does have a point to a certain extent. Conventional wisdom all season was that Terrence Jones was gone, but Brandon Knight would likely be back for at least one more year. The exact opposite is what happened.

  11. NBA league pass
    11:29 am June 2, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with everything he said. There are no guarantees that anybody is a “one and done”. Ask Samardo Samuels, etc, etc. Also, you never know who may get to college and dominate, and go out after one year, like Bledsoe.

  12. Han
    12:09 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    5) Well, last year was possibly an exception, but he expected recruiting to be easier at UK than Memphis. As such, if he wants them, he should be able to recruit more one-and-done types at UK than at Memphis (or most other non-elite schools).

    While many people are projecting that Gilchrist will play 2 years, depending how the season goes, it’s entirely possible that Davis, Gilchrist and Teague all leave after one season. Gilchrist has the type of all-around talent NBA teams love, and I don’t think it’s going to be a hugely deep class at PG that Teague wouldn’t stand a good chance of being drafted 1st round if he wants to leave.

  13. UK Wildcat
    12:11 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    That was a pretty straightforward response, Beisner. I don’t know why you seem to think he wasn’t being totally serious. Orton didn’t even play his senior year of high school, Bledsoe was a 4 star recruit on scout, and Brandon Knight was projected a 2nd round pick until the middle of the SEC season.

  14. JackNicklaus
    12:43 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    He recruits top talent and gets more than others. Other coaches recruit them but dont land them. So after their freshman season, the declare for NBA and get feedback. If high enough…they go. If not (Jones), they won’t. Not rocket science. He cannot control how the NBA guys project them.

  15. natural macaroni
    1:41 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    or if you saw terrence jones play in hawaii or against notre dame…everybody thought he was gone EASY

  16. Cats4life
    1:42 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    13) beisner wasn’t saying what cal said about bledsoe or orton was odd or anything. He was pointing out the obvious humor when cal said knight might stay 4 years after his play in Maui. Sure he played bad but cal didn’t actually think he would be here for 4 years. Plus beisner was mainly laughing at the genius sarcasm off cals last statement about kids coming here then getting good enough to go pro. That’s s genius line. Beisner isn’t saying cal said anything dumb, just pointing out the humor in those quotes.