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Clarion, According to the Internet

Following in today’s theme of ‘more youtube for your dollar’ I’m bringing you one of the only clips I could find of the Clarion basketball team.  Now, there are quite a few reasons why I love this video.

1.) The Initial Isiah Thomas Quote – What strikes me as bizarre about this quote is, as far as I can tell, Isiah Thomas has nothing to do with Clarion University.  And when I say he has nothing to do with them, I am basing this all on research done by typing ‘Isiah Thomas Clarion’ into Google and getting no results.  Top notch research, in other words.  But aside from that, why pick Isiah Thomas?  You at least have Calipari, who happens to not be one of the worst executives and head coaches in the history of the game, to turn to for basketball quotes.

2.) The ‘Highlights’ – Not to spoil anything for those of you that haven’t watched the video, but the first five highlights consist of (and I kid you not,) a rebound, a rebound, an open three, a coaching shot, and a free throw.  Is making a free throw that monumental to your team that it’s worthy of being in a youtube video?  Did someone really say, “Oh yeah, hittin free throws, that shit’s going on my highlight reel?”

3.) The Atmosphere – I don’t know if you noticed this, but there are more fans at a Louisville Football game than there are in Clarions gymnasium.  They literally have tens upon tens of people in attendance.  I can’t wait until they come out in front of 23,000 big blue crazies tonight.  Which, by the way, is more than were in attendance at Louisvilles last home game.

4.) The Soundtrack – The soundtrack for the first five minutes (before it goes awkwardly silent for the next five,) include lyrics like, ‘yo where’s the competition, bring on the competition, we need some competition, ya’ll aint no competition!’  I’m sorry, but your competition is in Rupp Arena.  Bring it on.

5. 7?2? !!!! (What? I have a blackberry…)

Note: Yes, there is a second part to this video.  I could barely make it through the first ten minutes of rebounds and white guys hitting threes, though, so if you want to see part two, you must be a parent of a kid on the Clarion basketball team.  And for that, I am sorry.

Article written by Will Lentz