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CHOOSE OR LOSE RESULTS (Who made the Chase for the Cup??)

Well I finally did it. I added up the Week 7 and 8 scores and we are ready for the first qualifiers for the Choose or Lose Big Dance. First a few caveats….I dont have a written result of week 7 and 8 because it will take too long to type out. Nevertheless, I do want to give shouts out to the winners. Week 7 saw Wldctky and David Shuman tie for first place with 13 points. Wldctky had a better tiebreaker, so he takes the weekly win. It was also notable as the Captain Morgan Fairchild had the worst week of any Choose or Lose Competitor ever with just 4 points.

But interestingly, in the next week, our overall winner was none other than Captain Morgan Fairchild who bounced back with 12 points, tying T.Walters and gwblak for first, but winning the tiebreaker. The Captain and Wldctky can email me at [email protected] to work out their winning post on the blog (the Captain’s should be something special).

Now, onto the overall results. The first set of results are for all those who played ALL 8 WEEKS. From this group, the top 5 qualifies for the final Chase for the Cup beginning in two weeks. As you can see, I came in second, so I will keep competing but didnt want to take up a spot. Thus the top 6 (plus ties) actually made it. The names in bold have qualified:

Gutter2D 84
Matt Jones 83
SuperBlueDude 81
Ricky Bobby 80
MaconVolFan 79
Corporate Autocrat 78
Paladin 78
Drunk Irishman 77
Mike Jones 77
wldctky 77
Intern 76
Palmerjr 76
Walls 75
MyDixieWrecked 74
Mosley 74
CaliCatFan 74
D.Williams 73
Phil Shelley 73
Payne 69
Mmfiji 68
Wes 68
Captain Morgan 68

Tough luck there for Drunk Irishman, Mike Jones and Wldctky who missed the Chase by one game. Some random Eastern Michigan kick may have been enough to spell doom. Now dont fear losers… week in week 10, there will be one Chase spot that will be SOLELY FOR PEOPLE WHO PLAYED ALL 9 WEEKS! So one of you will still be in. Watch for that next week, and play this week as well to qualify.

Now we have two spots for those who played all but one week….and once again there was a tie, so three made it. Also, David Shuman was in the lead in this category and would have easily made it, but didnt play the last week…..poor move. Names in bold are in.

Mr. Mujumdar 69
jsgorocks 68
Nathan Rice 68
Gerry Dinardo 65
mac 64
T. Walters 64
JLove 64
nepalibabu 64
kentapolis 64
Turkey Hunter 64
Ethan 62
gwblak 62

Ok, now if you didnt make it yet, remember we have spots for the winner of this week and next week….and then one bonus spot for all those who have played every week. Scroll down and get your picks in before Friday. Money is in the bank……

Article written by Matt Jones