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Change We Can Believe In


With under 20 days left until the election, many people are getting ready to cast their ballot. I am without a doubt a political junkie and my admiration for Barack Obama has been well documented here. But what has been amazing to me over the last few months is just how into the election, the players, both past and present, truly are as well. I wrote on here earlier this year about the pickup basketball game that was set at UK with Obama and former UK players and the interest of those guys was phenomenal. There is no one in America who is following this election more closely than Bobby Perry, who has his XM radio in his car plugged to the “Election Channel”, and if you attempt to change it, he will punch you in the face. Kenny Walker and I have had multiple election conversations and one former player has started calling me “Joe the Plumber” just to give me a hard time in the last couple of days.

But the interest is also there with the current players as well. On Media Day, while talking to Dwight Perry, he said to me, “you and my cousin are all into the election, arent you.” I said yes, and he then said, “well these guys are too. We are all watching the debate tonight.” That surprised me a bit and hearing the conversation, Matthew Pilgrim started talking (and by the way, Pilgrim has a GREAT personality and is a very good talker for media appearances) and started on the topic. He told me, “yeah we talk about election stuff all the time. Me and Mark Krebs have gotten into some serious debates this year.” When I asked him who he was for, he said, “ahh, we are all for Obama except Krebs….but I am trying to convince him.” Perry heard that and said, “well there may be one or two other guys for McCain, I am not sure. But there arent many.” Pilgrim then said, “nah I think its 19 for Obama and Krebs for McCain.” I then went and spoke to Krebs (who may be the nicest guy on the team and a fan of this site) to confirm and he said, “yeah, I like McCain…..I like both of them. But I also like to debate, it is fun.”

Hearing all those guys, Pilgrim, Perry, Krebs, etc talk about their interest in politics did make me feel good about these guys. Whoever you are for, this is an important election and even here in the fishbowl of college basketball, these guys are taking an interest in something beyond themselves. I find that to be a positive development and I love the idea of two pictures in my head: (1) the entire team sitting around watching a Presidential debate with Jared Carter potentially as the moderator and (2) Matthew Pilgrim vs Mark Krebs in a political debate. If there was audio of the latter, it might be my favorite sound clip of all time.

Oh yeah and it looks like with 100% of the precincts reporting, the state of Kentucky basketball is showing:

Obama: 95%
McCain: 5%

Proceed to yell at each other……

Article written by Matt Jones