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Chad Ford talks MORE Nerlens Noel on ESPN

Chad Ford has been burning up the airwaves in the last few days leading up to Thursday night’s NBA Draft. Once again, the hottest topic revolves around who will be the number 1 pick. Kentucky’s own Nerlens Noel is the focal point of much of the conversation. Although the talk continues to swirl around that Alex Len or Ben McLemore or even Otto Porter might leap frog Noel, Ford has remained positive about Noel’s chances to land with the Cleveland Cavaliers with the first pick. 

“I think they like Noel,” Ford said. “I think they like all 6 of the players they’ve brought in. The Cavs are in a difficult position. There isn’t a clear number one. There isn’t a franchise player. They like Noel, but do they like him as a number one pick? Noel is the guy that has been at the top of their big board all year.”

Ford said that when the Cavs evaluated the talent in this year’s draft, they didn’t see a single player that would start for an eastern playoff team next year. With that said, Ford believes the #1 pick will come down to one of the following guys: Nerlens Noel, Alex Len or Anthony Bennett. If Ford was to “read the tea leaves,” he remains with his guess that Noel will still go number one in the draft.

Ford also says that the Cavs are still shopping the number one pick around, although it might not have any takers. No one wants to give up anything. Ford put the percentage at 25 that the Cavs would still trade the #1 pick. 


… The Nerlens Watch Continues…

Article written by Ally Tucker

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12 Comments for Chad Ford talks MORE Nerlens Noel on ESPN

  1. harold
    3:07 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    if noel is such a hardworker, why didnt he come back in time for the tournament? lazy

  2. H.A. Milton
    3:10 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    Love Nerlens, but Bennett would probably be my choice. If I couldn’t talk Sac town into trading the pic(s) for Boogie…

  3. Hobbes
    3:14 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more chatter about McLemore being #1. Dude looks like he could be a star. Obviously they know better than me.

  4. Boogie
    3:23 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    @3. McLemore is one of those combo guard players who isn’t really good enough to play the point and not big enough to play the 2. Can’t question his athleticism but he’s just on the fence position wise. 6’4, 6’5 guards come a dime a dozen

  5. Heisenberg
    3:36 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    I can wait until Thursday to find out what happens…..too much talk

  6. H.A. Milton
    3:39 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    I’ve heard alot of talk questioning Mclemore’s character and drive…all in all this draft stinks. None of these guys are legit lottery picks. Its like they are starting with round two this year.

  7. Rockfield, KY
    3:41 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    It doesn’t seem like there is must of a real star in this group and no players that I’d really trust with a pick outide of Otto Porter and Nerlens. Georgetown players tend to play better in the pros once they get away from that Princeton style offense. Porter has all the tools and seems to be a good kid that plays extremely hard.

  8. HillbillyInBC
    3:42 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    Simmons just posted a new BS Report podcast with Chad Ford also. That man’s busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger this week.

  9. tom
    3:52 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    Enough of Nerlens Noel and draft talk…PLEASE. I mean, how many times can you write the exact same thing? He will go in the top 5. I assume he will wear a suit to the event. We all know he is a nice guy and we all wish him the best. Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  10. Michael F. Jox
    3:52 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    Anyone know when exactly Bill Simmons became the basketball expert? Watching him do the NBA interviews with Jalen Rose last night was laughable, especially when everytime he had a comment to make about basketball, he looked to Jalen for approval.

  11. T Rex
    4:22 pm June 25, 2013 Permalink

    11) I agree the interviews with the incoming rookies are awkward, but Simmons is second to none when it comes to NBA knowledge. His basketball book is excellent. He’s a writer by nature, and not as comfortable with the on-air stuff. But the man knows more than most anyone about the NBA.