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Cats fans call Renardo Sidney


In what was probably intended to be a retributive psyche-out for DeMarcus Cousins being bombarded with harrassing phone calls by Mississippi State fans, Kentucky fans dialed Bulldog Renardo Sidney Tuesday afternoon to, presumably, wish him good luck.  This all according to the Clarion-Ledger.  Thanfully, unlike the Cousins situation last year, the alleged fan calls didn’t grab national headlines or inspire Sidney, who offered only 11 points, 8 rebounds and plenty of heavy-breathing.  The reason?  Sidney never answered any of the calls.

Yes, Renardo Sidney is the type of lazy that doesn’t even reach for the phone.

In related news, Big Momma’s House 3 hits theaters Friday.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

27 Comments for Cats fans call Renardo Sidney

  1. Mark Jackson
    11:30 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Doesnt the fact that he stars Big Momma’s House 3 take his amateur status away??? C’mon NCAA where are you on that one?

  2. T
    11:33 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Sidney is a program killer, Dykes and ESPN put his laziness on blast last night for a national audience. Good luck with that Stansbury. No wonder everyone is tweet’n and transfer’n.

  3. Cawood's 'lil buddy
    11:34 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I’m glad Sidney didn’t answer the phone. It could have been just the extra motivation he needed to have a huge night. Sometimes I’m amazed by the stupidity of fans!

    Here’s hoping the Cats use this win to get back on track and win out going into the SEC and NCAA tournament.

  4. kittylitter
    11:37 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I’m also glad he didn’t answer the phone because you know, whether it happened or not, the story would be that UK fans used racial epithets and the national sports media would run with it taking yet another opportunity to paint the Big Blue Nation as a bunch of backwards hillbillies………they just live for such an occurrence.

  5. load testing
    11:38 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe Cousins should call Sidney? I sure hope UK fans didn’t leave any racist voice mails. Cuz dealt with it well, but Sidney doesn’t seem as capable of handling those calls with humor like Boogie.

  6. Joe
    11:42 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Sidney didn’t answer the calls because he ate the phone.

  7. truBLU
    11:43 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Based on the poll results, it looks like 203 people know where to get some really good drugs.

  8. wldctky
    11:46 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I very seriously doubt it happened… if he didn’t answer, how do they know who the calls were from? nice try MSU

  9. Tyrone Biggums
    11:50 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I personally talked to Renardo and wished him luck in the rest of the SEC season. I also told him his coach was a little girl and KY is a much less racist state than Miss.

  10. john-claude
    11:52 am February 16, 2011 Permalink

    this is bush league uk fans are better than that

  11. Jimtown Catfan
    12:01 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Sidney might be the most over hyped player in college basketball. He’s lazy, doesnt play defense, and when he doesnt get his shots he throws up 19 foot fade aways. Spent alot of time gasping for air on the bench. Stansbury has no spine for allowing that type of play on his team.
    On a sidenote, was Renardo actually sweating gravy?!!
    Go Cats!!!

  12. Justin Case
    12:04 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I called Mr. Sidney yesterday to find out who his carrier for auto coverage was and to see if he would like to make the switch over to Safe Auto. He proceeded to tell me that his vehicle was under another name and quickly hung up on me…I don’t know what that was all about???

  13. Renardo's Personal Trainer
    12:05 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    “Anybody got a Snickers Bar?”

  14. hoss cat
    12:08 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    the people who called him are idiots

  15. Syrin
    12:10 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Look, I expect more from UK fans. if it was bad when they did this crap to Cousins, why one earth would it be any better coming from us? Time to grow up and show some class. Besides, we certainly didn’t come close to covering the spread at home. Things may be different in a re-match.

  16. HiMyNameIs
    12:16 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    What a shock Mississippi St. had their best 3 point shooting night in a long time against us…GO FIGURE!

  17. Alan Cutler's Fart
    12:19 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Renardo Sidney had better learn to speak spanish or arabic. Only place he’ll be payed to play is Nicaragua or Saudi Arabia. Unless he enters the Coney Island hot dog eating contest. That boy sure loves them weiners.

  18. Norm
    12:27 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    To anyone that has bitched about SkyCam:

    Would you rather ESPN kept a camera on Renardo Sidney the ENTIRE game, the way they did with the KU/KSU coaches, Nolan Smith, and Maya Moore?

  19. Al's IndiCats
    12:52 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll bet Sidney’s Momma broke his dish when he left home.

  20. BigBlueFan31
    1:16 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    15. Let me get this straight. If you were a student at UK, and the # was floating around campus you wouldn’t call it like everyone else was? Gimme a break! If it were guys 25 and up, then you have a case. But you can’t expect college kids to be all grown up and not do this. If I were still that age, I probably would have gotten in on it too. It’s all in fun.

  21. The Scarlet Pumpernickle
    1:33 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Nobody called his fat ass. This is just another excuse in the Ricky Stansbury big book of whiney ass excuses. I think it’s on page 436. Besides, he was too busy tearing through a Golden Coral like the cloverfield monster to be bothered with phone calls.

  22. sunnycat
    1:38 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Renardo Sidney ain’t shit. What does Stansbury and MSU see in him? Besides laziness. I mean it’s mid Febuary and the announcers are talking about him not being in “basketball shape”. What a joke.

  23. J Mac
    1:39 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I received a text yesterday that had his number in it and it said that a few people had called his phone but so far nothing bad had been said. I was tempted all day to at least send some sort of text message but never did. Just kept thinking about all the idiotic MSU fans last year on Cousins so was just hoping UK fans didn’t go that low. I guess I just found out that really was his number though.

  24. I shoot 4s
    2:14 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    #23. The same thing happened to me. After the win and a few too many beers, i couldn’t help but send a text message wishing him luck in his endorsements for slim fast, and hope he won’t have to beat up any more teammates on tape

  25. MISSUKFAN42141
    3:32 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    Precious, Big Mama’s House is close, but he definitely looks like Precious…

  26. skycam
    4:11 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    I tried to call five times myself.

  27. bigbluecat81
    5:05 pm February 16, 2011 Permalink

    LOL It’s so funny. Give him hell..