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Calipari’s Final Thoughts


We will have a summary of the entire trip later tonight and will attempt to breakdown what we have seen from the UK team. But until then, here is a compilation of Calipari’s final thoughts from the Windsor battle:

— “Knight is a good decisionmaker and he is playing pretty fast. We are averaging 14 turnovers a game, trying to score 100 points a game. At this time….thats pretty good. He has done good.”

— “John Wall called me yesterday and he said ‘you know I am watching these games.’ You tell Brandon he is playing good….he said ‘he’s fast….he’s not as fast as me though.”

— “I needed to learn about my team and I did….I also may flip back and bring ball up left side instead of the right.”

— “Deandre Liggins….if they will figure out they have the fire in the belly he does…if they play as hard as he does…we will have a lot of fun this season.”

— “I can now look at a couple of guys and I can say you either have to step up your play or you are not going to play much.”

— “Doron Lamb began to catch and start to attack. He has to beat his man…and now he has to make decisions, but you gotta beat him…you cant just run with him, you gotta beat him.”

— “My opinion, the best $35,000 my school has ever invested in. You are talking about a nationally televised infomercial for our school.”

— “I recommend this to anybody. Do you really think I wanted to play a national team from Greece and get beat by 100?”

— “Darnell may be back, but he wont be playing. And I dont know if he will even be practicing.”

— “This offense and the speed of what we do, you cant have a slow twitch. A slow twitch is…the ball hits the rim and you say I have to go that way. You have to have a quick twitch and a mentality that you will go and get it.”

— “Even Jarrod…I have no problem having Jarrod in the game. There may be games where he is overmatched, but it wont be because he is screwing up.”

— “Where I see him best (Darius) is at one of the top two positions. Thats what great about this…I now dont have to decide in October and we had this two weeks for me to figure all that out.”

— “We need those three big guys. You put those three big guys here and we have a pretty good 7 or 8 here.”


— “Coach Payne said every rebound is yours so I tried to get everyone I could.”

— “We have come together as a team more. We got a lot of good conditioning. This tournament, we were averaging 24 assists, which is much better than last season.”

— “Darius has developed so much and he has developed into a great player, a great leader an a great role model.”

— “Brandon Knight is so smart. He brings a different level of IQ to the game. He can see everything, even if you cant see it.”


— “The Freshmen are starting to get the system. We are really coming together as a team.”

— “I had an up and down year last year, but this is my year to play a bigger role. And that is what I am trying to do.”

— “I think guys are all starting to play hard. They got better from game 1 to game 2 and then to game 3. I think we all played well collectively.”

Article written by Matt Jones