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Calipari to NBA Rumors Continue


They just wont stop. Last night the Chicago Tribune reported that World Wide Wes is approaching teams about a Calipari-Lebron package deal and that sources say they have looked into Chicago, New Jersey and the Clippers as possible suitors. The article goes on to say that those talks took place this past weekend and that they are ongoing. An ESPN report later suggests that Lebron is not requiring Calipari to be part of any Free Agent deal he is part of, but does not dispute the question of whether such talks are ongoing. Calipari this morning responded to all these articles with a Tweet asking, “Do I now have to respond to these rumors as well?”

So once again, we are left with rumors of Calipari leaving, this time from the Chicago Tribune, a large and well-respected newspaper. I however will continue with what I said last week. So long as Calipari has unequivocally said he will be back, I will believe it. Until last Friday, he had made no such statement. But now he has and I am not sure what else people really want him to do. If he were to go back on that statement, a statement in which he gave himself no wiggle room, it would be an out and out lie. Until Calipari gives me reason to think such a lie is coming, I will assume that he is telling the truth and go from there.

I understand that these rumors are out there and who knows, there may even be hints of truth in them. But with Calipari’s earlier statement, if you give the man the benefit of the doubt in being truthful, you have to accept it at face value. If that statement ends up being false…well then thats a whole ‘notha set of circumstances. But as I do when Hunter Campbell tells me he still exists, I will assume truth until shown otherwise.

Article written by Matt Jones