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Calipari still believes in his team and its fight…

John Calipari’s tone has changed quite a bit from last night to today. Yesterday the buzzword being thrown around after his press conference was that he had guys on his team who were “uncoachable.” Today, Calipari seems to have backtracked a bit on those statements, and wants everyone to know he still believes in his team and he believes in its fight. 

“I believe in this team if our players will compete and battle, which they have the ability to do. I’ll say this again: Confidence is from within, it’s developed through hard work and demonstrated performance during games. They have showed it in spurts this week, but no one is going to give us anything. We are going to have to earn it and fight for it, which I believe we can do.”

Calipari talks about all of the things this team has been through this season, starting with Ryan Harrow’s sickness to the recent injury to Nerlens Noel. He asks, “why wouldn’t we fight back when we’ve battled so hard all year to put ourselves in a position where we can still do some special things?” Calipari says that this team can still “write our own story.”

Calipari then addressed his comments about some of his players being uncoachable. Cal said that he may say these things publicly, but he refuses to believe that in his heart because he still believes these guys can change.

Calipari ended his post on with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.”



Article written by Ally Tucker

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69 Comments for Calipari still believes in his team and its fight…

  1. Ridge Runner
    2:30 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    He’s our coach & really, what else can he say at this point. I understand that.

  2. uk102
    2:33 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    does anyone think that archie goodwin or ryan harrow will transfer after this year?

  3. Joel Lobb
    2:35 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    All coaches do this. Part of the game.

  4. Ridge Runner
    2:38 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    2, I guess it would be “possible”. I don’t see them being asked or persuaded however. Cal is really into the players-first, some get it – some don’t, coaching is more than x’s & o’s, etc… stuff. I just think that if they do, it will be a personal decision based on playing time being reduced considerably. Just my 2 cents.

  5. kingrex
    2:38 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Of course he has to step back from those comments from yesterday, but I believe the post-game comment was the reality and today the PR spin was back. This is not really a team and I feel bad for Noel and Mays.

  6. SeeToo
    2:41 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Sometimes frustration gets the best of everyone, suspect Cal wishes he had not said it and that walking it back was not necessary but his exasperation is not difficult to understand. Too much talent on this team to get beat like that.

  7. Ridge Runner
    2:43 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    5, kingrex…great point in regards to what comes out initially as reality.

  8. uk102
    2:43 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    i feel like archie and ryan are too over-whelmed with all of this.. i have a really bad feeling that they wont want to play for cal anymore because they are being worked too hard, too much pressure or something along those lines

  9. L
    2:45 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I feel like I am watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Euclid Avenue!

  10. Red Rooster
    2:46 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Publicly criticizing your team is bad enough, but doing so while not believing the truth of it? That’s immature and stupid. Amateur hour at UK. Maybe Cal should worry less about teaching “life skill” and focus on winning.

  11. CAL
    2:46 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I said this cause i need more recruits…and if they hear me throwing this team in the gutter no one will come. Because they know if we lose im throw them under too, even tho i make 5 million and its my job to get into these kids head.But since i have the next best recruiting class coming in i could care less about this team and collect my millions! Boy my life is good.

  12. oldschool
    2:46 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Bo Ryan likes his team.
    They’re ranked #20
    Putting a whipping on #13 Ohio State right now.
    No High School All-Americans
    No NBA Lotto picks
    No rappers visiting the games hoping to get souvenier rings
    No fearing not hearing Wisconin’s name being called on Selection Sunday.
    But Bo Ryan likes his team.

  13. just rhetoric
    2:46 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    There isn’t one single shred of evidence to suggest this group has anything it takes to be formidable

    No heart. No pride. And truthfully not much elite level talent

  14. samj
    2:47 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    debating whether or not i should go to college gameday…. any suggestions? is it worth going to now?

  15. Eric K
    2:48 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    #2 if they stay they won’t be playing much with what we have coming in. The TWINS and Young will be getting all the minutes in the backcourt! IN CAL WE TRUST!! GO CATS!!

  16. Ridge Runner
    2:49 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    14, remember if you are really a BBN fan, you are Blue thru and thru. Good times and bad times.

  17. sadly
    2:49 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    This team is not wired to fight through adversity. We have all waited 25 games for this team to gel and emerge as the team we hoped for, but it’s not happening. I was embarrassed for them against UT and can’t find any reason to think they’ll bounce back. Wake me when it’s over.

  18. bung
    2:50 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I think it will excite the home crowd in Kentucky on game day when Hood and Polson are announced as starters…demonstrated performance must mean ryan shouldn’t play yet and arch and poy can come off the bench if we look too bad after 8 minutes…

  19. Blueballs
    2:51 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I agree with old school 100%…

  20. Eric K
    2:51 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    # 12 you forgot no chance in hell of ever winning a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! IN CAL WE TRUST!! GO CATS!!

  21. samj
    2:52 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    16, i live in bowling green, im asking is it worth it driving 2 hours to lexington to just listen to guys speak about the game? cause the tickets to the game later that night are expensive

  22. JBR
    2:52 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    For Cal to come out and say this really makes him look sort of stupid. Saying that some of these guys are uncoachable is sort of like saying the sky is blue…and then saying, oh, wait, maybe it isn’t blue after all. Watching film is not going to help this team. Finding them a heart and some competitive spirit would. Cal likes to play PR too much…right now, he just needs to coach and quit playing the mind games. The more Cal talks, and the more we see this mess on the court, the more he really looks like a great recruiter that “just rolls the balls out and lets them play”. Now, that got us a championship, so is it all bad or not? I’ll take the championship in a heartbeat, but call a spade a spade.

  23. oldschool
    2:53 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    20 – got a much better change of winning one than UK does this year.

  24. Blueballs
    2:53 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    and brad Stevens likes his team

  25. Please listen Cal
    2:54 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    There’s one way to turn this around…we need a change and need it is what i think will work 1)play the talent..starters – Harrow, Goodwin, Poythress, Wilch and WCS…Uncle Jules first off bench…give those 6 as many minutes as you can…benching them doesn’t motivate them it hurts their confidence, don’t take them out for mistakes, (trust me i know, i played college b-ball)…2)Zone defense – we cannot play man to man without Noel…1-3-1 with constant ballhawking, movement, hands up…its the only chance 3)run like crazy…use the speed of Harrow and Goodwin…this group is terrible in half court but at full speed we have a chance, soon as we get the ball…GO 4)change attitude…tell Harrow to dunk every layup he can, he’s got crazy hops we haven’t even seen, we want 3 goggles back by wilch and uncle j…slap high fives, fist bump and slap the floor…this may sound crazy but this attitude will confidence…they have to have fun to have a shot…..I swear I think this will work…can you hear me Cal?

  26. BLUE BLY
    2:54 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    harrows scholarship should be revoked….goodwin will end up playing in China or whatever….

    poythress comes back as a leader next season with wiltjer….question is will nerlens come back???

  27. miss uk
    2:56 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    anyone think nerlens noel will come back? i hope and pray he does!!!

  28. Bender
    2:57 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. Theodore Roosevelt

  29. RealCatsFan
    2:57 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    My viewpoint as a fan is that, like it or not, this team needs our support, not our criticism. We as fans need to support this team through thick or thin. These kids can still get it together to at least finish the season with some pride, but sniping and grumbling and personal attacks on the character of the players does nothing to help make that happen. Leave that to the trolls and bandwagoners. Watching Wisconsin blow out OSU right now, Duke got beat by a Maryland team that UK beat early in the year, and a couple of weeks ago Kansas got smoked by a team ranked outside the RPI 200. My point is that anyone can beat anyone this season. I realize that this team has not shown a lot of heart at times this season, but they have absorbed some hard knocks too. Let’s show them that we are truly the best fans in the world and support this team down the stretch. Save the grumbling and belly aching for when the season is over.

  30. Mark
    2:58 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    28) oh good God.

  31. kingrex
    2:58 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I believe unfortunately we really do not have much talent on this team. It is just simply the reality that they were not the elite players they were touted to be coming in. That is okay and honestly if they stayed they would all probably be very good juniors and seniors. That is the normal progression of college player. Honestly I did not really believe the hype of Noel being ready for the NBA. I love the kid and even more for what he did off the court than on, but he will get pushed around like a rag doll in the NBA and has got to develop some offense. He just turned 18. There is no shame in staying in school for a couple of years. Unfortunately the ridiculous NBA does not draft on reality, but on potential. The salaries of the top guys are locked in and so yeah, if you can be the #1 overall pick you almost need to leave.

  32. Yeap
    2:59 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    They won’t transfer because they would have to sit a year which delays their payday another year! I would like to sit and watch tape with these kids. Surely they feel embarrassed after watching themselves on tape…….. I know I would

  33. ns
    3:00 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink


  34. Mark
    3:01 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    21) wtf?

  35. Yeap
    3:01 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah old school and they sucked the last 3 years.

  36. Mike
    3:02 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Comon Cal….You can’t play it both ways. You do have to say the politically correct things but how can you still like this team and where have you seen any fight? Let us know so we can look for it to.

  37. dave
    3:08 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    12,23-cal: elite 8, final 4 & title in 3 years
    bo ryan: 1 elite 8 in 11 years
    ill take cal and his terrible team over ryan and his great passing team.

  38. Eric K
    3:09 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    #23 They have no chance to ever, not just this year but EVER win the ship! GO CATS!!

  39. Bender
    3:10 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I’ve been a UK fan for 45+ years. I’ve never given up on any single UK team and I’m not starting with this one!

  40. Yeap
    3:11 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    At least we haven’t lost 3 straight like kansas

  41. Jim
    3:15 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Cal should be in politics ……. That way you can talk out both sides of your mouth and be ignored …… He was right on yesterday . But this is his mess, so he can say whatever he wants I guess.

  42. amy jo
    3:15 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    should i go to college gameday? never been before

  43. Bender
    3:19 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Some are absolutely amazing on this board! Less than a year removed from a championship, looking at a loaded 2013-2014 team and this is the thanks Cal gets!

  44. Say Hello to the Cheesheads
    3:21 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Well, oldschool, I am glad you finally found a team you can pull for. If. you’re short on cash, I’ll buy you a one-way bus ticket to Madison.

  45. Eric K
    3:24 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    #44 I will throw in on that ticket!! GO CATS!!

  46. Stoops Troops
    3:25 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Louisville coach Charlie Strong just landed a late recruit, and it’s a big one. Four-star linebacker Stacy Thomas signed with Louisville Sunday.

    The 6-foot-2, 235-pound prospect visited Louisville over the weekend and left with a signed Letter of Intent.

    The Gulliver Prep star is the No. 24 linebacker in the nation and the No. 60 overall prospect in the state of Florida.

    Thomas joins a Louisville class that includes 15 high school prospects, a junior college transfer and a transfer from Florida.

    He chose Louisville over offers from Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, West Virginia, LSU and many others.

  47. Bender
    3:25 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Without Cal we’d still be looking for number 8!

  48. rainman
    3:29 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Still behind Coach, and the Team!!
    Cal has said many times, “This place isn’t for everyone” some know
    before they committ, others find out when they get here!
    We can still salvage whats left of the year, GO BIG BLUE!

  49. rainman
    3:30 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    46, who gives a shit about LOZERVILLE

  50. Steady
    3:31 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    23. They can add that to all the other better chance trophies, personally I like the sound of defending national champs more.

  51. T John
    3:31 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    These players came in with a lot of pressure on their shoulders after the cats had just won the national title, and had an outstanding regular season. If I were a future player for coach Cal i would probably second guess my college decision just based on the outrageous fans, and some of the rude and arrogant things they say. Coach Cal has the BBN spoiled. GO CATS

  52. Ridge Runner
    3:32 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Trolls aside, I can’t imagine “any” Cat fan would ever say negative things against Cal. Look, a respectful question or even constructive criticism is one thing as all fans think…-but to be just plain mean?? What Coach has did for us, players who weren’t expected to perform (Jorts, Liggins, etc..), our community of BBN, and I could go on and on. Damn folks, even if loyalty is not your characteristic…look at what he has done for us.

  53. uk4ev
    3:37 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    alot of talk about nerlens returning his sophomore year…anyone else EXCITED!!

  54. uk4ever
    3:47 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    alot of talk about nerlens returning… anyone else heard anything else?

  55. rainman
    4:03 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    12, How many Championship rings has Bo Ryan got?

  56. Karen
    4:13 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    55, less than Drake and the Pastor at some dudes church who led a prayer at one of our UK games.

    That we know for sure.

  57. oldschool
    4:13 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    55 – he and Cal were tied up til last year.

  58. Weak!
    4:16 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Is that the best argument you have oldschool? Tied until last year? See #37’s comments. But then, you don’t pay attention to facts, do you? Pathetic!

  59. JBR
    4:17 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Ridge Runner…you are correct, but there is one big problem with what you say, and that is reality. What I mean is that you mention constructive criticism, and like I said, you are dead on correct, but there are many, many people in today’s culture that are “all or nothing…you are with me or you are against me”. And what happens is, is that if anyone makes criticisms of Cal on here, then a bunch of people attack and invoke that all or nothing…like we are criticizing jesus or something. Look, I always make it clear that I think Cal is the best fit for us, and I would not trade him for anything…BUT, he has done a horrible job with this team, and shown some characteristics of habits that he has been accused of in the past. Does that mean I hate him? No. Does that mean I want him fired? No. I just think he ran into something this year that he has no idea how to fix and he has stuck his foot in his mouth some. But, I get more inclined to argue because of the idiots on here that attack this opinion, thus sounding like it is worse than it is.

    That is what these boards are for. But it has become a pissing match and a smartass contest. Drew and Matt even delete comments that are perfectly fine content wise, just disagree with their opinions…and that is sad. This site used to be for the normal, common UK fan to discuss a bunch of stuff.

  60. Ridge Runner
    4:27 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    JBR point taken.

    In fact, Cawood Ledford (Bless his soul) in this day and time would have been crucified. I see what you are saying. Also, I think the fact that trolls tend to rile folks up a bit, that when a statement is made by a true fan…;the other fan is so aggravated, he/she takes it out on the person just trying to say what they think is wrong. Suddenly, you are accused of being “not a fan”.

    Also, it’s hard to perceive from reading words in a blog sometimes. Is the person kidding, serious, etc.. How is it in context?

  61. Licamo katz
    4:31 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Cal should not backtrack, because if they lose their next game, what excuse will he use?

  62. demid
    4:43 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I say go get em Kentucky Wildcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. DantheCat
    5:14 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    I’m sorry…It’s February 17…30 more days and six-8 eight games is not going to help some of the guys on this team…You have to WANT to play as a team and we have some who could care less…

  64. Bo Ryan
    5:45 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Who the he// am I???

  65. theSkinny81
    5:51 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    57 – Holy. Shit. You are the worst.

  66. oldschool
    5:54 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    My parents never gave me any attention growing up. I have to make up for it this way….

  67. Jaybird
    6:43 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Look people, Cal has tried everything possible to get these guys to understand what they need to do. Attitude is something that affects effort and we have some players with the worst attitudes I’ve seen in many years. Anyone notice that when JP got his start Saturday due to Harrow’s lack of wanting it, that the team didn’t even show him excitement during intros? The rest of the team(aside from Harrow and the way he sulks) should have been pumped up for him and embraced the whole thing. That kid isn’t as talented, but he gives ALL he has to try and contribute and help this team be better. He’s even won games for us(Maryland). They were sure all happy then when he came in and saved the game. Cal spoke out of frustration yesterday and has to step up today and take it back. That’s what he’s doing and he’s telling the truth. He has to believe they can be coached or why else finish the season. All the fans that think Cal is all mind games and doesn’t know the game, get a life! You’re message board pros, stick to that. Just take one look at what he did to get Boogie to buy in and where Cousins is at now if you need a reminder of how important it is to have a coach that can get to guys mentally. Another example is last week when coach P was treating his players like dirt and Brey was laughing and loose as to the difference it can make. It’s not Cal’s fault these guys don’t care enough to buy in by now. He’s tried everything, even heart monitors to show them they don’t go 100%. Maybe getting their ass handed to them at UT will be the slap in the face they need, who knows? As far as trading our national championship program with Wisconsin and Butler, take off losers! We won’t miss you one bit. For god’s sake that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

  68. Jaybird
    6:56 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    Old school, I will admit that what you commented while I was typing my diatribe made me laugh when I finished and read it. Everybody just chill and take it for what it’s worth. We are very likely gonna be preparing to go on a run for number nine this time next year. You can’t win em all and if this collection of players doesn’t want to enjoy the rewards of what this program can do for them we just have to accept it. They will be replaced soon enough with a group that will. That’s the beauty of Cal’s approach. We won’t be stuck in a 3-7 yr quagmire like we were under Billy G and Tubby. Enjoy the ride.

  69. Steve M.
    8:06 pm February 17, 2013 Permalink

    While I will always bleed blue and continue to watch and root for the best college team in the history of collegiate basketball I am not without a sense of perspective. All I wish more fans had a more sense of perspective because it grounds you in reality and the reality is this team is not any good and hasn’t been good all year. I said back in the summer it will be a down year and my expectations were always tempered. The reason why I wish more fans were like me is those who continue to be blinded by facts and evidence are the onles usually clamoring for coaches to get fired or other nonsense once the finality of the situation comes to fruition. Temper your expectations and you will not be fooled.