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Calipari remains on the Enes offensive

In today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference, John Calipari had a number of interesting things to say, including singling out a couple of players subtly for being what he called “content instead of committed” (more on that in a bit).  The most interesting turn, though, came when he was asked about how Enes Kanter can help this group of Cats despite not suiting up in games.  Calipari quickly responded by saying that he’s worried about getting Enes ready for the NBA Draft now and worried about making this situation one that Kanter can walk away from positively.  As he’s said before, it’s a player’s program and his job within the team is to help each player maximize their potential and reach their goals.  For Enes, that now means the NBA.  But, after that quick note, Calipari went into a much deeper discussion of the events and again outlined his disappointment in the ruling.

Cal again called it a “shock” to the Kanter family and the that he came to Kentucky committed to doing things educationally.  He then added a new twist.  Enes Kanter doesn’t want to go into the NBA Draft this year and the NCAA ruling now forces him to do so.  Just a few weeks ago, Kanter’s father said that he was willing to sit out a year and play next year, but most viewed that as something of a bargaining attempt to get his son eligble at some point.  With Calipari’s comments, that seems to take on a different tone.  And one that makes this seem even more frustrating.

Calipari went on to add that Kanter is the youngest player on the team by four months and laughed at those in the media and at the NCAA (talking to you, Mark Emmert), who called it an easy issue to understand.  Calipari said, “I heard someone say it was “black and white”.  Wow.  It took eight months to decide something that was black and white?”  Cal finished by saying that he’s heard people all year say that Enes would be the best player in college basketball if he could play and he expects Enes to be capable of making those same people declare him the top pick in the NBA Draft.  And, because of this NCAA ruling, that is now what becomes Calipari’s biggest focus for Kanter.


Article written by Thomas Beisner

30 Comments for Calipari remains on the Enes offensive

  1. OneAndDone
    12:23 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    get em coach

  2. Harley Wells
    12:27 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Free Enes!

  3. Darnell Dodsons Grandpa
    12:30 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    F*ck the NCAA….every other top prospect coming into college is just playing cuz they have to before they can enter the draft & here u have a player that really just wants to b a college student & play college basketball…makes me sick, I hope no other forign players ever come to America to play college basketball again!

  4. Capnmonkey
    12:33 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    I really love the comments by coach, prez and AD. The situation sucks, but its great to see them fight back and I hope their comments get wide exposure.

  5. wildcatkid
    12:33 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

  6. JLTCatFan
    12:33 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Didn’t I just hear something about the NCAA saying they are more concerned with producing students than athletes? They must not realize that their decision to not allow Kanter to play basketball is not just forcing him out of a collegiate athletic career, it’s essentially forcing him out of an education. Sure, he could stay and get his degree and not play ball, but he’s a ball player. That’s what he does. And if he wants any sort of future at all in basketball, he can’t take three years off just to finish his education. There is more to this matter than just who took whose money and whether or not it was illegal. I’d say if the NCAA is really concerned at all about academics they should take a look at that dimension of this whole ordeal.

  7. ukslamdunk
    12:36 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Just payback plain and simple….if Washington can’t have Enes, no one can.

  8. Iagree
    12:38 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    (6) Excellent post. I wonder if Cam Newtown will be back in college next year? I guess if they pay him, I mean his dad, enough he will be.

  9. JRA
    12:39 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    the NCAA is ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT MONEY!!!!! Why the hell do you think the chicken gizzards let Cam Newton play, the Ohio five etc. Remember, what comes around goes around and the longer it takes the worse it is! Get ready NCAA, it is going to be bad!

  10. Kingery
    12:41 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    #7 – Agreed! That’s what this all boils down to. Throw in the UK/Calipari hate and it just makes a perfect storm.

  11. Roggensak
    12:43 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Emmert can suck my [email protected]! sorry if that was too offensive…

  12. bigbluecatfan
    12:44 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Disappointing, I would hope we would hear the Kanter family is filing a lawsuit against the NCAA to get their judgement over turned. If this situation is so black and white why did Lorenzo Romo recruit Enes so hard and get a commitment from him and was upset when he decided to go to UK. Mark Emmert needs to explain that…oh wait, maybe he doesn’t have a spin on that yet or maybe he thinks everyone has forgotten about it.

  13. Diller
    12:48 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    I love Cal’s honest feedback to this situation, but it makes me wonder if he is making (more) enemies of the people who control his and UK’s fate as a program. Seems like a thin line to straddle with all of the hipocrasy, etc that goes on with the NCAA.

  14. bluesince66
    12:50 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    This comment has nothing to do with this subject, but I thought it was great. Yesterday after the womens game I asked Neal who called the mens game how it was to interview coach Cal after a loss. He replied ” Better than Billy G after a win.” I thought that was the perfect answer as well as funny.

  15. Disdat
    12:51 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    So, I’ve never heard the whole story about Enes as a coach with the team. Is he actually a paid assistant coach, honorary coach or what?

  16. No more Enes
    12:53 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    It’s OVER. No enes. Everyone needs to quit complaining; they ruled and their is nothing we can do about it. I’m turning my focus to the team on the court and not crying over something that, while grossly unfair, is still out of our hands. And I’m sure the NCAA ruling just *forces* Kanter to make millions in the NBA. Give me a break, the guy obviously has basketball first, it’s not like he was a star student who happened to play basketball. Anyone can say anything, don’t buy too much into Enes’ humble attitude towards getting a UK education.

  17. mdlUK1
    12:59 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Does anyone know the makeup of the appeals committee? And what was the final vote? Was it unanimous or just a simple majority?

  18. mdlUK1
    1:00 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    #16…. pi%% off!

  19. DavenderCatTheSequel
    1:02 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    16) Don’t look now, but you’re discussing Enes & complaining while doing it. Maybe you need to stay @ the kids table.

  20. Al's IndiCats
    1:12 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    13) the way I look at this situation the enemy was there all along, come hell or high water they were not going to go back and reverse their (so called black and white ruling). The line in the sand was drawn many moons ago, and would honestly think less of Coach Cal had he not thrown a barb or two at the NCAA (Emmert). It’s black and white as far as I’m concerned, T.Jones chose UK over the Mangey Mutts of Washington, Enes chose UK over the neutered Nutts of Washington. If anyone doesn’t think this isn’t some type of payback for this, I have some Ocean side lots in Arizona to sell you.

    I’ve said this all along, the NBADL in Europe wants, is for these kids that are between the ages of 16 to 18 to play in their leagues, and this is the way if a kid wants to come to the states to play he’ll have to go with them until he’s 18. The NBA doesn’t want them to play for their countries for the reason they can’t dictate on how he’ll develope over those important years. The NBA is who wanted the NCAA to institute the one year and done in college because they’re scouting of a kid in High School. They have sucked so bad at scouting that they are the only one who are benefitting from the kids having to stay in college one year…..And “THEN” they have the best scouting report any pro team can have….It’s ESPN, ESPN2, ESPENU, ESPN FULL COURT, CBS, ABC, and now TNT and another channel are going to be covering the first two round of the road to the Final Four. What sport does TNT show the most?

  21. TheDancingOutlaw
    1:20 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    The closer comparisons that make the Kanter ruling seem especially inconsistent with prior decisions are the Renardo Sidney and Josh Selby rulings. Matt touched on the Selby ruling in his CBS post, and noted that Selby only received around $6K in benefits, but Sidney was fined $11,800 and likely received at least that much or more in benefits. I find it hard to reconcile the three cases – they all allegedly received impermissible benefits – except for the fact that Kanter arguably received his benefits from a pro team via his father, whereas Sidney and Selby received theirs from “friends.”

    For more information, check out these two articles:

  22. catinhat
    1:26 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    This really sucks for the kid. It was clear along that he wanted to come to this country, experience life as a student athlete before moving on to the NBA. His plans all along, and the NCAA screwed him.


    Let’s make the fire so hot for Emmert that he throws up his hands and quits. Let’s run him out of town.

    BBN on the net is powerful, let’s unleash the dogs of war on Emmert, unveil a fury of pressure that makes his life miserable, at the least create an environment where it’s in his face every day. Don’t let him hide from it.

    The national media picked up on “free enes” They will also pick up on our campaign to pressure Emmert. If we make it a big deal, it’s a “story” whether the NCAA likes it or not.

    I say we let ’em have it. Balls out.

  23. NCAA
    2:46 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    The reason it took eight months to decide this was because UK presented 5 different times. The ball was “in the court” of the NCAA for a total of less than two weeks during this entire time. The rest of the time was spent waiting for The Vacater and UK to put together another silly attempt to get around an unambiguous rule.

  24. Bluejuice
    3:22 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    My whole thing with this is what SHOULD the family have done to avoid running afoul of the rules? From everything I have seen, they tried to abide by the rules. They kept receipts and meticulous notes. Their intent was to maintain his amateur status. They spent 20,000 of the 33,000 on school and kept the rest in the bank and were willing to return it. Does the NCAA say how much is OK for necessary expenses? Do they say how much is too much? What it if it was $1,000 too much? It just seems that the Kanter family was thrown under the bus by the NCAA even though they had every intention of doing EVERYTHING by the rules. And as has been mentioned, I don’t understand how/why it would have been ok if he had gotten paid for playing another sport and then played college basketball. I wonder if these committee members can sleep peacefully at night with their decision(s). I hope they don’t. I hope this decision comes back to haunt them for the rest of their lives and if there was any collusion or conspiracy – that they get what is coming to them.

  25. tyrus
    3:22 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Time to move forward folks.

  26. HMM
    3:32 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Why was Kanter shocked he wasn’t eligible? The rules said no $ from a professional team. UK knew he took $. His handlers knew he took $. They knew his eligibility was at best a flier. Yet he was shocked? His best lawsuit is against UK or his handler for the $ he lost, not against the NCAA.

  27. Jim
    3:40 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    The NCAA should be hauled-in front of Congress. They do it
    to everybody else, why not someone who thinks they are above
    the law. Somebody needs to take them down a notch. They need
    to do a complete investegation of the NCAA and find-out how
    much Emmert had to do with this ruling and explain how they
    came up with this decision. They can ruin lives and get by with it. Everyone else has someone to answer to except God of course. Go Big Blue !!!

  28. Johnny Boy
    5:51 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    26. no there a new rule that allows euro players to accept money for expenses, since all the euros have to play for club teams in order to play. So clearly you don’t know as much about the situation as you think you do.

  29. HMM
    7:18 pm January 10, 2011 Permalink

    Yes, Kanter should sue UK. And I will represent him, because I have a law degree I earned through a matchbook advertisement.

  30. jThem
    11:15 am January 11, 2011 Permalink

    Did someone mention the NCAA was looking for ideas relating to a TV show?

    Well if so: I have one. I would like to suggest a show dedicated to the ‘Duke’ Myron Piggie and Cory Maggette ruling which has already been around 20 years in the making. Money was given to Maggette and was even admitted in court proceedings. When are they going to issue the results. YOU TALK ABOUT BLACK AND WHITE??????? DAMN I FORGOT IT’S DUKE I’M TALKING ABOUT. Oh well.