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Calipari Leading in US Senate Race


We are a week from the US Senate primaries here in Kentucky, where we find out if Rand Paul can beat Trey Grayson, and thus put the Senate seat in play for the Democrats in the fall and whether Jack Conway can ride on the back of his Derby horse to an upset over Lt. Dan Mongiardo. While many find these races fascinating, one polling firm has tried to determine just how popular Calipari, Pitino and others are in the state. Doing the traditional favorable/unfavorable index, the company polled Calipari and Rick Pitino versus some politicians in the state. The results were somewhat surprising and honestly hard to believe.

John Calipari:

Favorable: 41%
Unfavorable: 10 %

Rick Pitino:

Favorable: 40%
Unfavorable: 32%

That gives Calipari a +31 rating and Pitino a +8 rating. I can generally believe Pitino’s but Calipari’s rating would suggest that 49% of the state have no opinion of him at all. Is that even possible? How could half the state have no opinion about the UK basketball coach? That strikes me as strange. But even if the numbers are correct, then it would seem that Calipari could be leading the US Senate race as we speak…and even Ricky Three Stacks might have a chance. The other numbers for politicians polled were:

Mitch McConnell: Even
Steve Beshear: -1
Jim Bunning: -15
Barack Obama: -22

The lesson? Well the Senate Majority leader and Governor are generally liked, the outgoing Senator and President are generally not liked (except by me, Calipari and this girl I know named Julie). But all politicians better hope that Cal stays in the UK seat. For if he wants to make change in Washington…well they are all in trouble.

With that, have a 2 hour political nerd fight in the comments section. With registration coming, it may be your last chance.

Article written by Matt Jones