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Calipari: “Can you see how far we have to go?”

Basketball season is here folks. According to UK Athletics, 12,016 fans saw the game live in Rupp Arena. Officially, the score was Blue: 89, White: 88, but the players mixed and matched throughout the game. The game finished in dramatic fashion, with both teams trading free throw opportunities. The big winners of the first half had to be Willie Cauley-Stein (14 points, 12 rebounds and 5 blocks on the night) and Julius Mays (13 first half points).The game started with the presumed “reserves” matching up against the “starters.” Early on, Julius Mays and Willie Cauley-Stein impressed, leading the way to an early “reserves” lead.

Freshman Archie Goodwin led the way with 32 points (11 of 22 shooting), showing a wide variety of offensive weapons– hitting from long distance as well as displaying his athleticism around the basket. Alex Poythress started the game quietly, yet showed flashes of just how explosive of a player he can be. Poythress finished with 25 points, 18 of which came in the second half. Kyle Wiltjer finished with a steady 16 points, including one of his signature baby hooks.

Nerlens Noel appears to have some work to do on the offensive end, as many speculated previously. With that said, in the end, Noel flirted with a triple-double, finishing with 9 points, 8 rebounds and 7 blocked shots). 

Calipari concluded the event by saying, “Folks, let me just say this. Thanks for being here tonight. Can you see how far we have to go?”

Stay tuned for more coverage shortly.


P.s. Tod Lanter will be a KSR favorite by tomorrow. Mark it down.


Article written by Ally Tucker

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58 Comments for Calipari: “Can you see how far we have to go?”

  1. coach
    9:07 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Noel and harrow looked pretty bad

  2. WOW
    9:12 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Man why isn’t this team number one, i see at least 5 top nba picks. Goodwin,Kyle,Willie, Poythress, Noel all going in that order Cal does it again. Man the Bench is deep not a flaw with this team. Mail #9

  3. Chi-TownCat
    9:14 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    We do have a ways to go…noels hands reminded me of Shagari

  4. AWAT
    9:15 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Noel will be fine, keep in mind he is actually supposed to be a senior in high school. He will do what he is asked to do, which is block shots, rebound and dunk off or put backs and penetration. IMO, Harrow is ahead of where Teague was last year, Teague scared me to death. Goodwin, Pythress and Wiltjer will lead the way.

  5. WOW
    9:18 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    #3 Go back to your stupid hole!

  6. Jimmy Dan
    9:23 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    We won it all last year and if they’re not all good enough for the league after this year, y’all c’mone back for #9 next year. That was a fun scrimmage to watch.

  7. best1978
    9:24 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Lots of weapons but the youth certainly shows. The early schedule may give them their lumps but by tournament time they should be ready to be reckoned with.

  8. SayHarrowToTheRepeat
    9:24 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Hopefully someone has already made a GIF of Poythress over Nerlens

  9. LoganBleedsBlue
    9:25 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Really impressed with the guards tonight. Mays and Goodwin are freakishly good at making buckets.

  10. old_school
    9:27 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    No doubt the team will get better.
    I was mostly impressed with Poythress – solid body, good size. He should be consistent.
    Goodwin had a lot of points, but took 22 shots to get there.
    May’s experience will be a big plus at times this year for a very young team – and there are definitely minutes for Jon Hood on this squad. Wiltjer will lead the team in scoring in at least 7-8 games this season depending on the matchups.

    Overall however – this is not a top ten team right now. Very young, inexperienced, and raw talent. I see this team dropping 3-5 games before conference play.

    UK fans should not expect this team to be a lock even for the Sweet 16. Not saying they won’t gel and make a run – but just too young and inexperienced.

    However – I like that – it means more guys returning next year maybe and then UK would be a legitimate top 3 preseason.

    Oh – yeah – Cal won’t allow that to happen. Got to clear the bench for the next batch of diaper dandies coming in.

  11. best1978
    9:27 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Poythress is going to be a beast.

  12. Jon Hood
    9:27 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    What about me?

  13. Most Importantly
    9:33 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Any word on the dating game couples? Do we have big blue love in our midst?

  14. DirtyDutchMantel
    9:34 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like about a 7 or 8 loss type team.

  15. ArchieGoodwin
    9:35 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I will have the rock in clutch situations this year…..and I’ll dominate

  16. UKnowMe
    9:37 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    If Mays does not become a defensive liability it is going to be hard to keep him on the bench.

  17. Appalachianassassin
    9:40 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jon Hood should get ten minutes a game at least this year. Long way to go and a short time to get there I pray we luck out against Dook but it’s looking bleak…

  18. Me
    9:41 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    #2. you need to get your head examined with that post

  19. Miomagn
    9:41 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    JP was one of the best players on the floor.

  20. LoganBleedsBlue
    9:43 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    #10 Are you even a UK fan. You truly are old school. I understand trying to be a realist but really only sweet 16. I agree this team will probably lose some games and be slow at first but boy is there talent on the floor. Once Nerlens gets in a groove watch out we are a final four team. Go cats!!!

  21. Floyd
    9:43 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    This team will be ready by March. Final Four, at the least.

  22. kentucky rain
    9:49 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Everyone breathe! Remember just two seasons ago. We were all wondering if we would take a step back after the Wall/Cousins season. This team has ALOT of raw young talent. While I could see a definate step back, we need to just relax and let Cal work his magic. They will be fun to watch as they mature throughout the year. This should be fun. We may even be at an advantage being somewhat off the radar as tourney time approaches, if that’s possible but who knows. Go Cats!!

  23. RyAn
    9:50 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    To be honest, its hard to say how good this team is gonna be come march based on what i saw tonight… i do feel confident that when march gets here, we will look back at tonight and go…..DAMN, they have came a long way!
    in cal we trust
    ps. willie is much better than i thought.

  24. kentucky rain
    9:51 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I still think we are the MOST talented team in the nation!

  25. kentucky rain
    9:53 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    23)I could tell from BBM that WCS was good. Once their in college, the recruit rankings go out the door. I think he’s a top ten recruit by far. Very athletic and fast for a 7-footer.

  26. old_school
    9:53 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I’ll give him credit – Cal was smart not wanting any part of IU.

  27. NBACatFan
    9:55 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Teague will kill harrow’s draft stock. Teague is on the verge of going to the D league. He is sucking major [email protected] Harrow weighs about 150 pounds and looks smaller and less talented than russ smith for the tards. anyone think Russ smith is a first round pick? LOL.

  28. Catfan55
    9:55 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Anybody think Noel looked bad because stein is the real deal?y starting five after tonight…stein, Noel, poythress, Goodwin, and wiltjer..

  29. Catlanta
    9:57 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    23) I watched the last uofl scrimmage. I must admit, Montrezl Harrel is way better than a top 80 player. sometimes the rankings make no sense. WCS will be a stud and has a ton of upside. I think Harrell for the cards could have the highest ceiling for them.

  30. Kneel
    9:59 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    People who think Harrow “sucked” or was “bad” tonight are absolute morons. He was playing with teammates that will never see the floor and has to orchestrate all true freshman. The dude is NASTY and can score and facilitate. He is the only PG Cal has had with college experience in his first year at UK and that will go far.

    Ryan Harrow is the most important player on this team..judging a player after playing with his fellow teammates for 2 weeks is dumb, and so is calling this PG bad. I try to hold back calling out but sometimes fellow UK fans can be so blind.

  31. Chi-TownCat
    9:59 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah #5 he caught everything apparently you cant see whats really going on your blue goggled are too dark

  32. Kneel
    10:01 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    31 is right, Noel’s hands on the offensive end have a WAYS to go, he’ll be okay though.

  33. Chi-TownCat
    10:07 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah i think he will b ok as soon as he adjusts to the game speed

  34. Chi-TownCat
    10:09 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    And stein is a freak of an athlete i wanna gif of him bear crawling at full speed down the sideline….that was great

  35. You correct
    10:14 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    #19, you correct!

  36. Duke Sucks
    10:16 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I thought they looked better then advertised tonight. It’s early in the season and no body looks good right now. I thought we would have about 6-7 players this year who could play, but looks like more hen that can play. I know it early and you can’t tell much from a scrimmage, but stein looks like the big time recruit and Noel looks like he has a way to go. That’s good maybe it will push Nerlens to get better because he has the talent. Think most of Noel’s problem is not being on campus this summer. He will be fine with one more month under his belt.
    #4 I think if you check you will see Nerlens is in the grade he should have been. He reclassified because he was going to be a 5th year senior in high school. He was going to take 1 more year due to a injury in high school.

  37. joecrawfordsfoot
    10:22 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    what about jon hood tonight? im sorry but for a guy who just recovered from a major knee surgery, he really hustled and put up some respectable numbers. can easily see him crack the rotation if he keeps it up. but overall fun scrimmage to watch, we got some studs who will only get better as the season progresses

  38. Culver
    10:27 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I got the impression Harrow’s own teammates don’t like him…just saying.
    I was really impressed with Mays, not only with his play, but with his character. I’m glad he’s on UK’s roster instead of the “gangsta” Lyons.
    I think Kyle Macy’s comparison of Mashburn & Poythress is dead on. Definitely similar in size, play, and personalities. Heck, the only time I recall seeing Mashburn get really animated was against St. Johns. He was ready to punch Shawnelle Scott’s face in!
    Noel is a freak athlete, but very raw in the skills dept. Reminds me of a young Serge Ibaka.
    I could see Cauley-Stein being a top 5 pick after his sophomore year. He’s got huge upside…no doubt!
    Wiltjer looked like what I expected. He’s never going to dominate anyone with pure athletic ability. But when it comes to skills and the mental part of the game, he’s head & shoulders above most.
    Goodwin is a freak athlete! Just like Noel, is still very raw. I could see him going for 30 one game, 4 the next. If he matures during the season, he could be the key to number #9!
    Hood looked really good. I think him & Polson will see a lot of minutes, maybe even in a few close games. Heck, they’ve practiced against several NBA players the past few years for crying out loud…has to make you much better!
    And wow I feel sorry for Beckham. I’ve been there and done that with an ailing back. And I was young like Beckham to. It royally sucks!

  39. Fee is
    10:28 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    This isn’t really a knock, this team just won’t be as good as many expect. They’ll have flashes and ill enjoy watching, but its simply not a top ten team. We’ve been lucky that EVERY top recruit has panned out the past 3 years but this won’t always be the case. Look, at this same point each of the past two years I didn’t think there chance in hell knight or Teague were first round guys. Shows what I know. But I’ll prove myself insane and say I just can’t see harrow making the jump successfully after this season. Given body type, he may need all four years.

    Bottom line is the season will be fun, there will be some great moments, and maybe we get hot at the right time. However it turns out, I hope the fans stay patient and supportive throughout the season. There will be games we lose by 20- something that will shock the system after the three year high we’ve been riding.

  40. firethejokenow!!!
    10:30 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    37 right on! safe to say out of the hood, twanny and polson trio he really emerged tonight. i know twanny still dealing with the back injury but if he’s really giving poythress fits in practice let him get about 5-10 min a game jus for that purpose

  41. Rick
    10:32 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    No matter how rough this team looks, you’ve got to remember that (a) they’re mostly freshman, like many have said, and (b) college basketball is VERY low on talent this season compared to many seasons in recent memory. Case in point, why Louisville and Indiana are ranked at the top of the polls.

  42. Fee is
    10:33 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    For the posters touting hoody hood… Might show more about the talent across from him than his improvement. I also saw polson and lanter dropping buckets but will reserve their an ointment to all sec until I see some game footage.

  43. joecrawfordsfoot
    10:45 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    42 the talent across from hood is a given. everyone knows that. but if your gonna criticize people who acknowledge his effort tonight after coming off a major knee surgery then you need to get your priorities straight. nothing wrong giving credit when its due

  44. Kendall Smith
    11:08 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Wiltjer had more than 16. He had 16 in the second half alone. He played for both teams. He had closer to 30.

  45. Tod Lanter
    11:29 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Brian Long, at least I appreciate the opportunity.

  46. think about it
    11:47 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Everyone is talking about how raw we are offensively, which is true. But what we need to keep in mind is t
    he fact that once Cal has them playing defense the way he wants them to we will be hard to beat. Even if Noel gets into foul trouble we bring cauley Stein in off the bench another great shot blocker. Also Goodwin dogged harrow several times up and down the floor, we have the length and athleticism to be a disruptive force on defense. Does anyone agree that in a down basketball season a superior defensively team can carry us deep in the ncaa tournament?

  47. etowncatfan
    11:50 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    does anyone look at the fact that noel still had 9pts 8rbs 7 blocks against probably the best frontline in america. We are loaded and #9 will be here in april. kentucky can play street ball with most teams they play and still win most of the games. Trust in Cal!

  48. Bulldawg
    12:28 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    This team will be fine and I will really enjoy watching them… I like my team. #9

  49. Daniel Orton
    3:00 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    If I am a draft pick on potential….WCS is a lock to be a high draft pick this year.

  50. putinrichie
    6:59 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    20, 48 – Anyone’s conclusion that we will be fine needs to come out of their blue house and take off the blue goggles for a few seconds. This team has a long way to go and I think there is a better chance we get bounced in the first round than go to the Final Four. This team just isn’t that deep or talented. Any of CAL’s last three teams would beat this team by double digits and last years team would win by 40-50.

  51. billy
    8:02 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    I had to laugh at the comments by some about being a very young team. WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU EXPECT??????????????????????????????????????
    The veterans are Mays, Wiltzer and the point guard transfer. GOOD GRIEF. OH I forget about Hood and the left handed guard and Malone.

  52. billy
    8:03 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    # 50 you are so knowledgeable. Ha

  53. billy
    8:08 am October 25, 2012 Permalink


  54. billy
    8:12 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    #24 You are right. No team in the US has more raw talent as a team than Kentucky. Most teams have one or two players that are NBA types but Kentucky has five or six.

  55. UKBlue1!
    8:22 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    UK is going to be a very hard knock out come March. This team has a lot of potential. It will loose a few games, like the 2010-11 team. I think it has more potential than the 1st team Calipari put together because, we can shoot the ball from the outside. However, we are a lot slower than the 1st or 2nd season Cal coached UK.

  56. Will S
    11:31 am October 25, 2012 Permalink

    Better get these freshman up to speed quick, NOVEMBER 13th is right around the corner and Duke is looking GREAT from the practices I’ve been too. So much bigger on the wings with 6’8″ Alex Murphy, 6’8″ Amile Jefferson and 6’5″ Rasheed Sulaimon. Sulaimon actually may end up starting over Seth Curry by the end of the year– his size, length and quickness give him the advantage. Quinn Cook is looking like the stud that started over Teague in the U-17 USA games… his knee is 100% and he will be the starting PG for Duke this season.

    ONLY 19 MORE DAYS!!!!!

  57. putinrichie
    12:21 pm October 25, 2012 Permalink

    51-54 – Wow…you are a piece of work.

    51 – We have a young and inexperienced core. There is no hiding that and everybody knows this. Unfortunately, we also don’t have the talent of previous teams. Will we get better? Of course, but this team has a very different makeup than any CAL team to date and will struggle because of this.

    52 – You are correct.

    53 – This team is not good enough to repeat. Period. Not only are they not as good as last years team now, this years team in March would still get destroyed by last years team. I definitely think CAL will win another title at UK, but this year we won’t even sniff the Final Four. Let’s just hope that CAL doesn’t push everybody out the door after a subpar season.

    54 – We might have 5 future NBA players on this team, but there isn’t a player on our roster who would get meaningful minutes on an NBA team this season. Last years team had three players (Davis, MKG, and Jones) that were better than anyone on this team.

  58. UKFAN
    1:33 pm October 25, 2012 Permalink

    @ 57- Are you insane? we wont sniff the final four? You have gott to be kidding me, by march, we will have goodwin and alex dominating on defense, Noel coming into his own. WCS being a beat. not to mention the sharpshooting of kyle and julius. plus with the lack of talent in the NCAA this year. UK is for sure a final four team. I think we have a great shot to repeat. GO CATS