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Calipari Back On The Table? Probably Not.


Because I like to imagine that the ‘sugar packet rundown’ is part of Cals recruiting speech.  “Now Demarcus, think of yourself as a sweet-n-low…”

With yesterday’s news of Cleveland Cavalier GM Danny Ferry stepping down, the Calipari to Cleveland for LeBron rumors are beginning again.  Even after Calipari’s pinky promise with Andy Katz that there was no real NBA talks in the first place.  Still, as some writers have alluded to, Danny Ferry never seemed too high on the college Super Coach from Kentucky, but with a GM and a Head Coach position open, Cals name is finding it’s way back into talking heads clipboard of copy-paste articles for the slow summer months. (See also:  Calipari is a cheat, Coach K is great, and why journalists are never ever wrong, ever.  Unless they are bloggers.)

First it seemed as though the Cal-to-the-NBA rumors wouldn’t stop unless Cal himself commented on them.  Then he did.  Then it seemed like they wouldn’t until he came out and said “No, I am not going to the NBA.  I will be the coach at Kentucky next year.”  And then he did.  But still the rumors won’t stop, so while it’s beneficial for us to acknowledge them… don’t lose sleep over it.  The rumors will be there, no matter what, because journalists have to have something to write about when there is no real news breaking (See: this post.)  Cal has said and done everything he can to dissuade the rumors, short of defriending LeBron on facebook, and the talk is something we’re starting to get used too.

In related news: Somebody must have seen something they liked in Boston’s horrible game 1 showing, as the Chicago Bulls have agreed to hire assistant coach Tom Thibodeau as their new head coach. Thibodeau is most well known around these parts for not being John Calipari.  Sources have been unable to confirm a reported Scalabrine/Thibodeau deal.  Stay tuned for more.

Article written by Will Lentz