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Calipari and the Tubby Smith court proceedings

As Tubby continues to defend himself from allegations from former potential assistant Jimmy Williams, the questions continue to come fast and furious. In the middle of what was likely a series of continuous wide-eyed glares from the former Kentucky coach, a strange question came up regarding the current Kentucky coach. Here’s an excerpt from the Minnesota Star Tribune:

Mark asked Smith about the current head coach at the University of Kentucky, a job Smith held for 10 years before coming to the university. He noted that John Calipari had NCAA violations while a college coach at Massachusetts and at Memphis — as recently as 2008. “You don’t attribute those being detrimental to his career,” Mark said. “You’re not holding it against him?”

Smith said, “No.”

While I applaud Tubby for not replying with “Detrimental? The MF’er has a $35 million contract. Detrimental to being poor, maybe“, he did one of the things I hate most. He answered two questions with one answer. Outside of typing in all caps, there is nothing more frustrating about exchanging emails than the guy who answers half of your inquiries.

Anyway, getting back on track, if we’re keeping it random and not entirely related to Williams’ alleged verbal contract, here are a few other things I’d like for Mr. Mark to ask Coach Smith tomorrow.  You know, since we aren’t talking about the actual case:

1. On a scale of Sheray Thomas to 10, how much do you miss Alan Cutler’s Cosby sweaters in the press conferences?

2. Scott Rigot. Seriously?

3. Halloween 1992. How hard was it to not put Saul in a vest and white parachute pants and make him sing “I Can Show You the World”?

4.  Five questions in five seconds.  Are you happy in Minnesota?  How tall is Ralph Sampson?  Colton Iverson or Allen Iverson?  How long did it take to get used to that weird court?  Who is hotter, Brad Pitt or Russell Crowe?

What about you guys? Any questions for Tubby?

Article written by Thomas Beisner