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Cal and Judd on with Katz

It seems as though every time Andy Katz doesn’t appear on the KSR podcast, he gets a big Kentucky guest on his to try and make up for it.  After standing us up after the Louisville game, he had John Wall on.  After promising to come back for the Tennessee game, he doesn’t, and then he gets Coach Cal and Ashley Judd.  But what’re you gonna do.  I think he’s just mad that his podcast can’t keep up with ours.  All I know is that if he gets Woo on after the Vandy game, I’m posting his phone number on this very blog.

The entire podcast is a little long (says the person that is routinely on 90 minute ones,) but there are some quality parts.  I’m excerpting some of it here, but if you have thirty minutes to spare, head over to ESPN and check the full thing out.

With Calipari

Andy: How much of a different game will it be in Saturday (compared to playing Vandy in Rupp?)

Calipari: I just watched the tape… and we did some things that were unusual for us (the first game,) like make a bunch of three’s real quick.  That’s how we created a gap.  They missed some shots that they normally don’t miss.  I think it’ll be a war just like MSU, just like USC, I think it’s gonna be hard.

Andy: Your team has been the team, in a respective conference, where you go on the road with the target on yoyur back, where it is the biggest game, the best crowd, and you get their best shot.  What’s that like that you’ve had to deal with that three  different times, and why is it right off the bat this time?

Calipari: Well the reason that is, is because it’s Kentucky (again, let us say that Coach ‘Gets It’)  I mean people don’t care who’s in that uniform, they want to beat Kentucky.  But what I’ll tell you is, there is nothing that’s more satisfying in this profession than to be in that position, going on the road, and knowing you have a chance to ruin their weekend.  Nothing more satisfying.  (How much do I love this attitude?)

Andy: What has it meant to you, to have an actress like Ashley Judd to be not just a fan, but a passionate fan?

Calipari: Well first of all, the first time I meet her, she comes in and starts asking me about the press.  And I go Ashley, don’t go asking me basketball questions.  She said Coach, you don’t understand, I really know the game (like all Kentucky fans, I might add.) And I bust out laughing.  But for us to have people like Ashley Judd connected to the program, that’s big.  It’s just big.

With Ashley

Andy: Ashley, I wanna go back… prior to arriving at Kentucky did you have any idea about the passion that exists with this program within the entire state of the commonwealth?

Judd: Well I wanna go back and say that I know people pin that special title of number one fan on me, but it’s one I share with Kentucky fans and we are legion.  And I don’t really know that it could be that intense and glorious at the school… but if I think about the level of interest in the wildcats in Ashland Kentucky, and then just do some simple math to multiply that by the number of seats in Rupp Arena, yeah, you can pretty easily calculate that we’re nuts.  (Someone has been talking to Calipari just a bit too much.)

Andy: Why are you still so attached from a fan perspective?

Judd: I think the simple answer Andy, is because it’s fun.  There’s a sense of belonging, there’s a sense of meaning, we coalesce around the single unifying experience of loving our cats.  Knowing the history, having a real deep held regard for our tradition, and knowing that we belong at the top.

Amen Sister.

Article written by Will Lentz