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Cage The Elephant’s Friday News and Views

Well, here we are.  Another week in the books and another big Friday on the agenda.  A big, but possibly sad, Friday.  If sun doesn’t seem as bright this morning and birds that haven’t already died don’t seem to be chirping with the same gusto as earlier in the week, don’t be surprised.  This day marks the start of the rest of our Randall Cobb-less lives as our green-eyed football hero has decided to take his talents to the next level.  While the hearts are still a little heavy as we say goodbye to one of our favorite young stars, this week also brings us a new up-and-coming Commonwealth talent as Kentucky band Cage The Elephant released their second album to critical praise and took the top spot on the iTunes album downloads list.  The five-man band from Bowling Green isn’t just another band, though.  They’re die-hard Wildcat fans whose lyrics have numerous UK basketball references and whose name is derived from a great unknown story in UK history.  According to their official site, during the championship season of 1977-78, freshman center Charles Aleksinas would routinely show up to practice in the shorts of the era, which left little to the imagination, without remembering to put on his jock first.  After his teammates were reluctant to battle him in the post, Joe B. Hall would have to yell at the 6’10 newcomer by saying, “Daggummit, Charlie, go cage the doggone elephant.”  Thus, a band name was born.  Or not.  I made all of that up.  All I know is that they released an album and they are from Kentucky.  And I like them.  Other than that, they have no real relevance here.

Now onto a few UK notes…

 – From the first reports that there would be a press conference until the sun came rose again, Thursday belonged to Randall Cobb.  In becoming the sixth Kentucky player to enter the NFL Draft early, Cobb closed the book on a record-setting career that might actually be remembered for more than those numbers.  Cobb achieved legendary status in only three years and while his departure has a negative effect on next year’s team, you can’t find a single UK fan who takes issue with Cobb’s decision.  It was clearly his time to go as his stock has reached about as high as it could go and the Cats looking to rebuild a bit on offense next season.  Outside of adding to his numbers, there were no reasons to return.  Yet Cobb still talked of how the decision weighed on him and how there were so many things at UK that he loved and so many memories that yanked at his emotions as he tried to decide.  Because that struggle existed, it shows again why Cobb is so revered.  College fans want great players and great successes.  But, at UK specifically, there’s always been an apparent need to want the players to love the school and the game as much as so many of us across the country do.  That’s the difference between a star player and a UK legend.  Cobb is clearly a legend.

 – On the basketball side of things, Coach Cal met with the media in his usual pregame meeting after practice and there wasn’t a lot of notable blurbs except for the notion that he might continue to bring Terrence Jones off the bench.  Calipari said it was possible that Jones could start the game sitting down for the second game in a row, but downplayed the significance of it by noting that Jones still played as many minutes as he would if he started.  If he doesn’t start, it’s because Cal liked the energy he saw from the group that started against Auburn. 

 – Cal again spoke about the quartet of bench players looking for a breakout and said that he wants to get Jon Hood more comfortable when he’s in the game.  Cal said that Hood has “buzzard’s luck”and acknowledged that he seems to have the old Beisner Syndrome – every shot he contests seems to go in.  He acknowledged that the effort is there with Hood and guys are trying to get him looks when he’s in there, but he has to play without the fear of making a mistake.  For his part, Hood said that he expected to be getting more minutes, but he understands why he’s not.  It’s his defense and his rebounding.  Right now, it seems like Calipari really wants him to earn the minutes, but it just hasn’t clicked for him yet in a game.  Against a struggling LSU game, Hood might just find that rhythm.

 – If there’s anything that you should be excited about in facing LSU, it’s that you get to hear Trent Johnson’s voice.  It is truly the greatest in the entire NCAA.  He has the classic Bomani Jones super-baritone voice, but none of the inflection.  It’s like he has a tiny tuba in his throat.  I love it.

 – As a part of the “Content of Character” series, Joker Phillips was on Outside the LinesThursday and made what I thought was a great appearance.  There was an unintentionally awkward moment between him and Bomani, but Phillips came away as a great ambassador for the school and the state.  The topic was on black college football coaches and whether or not they are getting the opportunities they deserve, but Joker’s contribution was more of a personal testament of a positive reception in Kentucky and how his race does not matter at the school.  He also highlighted Charlie Strong at Louisville and Willie Taggert at WKU in making his point that some of the past stereotypes of Kentucky are not true and that the nation should take notice.  I’m sure he’d rather be on television talking about a great recruiting class or his team’s successes, but those moments are few and far between at UK.  Instead, he took his appearance to speak highly of the school and the state and for that, he should be commended.  Not that it’s necessarily all that surprising.  It was just nice to see that on national television.

 – Later that evening, his football team got some positive news as three-star running back Marcus Caffey flipped his verbal from Purdue to UK.  Caffey committed to the Boilermakers about a week and a half ago.  This time, the commitment appears to be set in stone as he cancelled a scheduled visit to Arkansas.  He’s the 19th commitment in a class that has fluctuated a bit in numbers lately.

 – Your first programming reminder:  Coach Cal will be on the panel of the National Town Hall Meeting tonight at New Ebenezer Baptist Church.  It will air live on ESPN at 6pm.  Cal will fly back to Lexington after.  Hopefully he’ll pick up a commitment from Trevor Lacey while in Georgia.

 – Your second programming reminder:  Michael Gilchrist will battle Austin Rivers on ESPN at 7pm.

 – One final question:  Who is voting for Matt?  Seriously.  Who are you and why are you voting for Matt?  Did you not make it down to the Drew Franklin button?  I expect real names in the comments section.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day for all kinds of goodness as we get you all set for LSU and Trent Johnson’s voice.  The fun gets going on Kentucky Sports Radio at 10am on Talk Radio 1080 and continues throughout the day.  That’s it for now.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

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  1. andy hendetson
    11:49 pm January 13, 2011 Permalink


  2. andy hendetson
    11:51 pm January 13, 2011 Permalink

    i lived with the basist (Daniel Tichenor) in Louisville in 2004 and back in BG i lived across the street from the whole band. I will vouche for them being C-A-T-S fans.

  3. andy hendetson
    11:52 pm January 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have never been with a woman…..ever.

  4. andy henderson
    11:54 pm January 13, 2011 Permalink

    maybe not but henderson has

  5. shadowboxer
    11:56 pm January 13, 2011 Permalink

    Hood is a no go. I sometimes think Cal plays him because of where is he from rather than what he can contribute on the floor. Hood just doesn’t have it on this stage. I literally cringe when he checks into the game. Whoever he is guarding scores immediately and often.

  6. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    12:03 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Pretty sure KSRBetterHalf is having all of her friends vote for matt. That’s the only explanation. That, or all the Card fans who absolutely looove him…

  7. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    12:04 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    The only reason Hood gets subbed into the game is because Cal wants to raise the other team’s self esteem a little. We are blowing them out, in comes Hood, his man hits 4 wide open threes in a row.

  8. tyson
    12:30 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    first of all, can all “first” posters get banned from this site for a month?

    second, forget matt, who is voting for BTI?!? he must have come up with some algorithmic program that allows him to bypass the one voter per IP address. go beisner!

  9. 4-8-15-16-23-42
    12:52 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    sorry, but Cage The Elephant sucks….on the other hand, My Morning Jacket is a band from the Commonwealth that doesn’t suck.

  10. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    12:53 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Bomani has been absolutely blowing up ESPN lately. Every afternoon talk/debate show that I turn on nowadays has him on it. And he always does a hell of a job. Congrats Bomani!

  11. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    12:54 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    9. Agreed, MMJ is the titties.

  12. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy
    1:03 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    My Morning Jacket is the best band in the country right now, let alone just from Kentucky.

  13. Owen
    1:18 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    It’s really too bad their music blows. I don’t think there is even a good famous band from Kentucky. My Morning Jacket is pretty friggin’ awful.

  14. tombanjo
    1:22 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    sunday valley is the band to see.

  15. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS
    1:39 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    The best band in Kentucky is “Matt Jones and his Merry Men plus one fantastic woman”.

    I voted for Matt. Seemed like the thing to do since he seems to not really care for me much; but, if not for Matt what I would I do for five hours a day?

  16. Megan Fox
    1:43 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Matt…

  17. Owen
    1:47 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Oh, and I voted for Beez.

  18. Jordan
    1:52 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Matt, what? I credit Matt for my mad grammar skills in which he likes to correct on the Live Blogs…F you Matt. As far as Hood goes, well he looks like he has Tourette’s syndrome when he steps on the floor. I love the kid because he is a Kentucky boy but he needs to loosen up. My Morning Jacket’s “It beats 4 U” is a great song.

  19. tdogg4033011
    2:42 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    15) I hear ya bro ….. if not for Matt, I’d actually have to do something a few me hours a day … lol

  20. tdogg4033011
    2:43 am January 14, 2011 Permalink


  21. BPsycho
    3:45 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    #11 lmao , I thought **** was coming, but you whipped out titties.

    This was Matt’s last year writing full time. So I think he’s getting sent a little message: You’re awesome, you’re an excellent writer, you’re a hard worker, you’re funny, and everyone appreciates the work it took to make this site what it is.

    Having said that. I voted for Beisner, duuuh…. Franklin is awesome as well, but everyone with eyes and ears knows that.

  22. CalifCatFan
    3:47 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Tyler. And proud of it.

  23. catfever
    3:53 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I use to hang out with those guys in the BG. Lots of nights I don’t remeber at Tidballs, lots of fun though. Glad to see them represent KY. Party On!! we need to hear some jams at BBM next year!

  24. ???????
    4:56 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Best band in the Bluegrass is none of those mentions. The Best Band in America is a group of five (and they even have reserves to fill in when one of them gets tired or hits someone in another band to many times.) They only play a few months a year and have a huge following so tickets can be scarce and high. They are Called Cal and the Kick Ass Cats. They have such hits as, Laetner is a P _ _ SY, Big Brother Whipped The SH-T out of Red Headed Little Brother…..Again, Gator Hater, Duke Makes Me Puke, If Your A Hoosier- You’re A Loser,The Volunteer Police Scanner Song, And my personal favorite is, NCAA Has No Balls So They Took Away My Enes.

  25. BlueSoul
    5:06 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    DID I JUST READ THAT RIGHT? Cal is quoted as saying this about one of his players…”but he has to play without the fear of making a mistake.” Are you @$#!ing kidding me!!! Does Cal even know HE is the one CREATING all this FEAR!!! Give me a break, or better yet give your players a break. No one is going to play the PERFECT game ever second on the court. What a good coach has to realize during the course of season is that you must play your “best” players the majority of minutes to succeed. So another words, putting in Vargas for Jorts because Jorts makes ONE bad decision on the court only HURTS our team. Let the best players play through it!

  26. RidgeRunner
    7:35 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Beeze. Great posts at midnight I look forward to seeing (like this one). But I do think we need to contact the NCAA and request an investigation on why Matt Jones (a part time blogger now due to CBS preoccupation), is receiving more than quote…token-votes.

    Beeze, don’t stand for this…k?

  27. Mr. Obvious
    7:52 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Days of the New was ans is the best band from Kentucky, even if they are from louisville.

  28. Chris Thomas
    7:55 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I think there needs to be a Cage the Elephant interview.

  29. IndyCat
    7:59 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    #5. You are correct with your assessment of Hood. I love the kid but he just does not have the talent to compete at this level. He would have been much better off p[laying at Western or Morehead and getting alot more playing time to get comfortable on the floor. God bless him, but he is what he is basketball talent wise.

  30. 44 STICHES
    8:05 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Marcus Caffey is a good pick up but I think Josh Clemons our other RB commit is the better of the 2 peach state RB’s.

  31. Matt Jones
    8:22 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for matt and I’ll do it again, he does an excellent job and is the best GO ME!!! Err, I mean “GO Matt”, sorry.

  32. chuckverderber
    8:43 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Cage The Elephant is awesome. First heart them playing music for a videogame called Borderlands (also a fantastic game), and went “who the heck is that?” Hunted them down on itunes. Well worth a listen.

  33. rcpeck
    8:44 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for fake gimel and he’s not in the pool! This is an outrage! He wrote on the site in 2010!

  34. Rush3Redux
    8:50 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    28 — Yeah. Ask them if they will have their music removed from the airwaves. It is an instant channel-changer. Just awful.

    MMJ is the best band from KY right now, and one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, all signs indicate they now realize this, so their next album will probably suck (if “Monsters of Folk” was any indication).

  35. Ben
    8:57 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Beeze. I don’t know if he is a liberal or not, but I like his writing! Matt is good, but I can’t get past his love for that gomer of a President. When will Matt ever grow up and live in the real world. I guess he has gone on to CBS (Liberal Heaven) to co-mingle with like minds. Maybe one day he will find his way.

  36. bung
    9:01 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I predict Hood will turn out like Hartline (minus the police) and be very good.

  37. K-Bone
    9:15 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    You’re all so glib. The best band from KY is clearly Nappy Roots (also from BG). Have you all forgotten the summer of 2002? I can’t wait to get my Cobb jersey, unless he goes to the Patriots. Awnaw!

  38. Al's IndiCats
    9:21 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve been looking for the question and answer from Seth Davis and Emmert, does anyone have a link to it? As for Hood, you all have to remember we were happy as a lark to get him at that time, and I still have hopes for him to come off the bench and have a breakout game. You all also have to remember that Clyde damn near had the whole team quit on him…..THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!!!! He isn’t going to be a major contributor game in game out, that’s a given, but he’ll be here for four years and by the time he’s a senior, he’ll be second or third off the bench. Damn give him a break!

  39. Al's IndiCats
    9:25 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    And I voted for Kate….God only knows where she’s at these days.

  40. The real deal
    9:48 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Check out Six Miles South on youtube great local band!

  41. BCO
    9:50 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    The best musician from KY is Chris Knight and it’s not even close…

  42. Chris Thomas
    9:52 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    34) COMPLETELY agree on MMJ. My favorite band.

  43. Zippy0421
    9:59 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Grew up with the Schultz brothers and it is awesome to see them doing well. They have always been pretty talented.

  44. Matt Jones
    10:41 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Matt.

  45. Matt Jones' Girlfriend
    10:42 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I voted for Beisner.

  46. VandyCat
    10:53 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Chuck Aleksinas. Never heard him called Charles or Charlie when he was playing.

  47. Janet Jackson's Boob
    11:05 am January 14, 2011 Permalink

    I definitely got in a fight with Brad Shultz (Cage the Elephant’s guitarist) in high school. Boom Baby!

    12:41 pm January 14, 2011 Permalink

    Cage The Elephant is terrible. My Morning Jacket is the best band from KY and the best band in the country!