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BTI’s Rants and Rumblings (sans BTI): Coaches Trolling the Web?


Think any UK/high profile coaches are out there lurking on the web?

BTI sends his deepest regrets.  Last night, a disgruntled KSR reader broke into his home.  BTI, luckily, awoke and cold-cocked the guy, knocking him out..  Problem is the guy happened to be carrying his laptop, which now sits in 100 pieces.  We only employ enslave badasses here, people.

Anonymity on the web isn’t just for the fans.  The always funny Everyday Should Be Saturday posted about Nick Saban’s quote above about posting on message boards incognito. When it comes to college sports fan bases, there two major groups that comes to mind.  For basketball, it’s Big Blue Nation.  For football, it’s Alabama.  Here is Saban’s full quote from Friday, sparked by injury rumors (emphasis added):

“Every time somebody posts something on a message board … I’m gonna start messing with you,” Saban said. “I don’t know how to do that, but I’m gonna start doing it. Every day I’m going to post something that’s just total B.S.”

Does Nick Saban really not know how to post on a message board?  Speaking of B.S., I’ll go ahead and call him about on that.  There’s no way a smart coach like Saban does not know how to work a computer, especially in a day in age where recruiting has seeped into every digital form of communication.  I’m not saying Saban is out there trolling, but he’s no fool.  This reminds me of this article that said Coach Cal does not OWN A COMPUTER.  The man has his own website…there’s no way he doesn’t have a computer.

But the question is:  Do you think there are any UK/high profile coaches out there who are actually posting anonymously on the web?

Personally, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.  Nowadays, coaches (high profile and low) have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, websites, etc.  There is large a coaching presence on the web…so do they need to troll message boards?  Not at all.  But humans do plenty of things we don’t need to do.  Who knows,  some of these coaches could just be out there having a little fun.

Some coaches’ tweets even go through a filter, like Coach Cal with SID Peevy.  With media scrutiny, guys like Calipari can’t just say what they want or mean all the time.  (We saw what happened when Cal said a mere line about phone calls last week.)  Why not go out and vent a little on the web?  During football and basketball season, nearly everything posted by fans is some form of anonymous venting.

Maybe even the assistants could get in on the action?  Lurk around, release information they want out.  Strategic information leaks have been a common practice since the dawn of intelligence operations.  Not to mention misinformation campaigns.  #wrongonpurpose

EDSBS did some great work on their post by providing hilarious “if Saban trolled what would he say” lines.  You guys got any good lines for an incognito Coach Cal? What would his net-handle be?  Would he photoshop Pat Forde and Pete Thamel?  Better yet, is a smirking Billy Gillispie is out there somewhere with a glass of bourbon next to his keyboard, scheming his next post?

Drop some gems in the comments section and I’ll add the great ones to the post.

Article written by Chris Thomas

14 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Rumblings (sans BTI): Coaches Trolling the Web?

  1. bigbluedude
    9:08 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    cal PAYS people to post his thoughts on the web!

  2. ben goodman is tall
    9:14 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Cal pays ppl to post on his website just like he pays recruits!!11111!1!11 / Louisvill fans, UNC fans, Tenn fans, memphis fans, duke fans, IU fans.

  3. FU of L
    9:25 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Cal is on the computer on the C-J forums right now calling Pitiner “Rick 15o,” “Coach Stanky Leg,” “Quick Rick,” “Ricky 3 Stacks” and the “15-Second Man” as we speak.

  4. Steve Masiello
    9:37 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    I am secretly BTI

  5. FU of L
    9:49 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Of all things to argue about between UK and FU of L fans, these chumps are talking abou the Loservile dorms being better than the Coal Lodge. Really? REALLY? Wow. They say the Coal Lodge has a meth lab and shabby architecture that mirrors the outdated practice center. REALLY!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! The $32M practice center that was just built? WOW! CARDELUSION knows no bounds.

  6. JB
    9:55 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    “I just saw Nerlens Noel eat a whole 16″ Sausage Sensation pizza at Papa John’s for only 12.99. Rumor is he went to Orange Leaf afterwards and had some of the new Snickerdoodle flavor low fat yogurt.” – Incognito Cal

  7. One of "The Boys"
    10:16 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    “I really enjoyed the service at Porcinni’s last night, great wine with some good friends. It was a great place to just hang out with your boys as there was some smoking hot ladies. The food was excellent, the owner even let me close up the place. The night ended rather quickly. When I got home I realized I spilled some sauce down my leg. Other than that a great night would recommend to all. It was the best 15 seconds of my life.” – posted by Ricky 3 Stacks, found under restaurant reveiws at

  8. Always > U ..of L
    10:42 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    I imagine Pearl & Pitino post anonymously – but not on sports sites.

  9. Cousins is king
    11:20 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Fairview is in Ashland. Billy Ray went to Russell High School I believe. Which is just outside of Ashlsnd. Fairview has been picked on by Ashland and Boyd County for years. And it’s considered more Eastern Kentucky than Hazard.

  10. Cal incognito
    11:57 am August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Has there ever been a better recruiter than me…(cough, cough)…I mean, Coach Calipari? I didn’t think so.

  11. Irishhooliganx
    1:00 pm August 8, 2011 Permalink

    In Louisville personals:
    MWM seeks male for companionship.
    Must enjoy basketball, Italian cuisine, and
    doggedly pursuing untruths about your enemies.
    If you have an unscrupulous son who will share
    high school records of athletes this is a huge plus.
    ~Nat Thirde~

  12. Roland
    1:18 pm August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Cal may not “personally own a PC or a Mac” but I bet there are more than one laptop, or computer in any form in his household. By the way, Blackberry or any other smart phone is a mini-puter.

  13. Roland
    1:51 pm August 8, 2011 Permalink

    “Not Coach Cal” on the handle idea for him incognito.

  14. CharimanRowe
    2:10 pm August 8, 2011 Permalink

    Billy Clyde is actually Jerry Tipton in disguise. And he would’ve got away with it to, if it weren’t for you kids and your meddling website.