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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Your Weekly Randall Cobb Touches Chart

I’ve decided to do a weekly post about Randall Cobb and his contribution to the offense.  We have heard so much that Cob is a once in a generation player and that some fans question if he touched the ball enough in his first 2 seasons.  So, what you see below is a quarter by quarter breakdown of how many plays Randall Cobb either rushed, passed, caught, or was thrown at as part of the UK offense.  (Special teams contributions are not included in this list, but obviously Cobb is significant in that area of the game as well.)  

Total Offensive Plays: 18
Cobb Rushes: 3 (13 yards)
Cobb Catches: 1 (6 yards)
Cobb Passes: 0
Cobb Thrown At: 0
Total Plays Cobb Involved: 4/18 (22.2%)

Total Offensive Plays: 20
Cobb Rushes: 0
Cobb Catches: 3 (57 yards)
Cobb Passes: 1 (15 yards, TD)
Cobb Thrown At: 0
Total Plays Cobb Involved: 4/20 (20.0%)

Total Offensive Plays: 17
Cobb Rushes: 1 (13 yards)
Cobb Catches: 1 (35 yards, TD)
Cobb Passes: 0
Cobb Thrown At: 0
Total Plays Cobb Involved: 2/17 (11.8%)

Cobb did not play in 4th quarter

Total Offensive Plays: 55
Cobb Rushes: 4 (26 yards)
Cobb Catches: 5 (98 yards, TD)
Cobb Passes: 1 (15 yards, TD)
Cobb Thrown At: 0
Total Plays Cobb Involved: 10/55 (18.2%)

Total Offensive Plays: 119
Cobb Rushes: 8 (106 yards, 1 TD)
Cobb Catches: 7 (117 yards, 1 TD)
Cobb Passes: 2 (34 yards, 1 TD)
Cobb Thrown At: 4
Total Plays Cobb Involved: 21/119 (17.7%)

Western Evaluation: If you ever wanted a blueprint on how to use Randall Cobb, I think the WKU was it.  Cobb got receptions, rushes, and enough snaps in the Wildcat formation for my liking.  I thought there were too many stretches against Louisville where Cobb was not used.  That was not a problem against Western.  This doesn’t even take into account the touchdown on the punt return that Cobb had as well.  I was actually surprised to see that Cobb was still only used in 18.2% of the plays, because it sure felt like 20-25 percent for me, BUT what is key is that UK put Cobb in positions to be successful and make big plays, not just catch 5 yard out patterns.  Before the season, I thought Randall Cobb should be touching the ball on 25-percent of UK offensive plays.  I think I have shrunk that number in my mind, and expect Cobb to touch it between 17 and 20 percent of the time.  This is in part due to Derrick Locke’s success so far, but also the emergence of Larod King and Matt Roark and others as reliable wide receivers.  Overall, I was ecstatic in Cobb’s production against Western, and hopefully when facing more difficult opponents, Cobb will see the same kind of opportunities.

Article written by Bryan the Intern