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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: You Asked and I Deliver

After posting Jon Hood’s plus-minus last week showing that, in general, the team has had negative results with Hood on the floor, I got many requests to also give the plus-minus for the entire roster.  Many argued that over the course of a season, most players plus-minus is around even, and that I was unfair to Hood.  So, I sent an engineering buddy of mine currently at UK an email, and asked him and a couple other students to crunch the numbers and give them back to me.  And I want to thank them, because 4 students looked through each box score and determined how long each player was on the floor and what their plus-minus was.  I’ve been told they are using it from some type of class project, so they didn’t totally waste their time.  I will give this over the course of a couple days, because it is a a lot of numbers. 

So, for today we will look at the non-conference season.  I broke it down into overall plus-minus and the numbers against the 7 power conference teams that UK played this season.  And remember, these numbers only reflect the time these guys spent ON THE FLOOR and only in NON-CONFERENCE PLAY:   

Overall Plus-Minus (14 total games)
1. Brandon Knight: +239
2. Deandre Liggins: +233
3. Doron Lamb: +222
4. Darius Miller: +220
5. Josh Harrellson: +204
6. Terrence Jones: +178
7. Jarrod Polson: -7
8. Jon Hood: -11
9. Stacey Poole: -13
10. Eloy Vargas: -14

Plus-Minus Against 7 Quality Opponents (OK, Wash, UCONN, UNC, ND, IU, UL)
1. Josh Harrellson: +59
2. Terrence Jones: +51
3. Darius Miller: +46
4. Brandon Knight: +45
5. Doron Lamb: +42
6. Deandre Liggins: +37
7. Jarrod Polson: 0
8. Stacey Poole: -10
9. Jon Hood: -12
10. Eloy Vargas: -24

Total Time on Floor (14 total games)
1. Brandon Knight: 472 minutes, 16 seconds
2. Deandre Liggins: 462 minutes, 19 seconds 
3. Terrence Jones: 421 minutes, 50 seconds
4. Doron Lamb: 398 minutes, 23 seconds
5. Darius Miller: 398 minutes, 12 seconds
6. Josh Harrellson: 354 minutes, 6 seconds
7. Eloy Vargas: 157 minutes, 33 seconds
8. Jon Hood: 85 minutes, 24 seconds
9. Stacey Poole: 35 minutes, 40 seconds
10. Jarrod Polson: 14 minutes, 55 seconds

I will let you all give your thoughts in the comments section but 2 main things stand out to me:

1) How about our boy Jorts?  Against UK’s 7 best opponents, he has the best results when on the floor of anyone on the roster.  That says something about just how important he has been this season.

2) Poor Eloy.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

42 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: You Asked and I Deliver

  1. Joe in Hendo
    9:07 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Your first mistake is considering IU a quality opponent. Boom. Roasted.

  2. Bangkok Dave
    9:10 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    It doesn’t matter what proof you give them. Some folks just wanna complain about something that the coach is doing or they won’t be happy. A bitchin’ redneck is a happy redneck.

  3. Pleau
    9:13 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    this ia a sure thing that we fade when Hood well anyone minus our 6th player weather it be Liggens, Miller, or Lamb comes off the bench. Hood looks scared all the time the ball touches his hands and hes looking to get rid of it right away. El’NO Vargas gets his hands around the ball and it will be TO lol, Poole and Poston Well they just dont have it none of these guys will see the court next year

  4. Hillbilly Bob
    9:14 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    at dere don’t matter, Jon Hood is a kentucky boy. if’n he was played enuf by calerparee he be gettin his ball on

    he aint playyed enuf to work out da kinks

    calerpeari should play dat boy mor

    hes a kentucky boy…if’n calenperri would play him, kentucky woulda won dose game what dey loss and we would be undifeeted

  5. SavannahCat
    9:22 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Good info, but how in the world could anyone defend Hood? He is terrible. Every time I see his #4 jersey, it makes me mad that we are wasting a scholarship. Hood, WKU class of 2014!(I hope)

  6. Boogiewoogie
    9:26 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    I feel bad for Hood but that doesn’t mean I want him on the floor. The kid in obviously in over his head. He may have been the type of player that BCG could work with in his system but Hood is totally wrong for what Cal wants to do.

    There is only room for one Kentucky born white boy on the team and right now there are two. There should always be one “honorary” spot for some Kentucky kid from out in the hills somewhere but having two is too much. So who should go, Hood or Polson? Neither one of those guys will ever get significant PT with the talent Cal has coming in year after year.

    And Jorts is da man.

  7. DCWildcat
    9:27 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    With the exception of Liggins, size seems to be a huge factor for results of our top 6 guys.

  8. linnaeus
    9:47 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    I say only offer the Kentucky Mr. Basketball if he is black (not racist, just real). Elisha Justice, Jon Hood, Josh Carrier, Brandon Stockton = White. Darius Miller, Chris Lofton, Allen Houston, Richie Farmer, John Pelphrey, Rex Chapman = Black. Keep it real.

  9. mattyice57
    9:48 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    1) Well said. IU hasn’t been a formidable opponent since Kelvin Sampson was forced to cancel his Verizon Wireless plan.

  10. Oh well
    9:48 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    As much as I would like to see those kids develop into solid contributors, it just isn’t going to happen! Yeah these guys have some talent but not enough to get it done consistently on Uk type level. Period! Especially with the way Cal is recruiting. I’m sure they are great guys but that means absolutely nothing on the court. I wish them the best of luck either way but if they want to see some serious mins in D-1 ball UK is not the best place for them to be unless they are fine with just being able to help the team in practice, which they do! Just my opinion.

  11. Al's IndiCats
    9:49 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    #2 has it right. I feel for Hood, he does seem somewhat out of place when he’s on the court. I also feel that he has the size to mix it up but just not sure of what he’s trying to do. Maybe he’s just trying way to hard………GO CATS, let’s Bar-B-que some pigs tomorrow!

  12. Lexvegas
    9:51 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Factoring plus/minus for this team is worthless when you consider the overwhelming amount of minutes played by 6 guys.
    “In summary, plus-minus, while neat to look at, is a poor tool in college basketball analysis.”

    But nice work BTI. Now you’re not only wasting your reader’s time, but the precious time of engineering students.

  13. Oh well
    9:51 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    8) last time I checked Brandon Stockton wasn’t white… Lol

  14. enispresley
    9:52 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    It is clear Hood is not that good, but if he stays until his senior year he may be a Cameron Mills kind of player that hits a big shot or two to help us win the NCAA.

  15. biggle
    9:55 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    If you go over to Pomeroy’s individual players efficiency ratings, Jort’s scores rather high. Keep in mind, you have to go to the category that doesn’t account for the amount of possessions spent on the player, since Jorts uses less than 20% of the possessions.

  16. Go Deep
    9:55 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Another good example of how statistics don’t show the whole truth. Almost all of Hood’s minutes are in garbage time when we are running out the clock and the other team is jacking up shots every five seconds. Wonder what his first half plus/minus would be? Now, I’m not saying Hood is great, he definitely struggles on defense and he will get better, but he is just a Sophomore who is still developing. He will never be Brandon Knight or John Wall but can be a Cameron Mills type guy, a contributor with four years of experience, eventually.

  17. The Truth
    9:56 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    If, for most of the season, Darius Miller has struggled against this competition…Jon Hood doesn’t stand a chance. Nothing against him, but Cal was right…he can’t hide you in this system.

  18. Boogiewoogie
    10:04 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    #8- Stockton was black. Wow. For not trying to be racist you did an awfully good job of beign racist.

  19. Thanks BTI!!
    10:07 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    One question. How did the engineering students know the actual times the players were on the floor by looking at the box score? I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

    Also, You have to wonder if their numbers would be better with more playing time or being able to play through some of the mistakes. One would think yes. But numbers don’t lie and is why we are playing 6.

  20. knightynight
    10:13 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Good info, but what is the point of looking at non-conference games? In terms of their experience and such, that was a whole season ago…

  21. that guy
    10:14 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    IU and OK clearly don’t belong on that list. Put Florida and Vandy up there instead.

  22. kyrobman
    10:18 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    As an Engineer I love to see this type data, and there is a direct correlation. However Hood is a 4 year player, that is what you get. So do you want 1 and done’s or four year players? I say we take both and not criticize coach for not playing them more. They are clean up guys, or cigars whatever you want to call it. There is no doubt Hood can play, just not at the level of all our other guys. Polson is a walk on who received a scholly based on his effort. Let’s just have fun with it.

  23. homework sucks
    10:18 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    13,18 – haha well played good sirs
    8 – since when are Richie Farmer and John Pelphrey black?

  24. PrinceAli
    10:18 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Haha @ #8. Where is your all’s sense of humor? Pelphrey, Farmer, and Chapman weren’t black either.

  25. Boogiewoogie
    10:24 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    I guess what #8 was trying to get at, and mind you I am only guessing here, is that certain players “play white” while certain players “play black” regardless of actual color. And that is a totally stupid thing to say.

    Again, good job of not trying to be a racist and actually being racist. I took way too much time from my job to come up with that.

    Hopefully no moronic Loouvall fans are reading this comments section. I’m sure the Boyz at the Card Chronicle would have a field day with content such as this.

    Oh, well. Eff ’em.

  26. Rolo
    10:32 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    It doesn’t take a number analysis to understand that Hood sucks. I am glad Cal has stopped bowing to the “Hood’s a Kentucky Boy” crowd and has kept Hood on the bench, where he obviously belongs. Plus, his tweets are just dreadful. That is completely irrelevant, but I’m just sayin…..

  27. BlueMark
    10:32 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    #16 – right on. It is nearly impossible that our +/- will be positive when Hood, Polson, and Poole are in, due to the fact that they are always coming in at garbage time.

    Also, if you think about it, when those guys get in, it’s not just the other team jacking up shots, it’s Polson at the point, Poole at the 2, Hood at the 3 and Eloy at the 5.

    If you put just Polson in with Lamb, Miller, Jones and Harrelson, for instance, I would bet his +/- would go up considerably.

    The one person that is truly wasting a scholarship is Eloy. He gets to play often enough with 4 starters that his +/- ought to be higher if he is contributing at all (which he is not).

  28. brianboone99
    10:32 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    So basically you just proved that our main 6 guys are better than our bottom 4 guys? Breaking news! Not to mention I would guess a good percentage of the minutes for the bottom 4 came at the end of games with the other team trying to score quickly and our team basically playing the equivalent of the prevent defense. Ground breaking stuff going on here!

  29. knowledge
    10:33 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Eloy Vargas makes Mark Krebs look like Dr. J.

  30. Boogiewoogie
    10:42 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Eloy Vargas make Jared Carter look like Lakers Shaq.

  31. Elisha Justice
    10:46 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    All this number crunching to tell us Vargas, Poole and Hood are terrible. Shocking…

  32. Neil
    10:47 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Vagus could quite possibly be the worst player in Kentucky history.

  33. Neil
    10:48 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    oops, that was supposed to be Vargas…..worst player in the history of UK basketball

  34. UKman
    10:51 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    honestly, Hood should consider transferring. this is year two in Cal’s system and i realize the people ahead of him have more talent. but what i hear from Oscar Combs and such on the call in shows that Hood and Poole are poor defensively, not necessarily by ability but constantly being out of position and making simple mistakes. if Hood hasn’t caught on by now its over. for two years he has practiced against some of the best players in the country and he hasn’t gotten any better, thanks for your time and good luck in your future endeavors.

  35. GummyBear
    11:03 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Your points are inter-related. Harrelson’s +/- looks so good b/c when he’s on the floor Vargas isn’t.

  36. J hood
    11:32 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    i only wish i would have accepted the scholly offer from duke where i would be starting for a coach that knows a layup counts the same as a dunk. u all would be saying we are a bunch of unathletic white boys while watching us kick everyones ass!! btw, me and richie won mr basketball by beating the shit out of all ur athletic guys u think should have won it!!

  37. Maesh
    11:37 am February 21, 2011 Permalink

    I like the plus-minus stat. It’s an interesting novelty, to be sure, and tells us some things we already knew. As a whole, not the only metric needed for dissecting the team’s level of success on an individual player-by-player basis, but works pretty well here.

    Jorts gets big representation (as he deserves) and poor Eloy…. poor Eloy.

  38. enesenvy
    12:05 pm February 21, 2011 Permalink

    Poole has more minutes than Polson? seems like Polson gets in at the end of almost every game and poole has played maybe 5 minutes all year…maybe i need my eyes checked..

  39. Pre
    12:24 pm February 21, 2011 Permalink

    38. Poole racked those minutes up earlier in the year

  40. dazed
    12:26 pm February 21, 2011 Permalink

    36- what athletic guys did you beat out? Dearth of talent in KY HS bball has been well documented for years

  41. TheBurghCat
    6:18 pm February 21, 2011 Permalink

    I would love to see how Eloy has faired from the Florida game until now. I have the impression that he has been improving.

  42. Dan Farrar
    11:44 pm February 21, 2011 Permalink

    I just wanna give you a —lol GREAT comment.

    I hear Ricky has asked for 15 sec. visitation rights once a month at Karen’s prison. 🙂

    Well I thought it was great!