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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Week 2 Conference Rankings

As has been the case over the last 5 years, the SEC and Big 12 appear to be separating itself from the rest of the country when in comes to football supremecy.  Combined, those 2 leagues are 32-3 this season, and 6-1 against other BCS opponents.  But the SEC took a top spot after Week 2 following a perfect 8-0 slate this week, including Alabama getting the biggest win of the weekend. 

1. SEC (18-2)
vs. BCS Opponents: 4-0
#2 LSU 49, Northwestern State 3
#3 Alabama 27, #23 Penn State 11
#14 Arkansas 52, New Mexico 3
#19 Florida 39, UAB 0
Vanderbilt 24, UCONN 21
Tennessee 45, Cincinnati 23
Kentucky 27, Central Michigan 13
Ole Miss 42, Southern Illinois 24
(Georgia, USC, Auburn, and Mississippi State all played conference games)

Recap: A very good week for the SEC.  Alabama got the biggest win of the weekend, and Vanderbilt, yes Vanderbilt, got a big win over defending Big East champ UCONN.  The other 6 SEC non-conference games were no closer than 14 points.  Overall, the SEC jumps into the top spot because of their margins of victory compared to the Big 12.   

2. BIG 12 (14-1)
vs. BCS Opponents: 2-1
#9 Oklahoma State 37, Arizona 14
Iowa State 44, Iowa 41 (3OT)
Texas 17, BYU 16
Kansas 45, Northern Illinois 42

Arizona State 37, #21 Missouri 30 (OT)

Recap: The Big 12 narrowly escaped a couple of losses, with Kansas, Texas, and Iowa State all squeaking.  One of the conferences ranked teams, Missouri, dropped a road game in overtime.  And Oklahoma State looked very impressive in their game against Arizona.  This conference is showing some cracks at the bottom of the league, but for now, continues to win.   

3. BIG 10 (17-7)
vs. BCS Opponents: 2-4
#8 Wisconsin 35, Oregon State 0
#10 Nebraska 42, Fresno State 29
#15 Ohio State 27, Toledo 22
#17 Michigan State 44, Florida Atlantic 0
Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31
Illinois 56, South Dakota State 3
Northwestern 42, Eastern Illinois 21

#3 Alabama 27, #23 Penn State 11
Iowa State 44, Iowa 41 (3OT)
Virginia 34, Indiana 31
New Mexico State 28, Minnesota 21
Rice 24, Purdue 22

Recap: 5 losses, including bad losses by Purdue and Minnesota, make this a tough week for the Big 10 made up of 12 teams.  Michigan saved the conference a little with an exciting win over Notre Dame, but Penn State was just as bad a loss of Michigan was a good win.  As was the case last week, there is a definite upper tier and lower tier of this conference.  The top tier can play with most of the country, but the bottom half might be as bad as the Big East.   

4. ACC (13-5)
vs. BCS Opponents: 2-3

#5 Florida State 62, Charleston Southern 10
#11 Virginia Tech 17, East Carolina 10
North Carolina 24, Rutgers 22
Virginia 34, Indiana 31
Georgia Tech 49, MTSU 21
Clemson 35, Wofford 27
(Wake Forest and NC State played conference games)

#6 Stanford 44, Duke 14
Central Florida 30, Boston College 3

Recap: A fairly solid week for the ACC, with nice wins by UNC and Virginia over weaker BCS opponents.  Florida State gets the chance to give the conference a marquee win against Oklahoma this weekend.  That Boston College score is quite ugly, but that team was expected to stink anyway.  All in all, this is a very average league with a lot of average teams.   

5. BIG EAST (12-4)
vs. BCS Opponents: 1-3
#19 West Virginia 55, Norfolk State 13
#22 South Florida 37, Ball State 7
Pittsburgh 35, Maine 29
Syracuse 21, Rhode Island 14

North Carolina 24, Rutgers 22
Tennessee 45, Cincinnati 23
Vanderbilt 24, UCONN 21
Florida International 24, Louisville 17

Recap: Uh oh.  Not a good week for the Big East after their perfect 8-0 mark in Week 1.  They played 3 BCS opponents, and lost all 3 games.  And then you have Louisville and their pitiful loss.  Plus, Pitt and Syracuse were both taken to the gun by 1-AA opponents.  Basically, the worst week of the 6 BCS conferences. 

6. PAC-12 (14-6)
vs. BCS Opponents: 3-3
#6 Stanford 44, Duke 14
#13 Oregon 69, Nevada 20
Arizona State 37, #21 Missouri 30 (OT)
Washington 40, Hawaii 32
UCLA 27, San Jose State 17
Washington State 59, UNLV 7
(California, Colorado, Utah, and USC played conference games)

#8 Wisconsin 35, Oregon State 0
#9 Oklahoma State 37, Arizona 14

Recap: A much better week for the Pac-12 this week, but in 2 of their marquee games, they were crushed by Wisconsin and Oklahoma State.  Arizona State got a very nice win over a ranked opponent, and the rest of the league took care of business.  Currently, their resume is just a little below the Big East’s due to poor losses, but I have a feeling they will jump them soon.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

5 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Week 2 Conference Rankings

  1. Jarvis Redwine
    9:07 am September 14, 2011 Permalink

    For all those folks who said if Boise St. can do it, Kentucky can do it. Now we know how Boise St. “did it.”

  2. btowncatfan
    9:12 am September 14, 2011 Permalink

    The Big 12 beyond Oklahoma and OK State is really mediocre.

  3. Go buffs
    9:42 am September 14, 2011 Permalink

    Colorado vs cal was not considered a conference game because it was scheduled before the realignment.

  4. kybigblue
    9:57 am September 14, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t forget that Kansas State in the Big 12 had to come from behind in the last two minutes to beat Eastern Kentucky at K.St.

  5. Section 114
    10:10 am September 14, 2011 Permalink

    Where is the show thread?