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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Week 1 Conference Rankings

Every Wednesday, I will put out the Big 6 Conference Rankings, based on the non-conference performances from that previous week.  These rankings are based solely on the actual results from the games, and not on expectations or Top 25 polls.  Margin of defeat/victory are also taken under consideration. 

1. BIG 12 (10-0) 
Baylor 50, #14 TCU 48
#1 Oklahoma 47, Tulsa 14
#8 Texas A&M 46, SMU 14
#9 Oklahoma State 61, La-Lafayette 34
#21 Missouri 17, Miami (OH) 6
Texas 34, Rice 9
Texas Tech 50, Texas St. 10
Kansas 42, McNeese St. 24
Kansas St 10, Eastern Kentucky 7
Iowa State 20, Northern Iowa 19

Recap: Overall, a pretty good week for the Big 12 made up of 10 teams.  Baylor got the conference a marquee win and included itself into the upper tier of the conference.  The top half of the league dominated its opponents, and the bottom half feasted on 1-AA competition.  But, Kansas State and Iowa State were both dangerously close to embarrassing losses, so not a completely dominant week for the league.  Still, 10-0 is 10-0.  And Oklahoma gets a chance to prove itself against Florida State this weekend. 

2. SEC (10-2)
#4 LSU 40, #3 Oregon 27
#2 Alabama 48, Kent State 7
#12 South Carolina 56, East Carolina 37
#15 Arkansas 51, Missouri State 7
#20 Mississippi State 59, Memphis 14
#22 Florida 41, Florida Atlantic 3
#23 Auburn 42, Utah State 38
Kentucky 14, Western Kentucky 3
Tennessee 42, Montana 16
Vanderbilt 45, Elon 14

#5 Boise State 35, #19 Georgia 21
BYU 14, Ole Miss 13

Recap: Not the greatest week in SEC football history, but still solid.  I think Georgia showed itself to be a semi-fraud with a drubbing against Boise.  But, LSU saved face for the league with a convincing win over Oregon.  The other ranked teams all romped, but the bottom half of the league had some iffy performances.  Obviously, Kentucky threw a clunker in there, and Ole Miss choked away a game against BYU.  For now, the SEC ranks behind the Big 12.

3. BIG EAST (8-0)
South Florida 23, #16 Notre Dame 20
Syracuse 36, Wake Forest 29
West Virginia 34, Marshall 13
Pittsburgh 35, Buffalo 16
Cincinnati 72, Austin Peay 10
UCONN 35, Fordham 3
Louisville 21, Murray St. 9
Rutgers 48, NC Central 0

Recap: A solid start to the season.  The league got a big win from South Florida and a BCS win by Syracuse.  Plus, WVU handled its business against a rival and lightning.  And the other teams in the league whipped its poor opponents by large margins, except for Louisville.  The thing this league has going for it is that none of its teams are “terrible”, so they probably won’t have any Duke-like losses this year. 

4. BIG 10 (10-2)
#10 Nebraska 40, Chattanooga 7
#11 Wisconsin 51, UNLV 17
#18 Michigan St 28, Youngstown St 6
#19 Ohio State 42, Akron 0
Northwestern 24, Boston College 17
Michigan 34, Western Michigan 10
Illinois 33, Arkansas State 15
Purdue 27, MTSU 24
Penn State 41, Indiana State 7
Iowa 34, Tennessee Tech 7

#25 USC 19, Minnesota 17
Ball State 27, Indiana 20

Recap: Well, their 4 top teams all had impressive debuts and Northwestern got an impressive road win.  Minnesota also put out a great effort on the road against USC.  But Indiana proved to be an embarrassment to the league, and Purdue very nearly lost their opening game.  I think it’s clear who the top and bottom half of this league are. 

5. ACC (7-3) 
#6 Florida State 34, La-Monroe 0
#13 Virginia Tech 66, Appalachian State 14
Georgia Tech 63, Western Carolina 21
North Carolina 42, James Madison 10
NC State 43, Liberty 21
Virginia 41, William & Mary 3
Clemson 43, Troy 19
(Maryland and Miami played a conference game)

Syracuse 36, Wake Forest 29
Northwestern 24, Boston College 17
Richmond 23, Duke 21

Recap: This league already knows how its season is going to play out.  It’s FSU and VaTech and a bunch of average to terrible teams.  Week 1 basically proved this.  The league had 2 games against BCS opponents, and lost them both.  They also had Duke lose to 1-AA Richmond.  And Miami, the darkhorse of the league pre-suspensions, got bounced by Maryland.  If the ACC wants to save any face, it needs either FSU or VaTech to run the table this season. 

6. PAC-12 (8-4)
#7 Stanford 57, San Jose State 3
#25 USC 19, Minnesota 17
California 36, Fresno State 21
Utah 27, Montana State 10
Arizona State 48, UC Davis 14
Washington State 64, Idaho State 21
Washington 30, Eastern Washington 27
Arizona 41, Northern Arizona 10

#4 LSU 40, #3 Oregon 27
Houston 38, UCLA 34
Sacramento State 29, Oregon State 28
Hawaii 34, Colorado 17

Recap: Yuck, yuck, yuck.  They lost their only big game of the weekend by 2 touchdowns.  They had the most embarrassing loss of the weekend by Oregon State.  UCLA and Colorado lost games to mid-major teams.  USC and Washington squeaked by their opponents at home.  If the first week is any indication, this league is Stanford’s to lose, and the pretty much the rest of the league is average.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

10 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Week 1 Conference Rankings

  1. ukchampion
    9:18 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    this is awesome

  2. Powerlifter165
    9:37 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Why the hell are we not scheduling Duke in Football, it almost a guaranteed win vs. a BCS team.

  3. UKman98
    9:42 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    i didn’t think ND football was in the big east, are they not still independent?

  4. Bastard Yak
    9:50 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Im gonna stay out of it, but man you are gonna get blasted for this one pretty bad!

  5. Seether
    9:54 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    East Carolina scored 37 pts against SC? Seriously?

  6. GummyBear
    9:54 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    3.. No, but South Fla IS in the Big East, which is why that game went in as a win for the conference.

  7. ferd berfel
    10:05 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    penn state behind illinois and purdue makes a ton of sense. good work, dipshit.

  8. ZZbottom
    10:32 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Sacramento State…… hahahaha ouch O.state. That’s like losing to Gardner Webb , oh , wait……

  9. BuckCat
    11:30 am September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Based on your formula, “These rankings are based solely on the actual results from the games, and not on expectations or Top 25 polls.” Wouldn’t 8-0 go above 10-2 and how do you choose between two conferences with the same record.

    This should be really exciting during conference play when all of the conferences are .500 because they are playing each other.

  10. south florida
    8:08 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    We are in the big east