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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: We Know our Rivals, Who are our Friends?

Louisville, Duke, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina.  We know who Kentucky’s biggest rivals are.  These are teams who not only we play the most heated contests against, but also have the biggest beef with their fanbase.  These are people that strive to be like us in basketball or we strive to be like them in football.  They are who we judge ourselves against, and our hate shows no bounds. 

But, I was talking to a buddy the other day about the team’s we love to love.  The teams that Kentucky fans have a soft spot in our hearts for, and can bring ourselves to cheer for, assuming they are not playing the Cats.  So below I list a group of team, some in basketball and some in football, as teams that we cheer for.  Tell me if I am wrong or am missing someone:

1) Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Murray State

-The other 3 major sports schools in the state (sorry Morehead but no) take a special place in our hearts.  And that’s even considering WKU has a recent win against Kentucky andEKU played the Cats pretty tough in the NCAA Tournament just a few years back.  But I can tell you that I saw serious support behind Murray State in the tournament this year, and when WKU made the Sweet 16 in 2008, the UK fanbase got behindthem.  I think it’s for one simple reason: those schools understand where they are on the hierarchy and don’t attempt to act too big for their britches, as my grandmother would say. 

Murray just finished a 30-win season, WKU has been to the tournament 3 out of the last 4 years, and EKU has quite a good basketball tradition, yet you never hear those fanbases argue they have as good a program as UK, or even UL.  Yet our Dirty Bird friends would argue differently about their program.  For me, part of the reason we hate UL so much is they think their program compares to ours, despite EVERY FACT pointing to something different.  If Louisville just settled for the 2nd best program in the state, gave it their best shot against UK every year, maybe just maybe UK fans would soften up on them.  But that will never happen, so the hate just grows.  Thus, we cheer for our in-state brothers, and hate on the Little Brother.

2) Michigan State (Basketball)

-I don’t know if you will find a better liked and respected coach from other fanbases than Tom Izzo.  Michigan State knocked UK out of the tournament in 1999 and 2005, andyet I found myself cheering for them in the Final Four.  You get the sense, whether accurate or not, that Izzo runs a clean program.  His guys always seem to overachieve, and he always seems to have a group of  players who talk very little and play very hard.  Now in the past couple weeks, some allegations of sexual assault have come out against his team, but you still rarely ever see his guys get arrested.  Hell, many will argue Izzo was destined to be UK’s next coach if his team hadn’t made the Final Four in 2009.  Izzo is passionate about his team without being arrogant and he is maybe the best gameplanner in the game today.  And I think fans can respect that. 

3) Vanderbilt (Football)

-Their basketball team is annoying.  Always has been, always will be.  But the football team is kinda endearing, like watching the kid in right field struggle to catch a fly ball in Little League, even if he is on the other team.  I think Kentucky football fans can relate so much to the Vanderbilt football program.  There are just so many obstacles to overcome for both programs, andthat common bondmakes them easy to cheer for.  Their fans couldn’t care too craps about the team, but I always find the players to be easy to root for.  As long as Kentucky beats them, I would cheer for Vandy in their other 7 SEC games.  Plus, if they have success, that should tell us that we can have success.  And in the same way, there suckiness has always propped up Kentucky and masked the fact that we suck so many times in football. 

So, am I wrong in saying their are teams that we cheer for as a fanbase outside of our own school?  Should we just hate everybody?  And is there somebody I am missing?

Article written by Bryan the Intern