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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: The Coaching Ethics Quiz

We are in that time of year when kids across the country and finishing classes and taking finals, and for those of us who are no longer in school, we instead fill our time following a college basketball team.  And it seems lately (meaning over the last 10 years), ethics have become a key word in college athletics.  With guys like WWW and the Plump Pump Brothers running around, those questions will never stop.  So, I wanted to get a fans perspective of where you draw the ethical line.  So, what follows are some situations and I want to know how you think our coach should handle these instances (keep in mind that I am using some hypothetical situations, none of these are actually happening):

1)Should a coach punish every player the same when the player has academic troubles?  For instance, if Jared Polson got a 1.0 GPA in a semester, and in that same semester, Brandon Knight gets a 1.0, should the same punishment be dealt out?

2)Should a coach punish every player the same when the player has legal troubles?  For instance, Jules Camara was suspended for one season for a DUI, but would you have punished Keith Bogans the same way?

3) Are you OK with your head coach hiring somebody to join his assistant coaching staff for the purpose of getting the commitment from a player? 

4) Once a player has finished his eligibility at a school, is it the coaches responsibility to make sure that player graduates?

5) Should a coach continue to contact a player after he has verbally committed to another school but not signed a letter of intent?

6) If a coach has used all of his open scholarships for one season, but another more highly touted player wants to commit, are you OK with a coach pulling a scholarship from another commitment?

7)Should a coach be allowed to speak about other coaches during the recruiting process?  For instance, are you OK with other coaches talking about Cal to the NBA rumors or Gillispie’s drinking when talking to high school kids?

8 )Are you OK with coaches speaking negatively about their players after a game?  For instance, should Rick Pitino say that Jerry Smith “sucked” after every UL game last season?

9) Should coaches be allowed to take endorsements from companies outside of the school parameters, i.e. Coach K with American Express?

10) Should a coach be allowed to provide transportation (i.e. plane tickets) to a player’s family to attend that players game?  This question only pertains to players who are on the roster, not recruits.

Article written by Bryan the Intern