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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: More Great Stories from You

More good stories from the readers of KSR.  Different era represented and some stories end well, while others do not.  If a story comes to you that you would like to be published on KSR, email me at


I believe the year was 1996  and my daughter, Haleigh, at the time was 10 years old and was a HUGE Tony Delk fan.  She put her  00 jersey on for each and every game as the whole family watched in the living room of our home.  After the season, we found out the UK seniors were coming to Owensboro to play an exhibition game at Apollo high school.  We surprised Haleigh and her younger brother with tickets to the game.  I washed up her 00 jersey and got the family camera out and my  husband took them.  After the game he purchased a photo or something in order to be able to stand in line so that Haleigh could get her picture taken with Tony Delk.  Well they waited an hour in line and finally it was her turn.  She got his autograph and he stood beside her while my husband took their picture. She was ecstatic when she arrived home telling me all about it.  I promised her I would take the film the next day to have it developed so that she could prove to all her friends that she actually did meet her idol.  Well the next day at work, I took the camera out of my purse so that I could retrieve the film to take it to be developed on my lunch hour,  and when I opened the back of the camera, my heart dropped a mile…..there was NO film in the camera! I was sick. There would be NO picture of my daughter and her idol.  So that night I had to tell Haleigh that she did not have a picture of herself with Tony Delk.  There were lots and lots of tears(from both of us) and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to tell her.  She eventually forgave me and now we can laugh about, but for many years in was a very sore subject at our house!

Unlike most of BBN, I came to be a UK fan later in life, when I was in college.  I attended school at another SEC school and cheered for my school, but was never a true fanatic or spent much time on sports.  My senior year, I met a young lady who caught my eye.  She was born and raised in Kentucky with a long family history of supporting the Cats. In my attempts to woo her, I of course looked for any opportunity to spend time with her.  In December of 1992, I ran into her in the basement of our mutual dorm.  I mentioned to her that I was surprised that she was there, as I knew that UK had just tipped off a game on a national station.  With a heavy sigh, she relayed how she didn’t have a place to watch the game, since she didn’t have access to a TV.

For purely innocent reasons,  I volunteered that there was a TV  in the suite that I shared with some fraternity brothers, and that she was more than welcome to come watch the game in our common room. Of course,  like any good Kentucky girl, she agreed that it was a fabulous idea and we went back to the suite.  Upon arrival, one of my suitemates was already watching the TV, tuned into some move or the other. I quickly informed him that since I owned the TV, I was exercising control over it and tuned to the UK game as he muttered and grumbled.

I had not realized it, but the game was actually UK vs Lousiville.   That year, both teams were top 10 and the initial contest had the guys in red up on UK. By halftime,  UK had asserted itself and was up by 8.  In the second half, UK continued the run,  pushing the lead above 20 points.  As the lead grew, the demure, petite lady in the room became louder and louder cheering on her Wildcats.  With a few minutes left in the game and the outcome inevitable, my suitemate decided that he could change back to the movie he was watching.  He was a big guy, about 6’1”, 275.  As he went to change the channel,  5’1” 110 pounds of wildcat fury was unleashed as she pulled the remote from him and pushed him back on the couch, informing him in no uncertain terms that NO ONE CHANGED THE CHANNEL WHILE HER CATS WERE ON.

At that moment, I realized just what I was getting myself into with the Kentucky belle.  Fast forward nearly 20 years, and we are happily married.  Part of my wedding vows were that I converted to Kentucky-ism, and like any convert, I’m now as (if not more) fanatical than those that converted me.

It was the SEC tournament in Lexington in 1993. I graduated from law school in 1988 and each year since my graduation I had taken my mother to at least one UK home basketball game.  That year, I simply had not had time to do it so I promised her I would take her to one of the SEC tournament games in Lexington.  My mom was a huge UK fan just as I am.  We decided we would go to the semifinals since that was likely to be against Arkansas.

The night before the semifinals we had an awful March snow storm.   The news was telling everyone to stay home and advising that I-75 was closed south of Lexington.  Since my mom was in her sixties, and I drove a Honda Prelude that was not exactly  a good snow car, I called her early on the morning of the game and sadly said “Mom have you been watching the news?  The weather is not looking good.”  Without a hint of hesitation, she said “we better leave early or we are going to miss tip off.”

I drove the Prelude from Ft. Mitchell, Ky to Lexington amidst snow drifts that were twice the size of my car and the only thing my mom was worried about was making tip off.   We did make it but had little time to procure tickets as I had none.  As we were walking to the scalping area, a group of Arkansas fans saw us looking for tickets and came up and gave us two.  We barely made tip off and  sat in the middle of the Arkansas faithful and they could not have been nicer to us.  It was a fantastic game and we went back and forth with the Arkansas fans but it was all good natured fun.  Kentucky won that day and went on to win the tournament which was the last time it was held on a school’s home court.  My mom has since passed but every year at the SEC tournament I think of that game and get a tear in my eye.  It is an awesome UK memory.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

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  1. Mags Bennett
    9:16 am July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Suffering from a bad case of writers block, BTI?

  2. SexnNursinHomes
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  3. slicky ricky
    9:27 am July 1, 2011 Permalink

    One time i was at an Italian restaurant eating some olive penne. As i glanced across the room i saw a lady. She was old and worn out, but so is my coaching style, but she showed a little interest so that fact alone made her sexy. I handed the owner of the estabolisment 17dollars and 64cents extra to close the dinning area. After a few glasses of bobbie huggins single malt i decided to go to the powder room to do some cocaine——i mean freshen up. I applied the appropriate amount of daper-dan styling gel to both my head and little slicky ricky’s head(my pubes). When i came out of the bathroom i grabbed that old worn out lot lizard and threw her on the table. I was in there for about 12 seconds i looked down and she had joe b. hall’s face tatooed on the small of her back. 3 seconds later we were planning an abortion. True story.

  4. Poling Willie
    9:50 am July 1, 2011 Permalink

    That Tony Delk story is terrible.

  5. cupolove
    9:51 am July 1, 2011 Permalink

    “she was old and worn out, but so is my coaching style” HAHA!

  6. 101blue
    10:41 am July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Rick Bozich’s hair is in the bottom right of the Delk picture above.

  7. jackie from bedford
    10:52 am July 1, 2011 Permalink

    i have many memories but the most recent one stands out the most… my sons and i were watching Kentucky beat Ohio State in the sweet sixteen and after the game one of my sons asked how far it was to newark, new jersey….of course i knew the reason but i looked anyway and from my home it was 700 miles… we talked about driving up that saturday for the sunday game but we decided maybe that wasnt a good idea….making these trips at the last minute isnt exactly new to us since we at the spur of the moment went to see the CINCINNATI REDS last year at wrigley field after deciding on a friday for a saturday game and this year are gouing to st louis to see the reds again on july 6th..

    anyway i woke up saturday morning and decided what the hell lets at least see what the tickets cost and after looking there were 3 tickets in a good location for less than i would have imagined..i woke them up and asked them if they were serious about wanting to go… they jumped at the chance and i jumped on the tickets,.,..we left saturday night at 7pm and stayed the night somewhere on the road and got up the next morning and drove 4 hours and picked our tickets up and of course the rest is history…of course there is a little more to this youngest son is 16 and plays baseball and had a game the following monday and he had to attend school to be able to play…we had it times to the minute almost and after driving for 10 hours..getting a speeding ticket in mid ohio we pulled into our driveway at 7:30 am…my son jumped into the shower and got to school and made his ballgame that afternoon and went 1-3…this was absolutely one of the greatest weekends of my life…who could top those memories for a father?…i would have liked to not got the speeding ticket but years from now that will only add to the memories….i will definitely do this again and again until im too old not to do it…..jackie from bedford!!!!!!!

  8. Kige'nCousins
    12:58 pm July 1, 2011 Permalink

    Haleigh, I am so sorry but I forgot to put the film in the camera. Oh and by the way, your dad and I spelled your name wrong. It really Halley. Your sisters Lyndsey, Uniqua, and Saleigh are spelled incorrectly as well. I AM SO SORRY!!

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