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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Lebron Saga is a Joke!!


Some notes about one of the dumbest saga in America’s sports history:

-The way he has handled this entire free agency process has been one of the most self-absorbed, arrogant behavior I can remember from an athlete.  Lebron will never be Michael Jordan, EVER.  Jordan proved his greatness on the court, while Lebron is trying to prove his greatness off the court. 

-If I bet you anything, I will bet you this: Lebron will lie to everyone’s faces tonight.  Because if he says some form of the words “Winning a championship is most important”, he will be bold faced lying, UNLESS:
a. He goes to Miami
b. Takes the league minimum salary and joins the Lakers

(Late Note: Reports are saying that Lebron is leaning Miami, which means maybe I am wrong on this point, but I have been wrong many times before.  But even on this, if Lebron really wanted to win that bad, he would take a massive pay cut, allowing the Heat to sign other good players, as opposed to the crap they are going to have to get now.)

Frankly, if he rejoins Cleveland, they do not have a championship roster, neither does the Knicks, Nets, or Clippers.  If Lebron TRULY cared about a championship, he would take league minimum (1.6 million per year) and join the LA Lakers.  But of course, we all know that Lebron doesn’t care about a championship first and foremost.  Lebron cares about Lebron’s fame first and foremost.

-The fact that ESPN just bent over to Lebron’s wishes and took it straight in poop hole in their programming is laughable.  5 hours of coverage of this decision is puke-inducing.  Luckily, I will watch all of 0 seconds of it.  I hope they do the same when Kobe comes up for free agency.  You know Kobe, the guy who has actually won some titles in his career. 

-Way to use your children to improve your image there D-Wade.  After just saying that his #1 priority in choosing a team was “family”, he then chose the team who is centered furthest away from his children.  Yeah, that has to impress them Dwyane.  Way to be a good father. 

-Way to give an overrated soft center a max contact after the guy has already had one major knee surgery.  That was a typical Knicks move.

Article written by Bryan the Intern