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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Learn your 2010 USA World Cup Roster

Do you know either of these guys?

OK, we are gonna play a little game today.  I am going to give you 20 names, and you have to guess whether these guys are US Congressmen or USA World Cup players.  And for anybody wondering, yes this is a jab at our soccer roster, because there are maybe 5 guys that anybody will know who is just an average sports fan.  I will still watch though, because I am a good American and I don’t want the terrorists to win.  And by terrorists, I mean England, which the US plays in its opening game.  Over/under on that games goals is 2. 

Anyway, enough poor attempts at jokes at soccer.  OK, so here are the 20 names, the answers will be the first comment in the comments section. 

1) Clarence Goodson

2) Stuart Holden

3) Brad Ellsworth

4) Jay Demerit

5) Charlie Melancon

6) Steve Cherundolo

7) Dennis Rehberg

8) Collin Peterson

9) Jonathan Bornstein

10) Benny Feilhaber

11) David Wu

12) Robbie Findley

13) Lincoln Diaz-Balart

14) Jose Torres

15) Michael Capuano

16) Paul Tonko

17) Maurice Edu

18) Edson Buddle

19) Jared Polis

20) Nancy Pelosi

Thought I would at least give you one easy one.  Answers are in the comments sections.

Also, I couldn’t write a soccer post without a rant, so if you want to read my rant on soccer and its television impact, you can do so after the jump.  If not, don’t click “more”.

One more quick comment about soccer: If you didn’t see, and clearly most of us did not, the Champions League Final was actually broadcast on network TV this year, shown on Fox.  The officials at Fox were on record as saying they were hoping/expecting a 2.5 rating for the game.  Instead, the game drew a 1.0 rating.  For comparison’s sake, the NHL playoff game aired at the same time drew a 1.5 and the PGA tournament aired at the same time drew a 1.1.  Last season’s Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona, two of the most popular teams in the world, drew a 1.1 rating.  And this is the biggest yearly soccer match in the world, besides years when the World Cup happens. 

As I heard a local radio host say, the reason soccer is the most popular sport in the world is because most of the world is comprised of 3rd world countries.  In places where people have other options to play or watch sports, soccer ALWAYS takes a backseat.  In Africa and Central America and South America, where the large majority of people are poor and have no television or sports leagues, soccer is the cheapest sport to play.  Hence it becomes the most “popular”.

As Bruce Willis said in “Armageddon”:  It’s not a choice, its a lack of options.

And don’t give me Europe.  What other major sport is played in England?  There is no serious pro basketball, baseball, and the NFL comes over once a year.  Soccer is their only sport thats worth a darn.

Why do I always bag on soccer?  It’s not because I don’t respect the sport, I do.  The athleticism is fantastic and I certainly have ZERO skill with my feet.  But, my problem is it is still shoved in our faces and soccer fans defend it as a major option.  I watch golf on the weekends.  Alot of people find that boring, I do not.  But I would never defend golf as being a major sport option in America.  NEVER.  So, why soccer people get their panties in a bunch everytime somebody says the sport is uninteresting in THIS COUNTRY amazes me.

Article written by Bryan the Intern