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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: John Wall Draft Evaluation

Wizards 1st round draft picks in the last decade.  YIKES!

A couple weeks ago, after we KNEW that John Wall was going to the Wizards, I wrote a post about the fact the Wizards have not been the greatest franchise in the world at developing its draft picks.  The teams 2 best recent players (Arenas and Jamison) were both free agents and not drafted by the Wizards.  But, now that we know where all 5 UK guys are headed, I thought I would look at all 5 teams and just how well they have drafted and developed their first round draft picks.

I have also noted where new GM’s have taken over franchises so you get an idea of how the current front office of each team has performed. 

Good Picks in Blue
Bad Picks in Red
Still Not Proven in Green
(If a guy never averaged over 10 PPG at any point in his career, I consider that a bad pick)

2000: NONE
2001: Kwame Brown
2002: Jared Jeffries, Juan Dixon
2003: Jarvis Hayes
2004: NONE
2005: NONE
2006: Oleksiy Pecherov
2007: Nick Young
2008: Javale Mcgee
2009: NONE

Recap:Frankly, Washington is worse than the Clippers with their draft picks.  Kwame Brown is obviously terrible.  Jared Jeffries is a career 6PPG scorer and has never made an impact.  Juan Dixon has averaged over 10PPG twice in his career, but never with Washington.  He came back to Washington this year and started a total of 5 games.  Hayes suffered a serious knee injury, but had proven to be a decent player for the Wizards, although he is no longer with the team.  Pecherov was awful for 2 seasons and has since been traded.  Young has struggled to break the regular starting lineup playing behind Gilbert Arenas but has averaged 9.1 PPG over 3 seasons.  McGee can not be defined as a bust yet, but has not shown any ability to be even a mid-level NBA player. 

So, Washington has drafted what I would call ONE good player in 10 years, and Jarvis Hayes is not exactly someone you can develop a team around.  Nick Young is a decent player, but 4 out the 7 first round Wizards draft picks have been BUSTS, with Mcgee likely to be a 5th.  John Wall is much more talented than any of these players, but the Wizards have shown no ability to develop players, and are quick to deal their draft picks away. 

TUESDAY: Demarcus Cousins (Kings)
WEDNESDAY: Patrick Patterson (Rockets)
THURSDAY: Eric Bledsoe (Clippers)
FRIDAY: Daniel Orton (Magic)

Article written by Bryan the Intern