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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: I Am Just Tired!!

Thoughts written directly after one of the most frustrating losses in recent memory:

-I am tired of the inability of this team to put 4 quarters together

-I am tired of complete lack of aggression in the play calling

-I am tired of 3rd down passes coming up well short of the marker

-I am tired of the stupid penalties constantly ending offensive drives and lengthening defensive stands

-I am tired of dropped passes, fumbles, and boneheaded throws

-I am tired of the entire teams problems being on Mike Hartline’s shoulders when there are 50 guys to blame

-I am tired of Joker Phillips getting blame for the offense when Randy Sanders makes the calls

-I am tired of the 50 missed tackles UK has every single game

-I am tired of UK showing up against average opponents and not doing so against good ones

-I am tired of the team starting the 2nd half poorly time and again

-I am tired of Joker acting disappointed after losses.  I want him to act pissed and demand that it’s not OK.

-I am tired hearing the players talk about taking the next step, then actually failing to do so

-I am tired of having to give up on the football season before basketball season even begins

-I am tired of hoping and praying for 7 wins

-I am tired of going to Tennessee for bowl games

-I am tired of sucking for so long that the fanbase isn’t even affected by the suckiness anymore

-I am tired of good teams improving during a season, and UK getting worse

-I am tired of knowing we have enough talent to win, and that talent not performing well

-Most of all, I am just tired of seeing the same mediocre, under-performing team year after year

And with that said, I am done being tired.  I will support this football team and every UK football team that comes after it.  But I am done hoping for anything.  2 wins or 8 wins, it will all mean the same to me.  I enjoy watching football, and I will enjoy the successes of Kentucky, but I will no longer suffer through the losses.  Call me a bad fan if you want, but 20 years of this is enough for me.  Those of you who are 50 years old and still stick it out, I have unlimited respect for you.  I have stuck with this particular team, and supported them harder than anybody on this site, and most all the fans.  I just can’t do it anymore. 

Remember when I said a couple weeks back that Mike Hartline had EARNED the starting QB role.  Well, this Kentucky team and program has NOT EARNED the right to make us fans suffer like we do.  Especially when we see the lack of effort, concentration, execution, and preparation that we saw Saturday.  If I saw a team that busted it’s tail for 60 minutes, and come up short, I can back that.  Do you remember Billy Gillispie’s first team?  Despite the fact that team was average at best and barely made the tournament, they played hard for 40 minutes, and became a fan favorite team.  That team earned our respect.  This football team has not.

Article written by Bryan the Intern