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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How UK Does Out of Timeouts

Many people argue that Coach Cal is the best recruiter in the country, but a not so great COACH.  He took a ton of criticism after the West Virginia game for not being able to figure out the WVU zone.  Some argue he just rolls the ball out and let’s his talent play.  Some argue the defensive adjustments are sometimes suspect, and Cal allows a teams star player (Walker and Zeller for instance) to control the game too often. 

But I am here to defend Cal.  And one major way I think you can determine the effectiveness of a coach is how his team reacts coming out of a timeout.  Whether it be to stop the opponent’s run OR to setup a late shot, a coach makes his greatest impact in the timeout.  When the gameplan has gone awry, how he adjusts is key.  So, I have charted how UK has done after calling a timeout.  I note what led to the timeout and the result and I DID NOT JUST PICK AND CHOOSE.  I USE EVERY TIMEOUT:

Timeout with 1:18 Remaining in 1st Half
-Brandon Knight hits 3 with 1:08 remaining.  Cats finish half on 5-2 spurt.

Timeout with 18:06 Remaining in 2nd Half (after 5-0 ETSU run to start half)
-Cats go on 18-2 run over the next 6 minutes after timeout

Timeout with 7:18 Remaining in 1st Half (after blown defensive assignment)
-Cats go on 8-0 run over the next 3 minutes after timeout

Timeout with 11:18 Remaining in 1st Half (After 8-0 Oklahoma run)
-Cats go on 7-2 run over the next 3 minutes after timeout

Timeout with 14:45 Remaining in 2nd Half (Liggins called after scrambling on floor)
-Jones makes layup out of timeout but OU plays even with Cats over next 5 minutes

Timeout with 9:49 Remaining in 2nd Half (After 7-0 Oklahoma run)
-Cats don’t score for 2 1/2 minutes after timeout

Timeout with 19:11 Remaining in 1st Half (After Washington starts game 4-0)
-Cats go on 20-2 run over next 6 minutes

Timeout with 8:32 Remaining in 1st Half (After 5-0 Washington run)
-Cats turn ball over after timeout, Washington scores next 4 points

Timeout with 13:08 Remaining in 2nd Half (Liggins scrambling on floor)
-Cats get Miller jumper and hold Washington scoreless next 2 1/2 minutes

Timeout with 10:27 Remaining in 1st Half (After 5-0 UCONN run)
-Kentucky goes on 4-0 run out of timeout

Timeout with 2:08 Remaining in 1st Half (After 8-0 UCONN run)
-UK goes scoreless for last 2 minutes of half, outscored 5-0

Timeout with 3:18 Remaining in 2nd Half (After 5-0 UCONN run)
-Kentucky outscores UCONN 7-2 for remainder of game

Timeout with 18:25 Remaining in 1st Half (After 5-0 Boston run)
-UK goes on 11-2 run after timeout

Timeout with 15:40 Remaining in 1st Half (After 6-0 UNC run)
-Knights hits 3 out of timeout, go on 7-2 run

Timeout with 4:17 Remaining in 1st Half (After 6-2 UNC run)
-UNC 7-3 run after timeout

Timeout with 4:01 Remaining in 2nd Half (No Obvious Reason)
-Jones misses shot out of timeout, UNC scores next 3 points to take lead

Timeout with :21 Remaining in 2nd Half (Setup Shot Down 3 points)
-Knight hits mid-range jumper

Timeout with 10:29 Remaining in 1st Half (After 10-1 ND run)
-Knight misses 3 out of timeout, Irish scores next possession

Timeout with 5:27 Remaining in 2nd Half (No Obvious Reason)
-Jones misses shot out of timeout, Irish hit free throws next possession

Timeout with 12:26 Remaining in 1st Half (After 7-0 IU run)
-Cats go on 6-0 run after timeout

Timeout with 18:55 Remaining in 2nd Half (After 5-0 IU run to open half)
-Knight hits 2 free throws out of timeout, Cats go on 6-2 spurt

Quick wrapup: Kentucky has called 21 timeouts this season, most due to try and stop the other team’s run.  Out of those 21 instances, Kentucky has had a positive result with the next couple minutes 13 times.  Or 62% percent of the time.  I feel like that is a pretty good percentage.  Or at least a good enough percentage to snuff out the idea that Cal can’t coach.  But, what do you think?  Does Calipari do a good enough job actually COACHING this team?

Article written by Bryan the Intern