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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How do SEC Schools Spend their Money?

College sports are a big money business, and that might be most true in the SEC, where college football reigns and brings in the most cash to an athletic department.  But the key to a really successful athletic program is not just how you bring in the cash, but also how you spend it in return.  Kentucky chooses to spend more in basketball than your average SEC school, while other schools choose to update facilities, or pay coaches richly.  Below are the total athletic expenses for the 11 SEC schools in the 2009-10 Academic Year, as provided by this USA Today Database.  Vanderbilt, as a private school, did not release its financial data.  All numbers are given in terms of millions of dollars:

1. Tennessee: 111.67
2. Florida: 105.82
3. LSU: 102.33
4. Alabama: 98.96
5. Auburn: 90.90
6. Kentucky: 79.00
7. South Carolina: 78.30
8. Georgia: 77.25
9. Arkansas: 71.80
10. Ole Miss: 45.74
11. Mississippi St: 36.27

There were 3 major areas that I wanted to rank the SEC schools by:

a. Recruiting Expenses: Just how hard are schools trying to recruit the best talent OR in the case of Florida, how much do they save having so many great athletes in their state.

b. Coaching Salaries: How dedicated are A.D.’s to bringing in top coaches and paying them well.

c. Promotional/Marketing Costs: How much does the program promote its sports and athletes. 

Below you will see the 11 SEC schools ranked by total money spent in each area, as given by the USA Today database.  All figures are given in terms of millions of dollars.  But keep a close eye out on the number in parentheses, which gives the percentage of the total expenses above spent in that 1 particular area.  It gives you an idea where a program focuses its most money, as compared to the other SEC schools.   

1. Tennessee: 1.86 (1.7%)
2. Alabama: 1.69 (1.7%)
3. Auburn: 1.67 (1.8%)
4. Arkansas: 1.67 (2.3%)
5. Georgia: 1.44 (1.9%)
6. Florida: 1.41 (1.3%)
7. Kentucky: 1.35 (1.7%) 
8. LSU: 1.06 (1.0%)
9. South Carolina: 0.92 (1.2%)
10. Ole Miss: 0.83 (1.8%)
11. Mississippi St: 0.62 (1.7%)

1. Florida: 18.95 (17.9%)
2. Tennessee: 17.81 (15.9%) 
3. Alabama: 17.34 (17.5%)
4. Kentucky: 15.66 (19.8%)
5. LSU: 15.15 (14.8%) 
6. Auburn: 13.93 (15.3%) 
7. Arkansas: 12.77 (17.8%) 
8. Georgia: 12.00 (15.5%)
9. Ole Miss: 10.26 (22.4%)
10. South Carolina: 7.94 (10.1%)
11. Mississippi St: 5.79 (16.0%) 

1. Auburn: 10.40 (11.4%) 
2. Tennessee: 6.82 (6.1%)
3. Alabama: 5.31 (5.4%) 
4. Florida: 4.49 (4.2%)
5. South Carolina: 3.42 (4.4%) 
6. Kentucky: 2.40 (3.0%)
7. Georgia: 1.27 (1.6%) 
8. Arkansas: 1.05 (1.5%) 
9. LSU: 1.03 (1.0%)
10. Mississippi St: 0.42 (1.2%)
11. Ole Miss: 0.02 (0.004%)

Oh, and just how did all this money translate into championships?  Well, for the 2009-10 year, here are the schools who won SEC titles in SEC sanctioned sports.  Sorry rifle team:

Florida (6): 4 conference (baseball, gymnastics, WSoccer, WTennis), 1 tournament (WTennis), 1 divisional (football)
Alabama (5): 2 conference (football, softball), 1 tournament (softball), 1 divisional (football)
Tennessee (5): 2 conference (WBball, MTennis), 2 tournament (WBball, MTennis), 1 divisional (WBball)
Kentucky (4): 1 conference (MBball), 1 tournament (MBball), 2 divisional (MBball, Volleyball)
LSU (3): 1 conference (Volleyball), 1 tournament (baseball), 1 divisional (Volleyball)
Ole Miss (1): 1 divisional (MBball-split)
Mississippi State (1): 1 divisional (MBball-split)
Auburn (1): 1 conference (MSwimDive)
South Carolina (1): 1 tournament (WSoccer)
Vandy, Arkansas, Georgia: Zero Titles

Article written by Bryan the Intern

19 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How do SEC Schools Spend their Money?

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  2. bung
    9:18 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    Could the political science dept start giving their tests at Rupp in front of 23k so we could see how well their coach/teacher prepared them(paraphrasing Adolph)? And of course they should charge admission so they could contribute to the athletic dept.

  3. wildcatfan11
    9:19 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    and your point is what?

  4. wildcatfan11
    9:26 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    3- watching that would be more entertainment than this post! bti, this one truely sucked. im with ya most of the time just because i like reading your opinions so maybe go back and updae this with what your opinons are on all of this.

  5. AgCamel
    9:44 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    BTI is crazy intelligent and has a large amount of time on his hands…why hate? I for one believe the fella has a lot of good things to say…I am with 5 in saying that I’d enjoy some commentary instead of just the facts.

    Thanks BTI!

  6. Reality
    9:50 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    Is it me or is the difference in what Auburn spends on “Marketing and Promotional” expenses REALLY disproportionate to the others? Almost double the next highest??

  7. captain obvious
    10:05 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    You left out some sports in the last section


    way to half ass it like usual

  8. Al's IndiCats
    10:06 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    Some things needs to said while others need to be unsaid, I’m not actually sure what this would fall under, but it seems it needed to be said neverthe less. Poor BTI gets beat up in here almost on a daily basis, for things he’s written. I for one read them for the pictures (unlike my monthly issues of Playboy for the articles)

  9. captain obvious
    10:10 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    you left out some sports in the last section


    another let-down post by BTI

  10. Jimmy
    11:15 am June 1, 2011 Permalink

    These numbers are WRONG!!! Auburn is actually tied for second in expenses, when you include the money paid to Cam Newton’s dad. Boom. Burn.

  11. Big Yawn
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    I hate the off season. This post sucks.

  12. Eloy Vargas
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    you should be a mama bird BTI the way you regurgitate shit every day

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    13 youd be the baby bird because you eat his shit

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  15. me_love_kate
    2:24 pm June 1, 2011 Permalink

    I think this is a very pertinent posting. Anytime you hear about coaches salaries (or athletic expenses in general) the media is always complaining about how UK is paying so much for coaches salaries. Remember, even the local press was complaing about it a few weeks ago.

    But this infomration puts it in a new light. UK is in the SEC and is competeing in the SEC. No one will argue that. But to know that UK spends less on coaching salaries than 3 other schools in the SEC is interesting (and surprising). When was the last time one of the media complained about the amounts of money paid to the coaches at Tennessee? They spend $2.1 million more per year and get less bang for the buck, but no one criticizes Tennessee. And how about Ole Miss … they spend 22% of their total athletics budget on coaches salaries, but no one cares.

    And as Calipari said the other night on twitter, I expect to be deafened by the Radio silence on this one.

  16. Football Man
    4:57 pm June 1, 2011 Permalink

    The bottom line is we need to spend more! If we are making it to the top then we should be #1 in everything!

  17. KD
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    All of sudden everybody hates this post sometimes BBN we can’t be first. I have a sneaky thought thats why nobody liked this bit of info.

  18. tennesseesucks
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    Tennessee spends that much money to suck? Right on