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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Get Derrick Locke the Ball!!!

41 carries.

That is the UK record for carries by one player in a game.  Hear me when I say this: Derrick Locke (and the other running backs) need to approach that record against Louisville this year.  Derrick Locke has carried the ball as much as 25 times in a game.  I think he needs to break the 30 carries mark this year.  Why you might ask?  Here is why:

Kentucky Projected Offensive Line (Average): 6’4”, 304 lbs.
Louisville Projected Defensive Line (Average): 6’2”, 254 lbs.

So, at the starters level, UK has a serious advantage in the pure size of the player.  Not to mention that despite the fact that UK’s offensive line is not super-experienced, it is MORE EXPERIENCED that UL’s defensive line.  So, what is considered a weakness by many people for Kentucky is actually more of a weakness for Louisville. 

That doesn’t even bring into account the absolute lack of depth in the UL defensive front.  So even if the starters have the skill to slow down the running game in the first half, they will be worn out in the 2nd half.  UL is going to have the same problems in this years game that Kentucky used to have at the beginning of the Rich Brooks era.  Good enough at the starting position, but not in the reserves.

I think this gaping hole in the UL defense also allows Randall Cobb many opportunities to get into the Wildcat formation and make something happen.  I am thinking Kentucky should throw the ball 10-15 times FOR THE GAME.  And this by no means suggests that I don’t think Hartline/Newton/Mossa can’t do the job through the air.  But, if you run the ball on 80 percent of the plays, it then opens up the downfield for Chris Matthews.  If Kentucky does not have a run-heavy gameplan for this game, I will seriously start questioning the play calling of Joker.  I don’t see how this gameplan is not easy to come up with.  Locke and Cobb in various types of runs.  Up the middle, off tackle, options.  Force Louisville to stack the box, and then it opens up the play action deep ball.  Even still, the game should never be pass first for Kentucky. 

I know I am overly confident about this game to some.  But, seriously look at the matchups.  There is NO REASON that Kentucky should not roll in this game.  There is a talent gap, a depth gap, an experience gap, and a confidence gap between these two teams.  Randall Cobb is the best player on the field.  But for this one game, Derrick Locke needs to be the star.      

Article written by Bryan the Intern