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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Fix College Football? Look at European Soccer!

You will not find a bigger soccer hater in the world than me.  The game is incredibly boring, low scoring, filled with whiny players who flop at the presence of another player, and generally have fans who are either racist, violent hooligans, or snobs.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, in the world of sports that pisses me off more than when a soccer fan tells me “I just don’t understand the game”.  I understand that ties are acceptable and 1-0 scores are celebrated.

With that being said, I think soccer in Europe (where it is actually played at a high level, sorry MLS) does on a very good level is how they setup the standings in their leagues.  And I think this format of standings would revolutionize college football and eliminate 2 of the major flaws of the current format.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, it is called the RELEGATION FORMAT.  In English Premier League soccer, this means that the 3 teams that finish in the bottom 3 of standings each season are demoted to the second tier league in England, while the Top 3 teams are PROMOTED into the EPL.

Imagine if that actually occurred in college football.

There are currently 11 Division 1-A conferences in college football.  While the newly formed AAC currently has a BCS bid, it really shouldn’t.  They haven’t been playing high level football in 10 years.  So, let’s drop them out of the automatic BCS berth category.  I think that’s a movement we all can get behind.  That leaves 5 BCS conference and 6 non-BCS conferences.  You would pair up each of the BCS conferences with a non-BCS conference and give 1 conference 2 affiliates.  For instance:

Big 10 and MAC
SEC and Conference USA
Big 12 and Sun Belt
Pac 12 and  Mountain West

Every year the bottom 2 teams in each of the BCS conference would be demoted down to the lower tier conference they are paired with.  And the top 2 schools would be elevated into the BCS conference.  And this would happen each and every season.  And like I said, this would help with 2 major problems:

1. Smaller schools like Arkansas St (the Sun Belt champion) or Boise State (the Mountain West champion) would no longer be able to say they are blocked out from ever winning a national title.  This way they would be elevated into a BCS conference after winning their league.  Then, it’s on them to finish out of the bottom 2 of that league to prevent being knocked back down.  All 120-whatever teams in Division-1A football would have the opportunity to EARN their way into the big leagues.

2. The tricky part, and the reason this will NEVER happen, is the money.  You would have to get schools to agree that the conference divide up the money to whomever is in the conference each season.  It’s not the Alabama and LSU’s of the world who would hate this change, it would be the Kentucky’s and Vanderbilt’s and Indiana’s.  The schools who routinely are fighting at the bottom of the conferences.  The financial risk would be too huge for those schools.

As a fan, I would LOVE this plan, even as a UK fan.  Knowing that every game truly mattered.  Those horrible Vandy-UK games late in the season would suddenly hold a lot more interest from fans.  Each and every game would carry a little extra pressure, not only for the potential of playing in a non-BCS conference the next season, but the financial possibilities.

Now, many of you will say HELL NO, that would be the dumbest thing ever.  UK will get relegated in no time.  Maybe, but then they would need to finish in the Top 2 of Conference USA the next year and it would be right back into the SEC.  And frankly, if you don’t think UK could finish in the Top 2 of CUSA, then do they really deserve to play in the SEC?  I would argue no.

So, what are your thoughts?  Kentucky fans have a unique opinion on this idea because we have benefited from SEC strength for a very long time, and have profited greatly financially.  But, as has been mentioned many times, some different limitations have prevented UK from every really competiting for the league title.  So, relegation would be a real concern for the program.  I would argue it would force UK to become even more invested in football than it has been.  Some might argue it’s not worth the risk.  Give you your opinion……

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Article written by Bryan the Intern

39 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Fix College Football? Look at European Soccer!

  1. The Real JD
    9:03 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    BTI = Hooligan

  2. Hugo Stiglets
    9:06 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    You just don’t understand the game

  3. tom
    9:06 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    I thing the Big 10 should merge withe the MAC and become the Big MAC conference

  4. Yoda
    9:09 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    LOVE this model. Say what you want about soccer, but this model is largely the reason why soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Most of the major European leagues use the relegation model, and it creates true interest in every game for the fans. No team should be rewarded for being a constant bottom dweller, including UK.

    That being said, BTI does not understand soccer.

  5. jonathan
    9:23 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    kinda like pairing KSR with some low-level, seldom-read blog about, say…UofL sports, and after a requisite level of awful blog posts we send you there for a year.

  6. Yoda
    9:23 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    The reason that “ties are acceptable” is that each team in the EPL plays 38 games, not including domestic and continential tournament games like the Champions League and Europa League. You get 3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie, and 0 for a loss. In a season that grinds on for that long, seeing the BIG PICTURE helps you understand why a tie (1 pt) is definitely an acceptable outcome.

    And NO, a tie would not make sense in a short season like football with only 11 – 13 games.

    Still, BTI does not understand soccer.

  7. Bobby
    9:26 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    So your saying Kentucky would get demoted c-USA if they did bad? In what sports? If they get good in basketball but bad in football then what? What about baseball, women’s basketball, etc. your argument is dumb and would never work

  8. George Washington
    9:27 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Yep, you still suck.

  9. Zach Morris
    9:28 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Shut up, Bryan.

  10. Owensboro Corey
    9:37 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Please get BTI off of this site. He is the worst. Hard to imagine he could be worst on this website than he is on the radio

  11. Terry
    9:37 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    UK is more invested in football now than at any point since Bear Bryant was the coach, and at this point I don’t see how they could be any more invested. This post was a waste of my time. Guess I know why BTI is still an intern.

  12. Mike
    9:48 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    I wish the NBA would use this model. Maybe give the winners of the lower tier leagues a berth in the playoffs. Would give the smaller towns with d-league teams more of a reason to go see games.

  13. Al/in/Indy
    9:48 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? Nothing derogatory in it

  14. theWilkman
    9:48 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Like you said it will never, ever happen, so this post is a complete waste. Might as well talk about your wishes for Commonwealth Stadium to be moved to the Moon for all the good it will do.

    But you are right, soccer is terrible. I played competitively for 8 years, so I believe I can make an honest assessment. It is fun to play, but honestly the worst major sport to watch. If you say otherwise you are delusional.

  15. Brandon
    9:49 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    One of the few poorly written articles on the site, shows quite a bit of ignorance in regards to the most popular game in the world.

  16. BTI sucks
    9:50 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    BTI is awful. This post was terrible and I am genuinely pissed that I wasted my time reading his ignorant opinions. Hating soccer quit being cool in 6th grade. BTI must be a real badass because he doesn’t like soccer. Not only is he wrong he is flat out retarded and wasting all of our times. Someone please get rid of this shit stain.

  17. Drew
    9:51 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Idea- bottom 4 football teams pick 10 players to play a round robin water polo tourneyment inside of the worlds largest sandcastle. About as likely as an sec team agreeing to go to c-usa

  18. ukfaninohio
    9:53 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    I wish bti would post under another writer’s name for a couple day’s and see if everyone still say’s he sucks.More great stuff as usual here if you ask me.

  19. Omar
    9:53 am June 3, 2013 Permalink


    No one really cares about your opinion on soccer, which is the greatest sport in the world. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it – millions of people enjoy ties and 1-0 wins. Get over your self.

    BTI = Butt Tickling Idiot

  20. classof68
    9:57 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    BTI rules!

  21. MattD
    10:07 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Very good idea in my opinion. But to be honest, I like this for every sport. It is by far the best setup I have ever seen. In every league, every sport, every game would matter.

  22. Blueneck
    10:17 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Does he realize he is comparing a pro sports format to academic institutions. We can all come up with great off the wall ideas when we remove any semblance of them being realistic.

  23. Blueneck
    10:19 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    And Bill Simmons put out this idea years ago relating to the NBA…BTI must be going thru his old stuff.

  24. the ghost of Bill Hicks
    10:43 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Wrestling, politics, pop culture references and hot women is acceptable content here. Soccer is not.

  25. Grant
    10:58 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    @ BTI, you’re wrong about the promotion. Only the 1st and 2nd place teams get automatically promoted. Teams that finished in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th have a play-off for that final spot in the Premier League.

  26. cayts
    11:16 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    If this system were applied to basketball, then this year’s UK team wouldn’t be eligible for the tourney because last year’s team underachieved. They’d be relegated. The champion, whether football or b-ball, should be the best team from that particular year and should have nothing to do with how the team performed the prior year.

  27. Truth
    11:44 am June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Exactly 25, you could never relegate academic institutions to a lower league, BTI is such an idiot. I thought the new college writers were the worst until BTI returned. I was an absolutely devoted reader of KSR until they started bringing in (and back now) the worst writers. This site should be only Matt, Drew, Beisner, TT, and maybe a few others.

    BTI: no one cares about your ignorant opinions of soccer, it is the most popular sport in the world for a reason. Clearly you dont understand or more importantly, appreciate the game.

  28. Marc
    12:17 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Your opinion on soccer means nothing and just goes to show you are an uneducated and unworldly idiot. many have already commented the same but this site would do much better without you. Go home BTI you’re drunk.

  29. RealTalk
    12:23 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    First things first. BTI, you clearly don’t understand soccer.
    Second, this is brilliant and I would get behind this type of format in a heartbeat.

  30. RealTalk
    12:27 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    BTI, I appreciate your posts generally. Don’t listen to uneducated people who prove their worth in the comments section.

  31. Jaybird86
    12:32 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Soccer fans crack me up on how they have to defend “their” sport. BTI doesn’t like soccer, who cares. I can’t stand soccer either, but I do think this relegation format would work well. It would be a lot more fun for the fans.

  32. Travi
    12:39 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    This is cool idea, would probably never work, but if it could, the competition would be great.

  33. Kevin
    1:09 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    This idea would clearly NEVER work. No school would ever agree to this. Its sad to see the general decline of KSR, showcased by reinstating BTI, even Matt and Drew know how worthless he is.

    PS: BTI, you dont understand soccer, and you never will since youre such a moron

  34. Yoda
    1:23 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    #26 – cayts. Nope, this year’s team would still be eligible for postseason play. The promotion/relegation model is based upon your finish in the conference you play in, and UK finished 3rd in the conference. We’d be in no danger of relegation.

    You’re also missing the point that promotion/relegation would directly impact recruiting, and rightfully so. If Auburn hauled in a Top 5 recruiting class in basketball after last year’s record, something is obviously amiss. This teaches you to perform with the talent you have and fix your program systematically.

  35. Plainclothes Man
    2:10 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Soccer is called the beautiful game for a reason. It takes great understanding of the game to see all the parts that go into goal scoring and defending but if you get it it’s usually highly entertaining. Kind of like baseball. Many people say baseball is ungodly boring but people who really understand the game see the beauty in pitching a no hitter in a 2-0 game and they don’t have to see a home run at every other at bat to keep them interested.

  36. Plainclothes Man
    2:19 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Btw, BTI is dead on. The relegation format would add so much to the game. You know how people are always wishing UK would commit and invest in the program and not just take their check from the SEC and do the bare minimum! THIS would prevent that. You wouldn’t be able to because it would be too costly to spend a season or more in C-USA. Plus as much as relegation sucks it’d be nice to see UK start winning games (for some of you) and promotion is sweeter. A lot of great points. Good article BTI.

  37. JPhelps
    3:49 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    BTI, I know you read the comments, I’ve had conversation with you on here before going back and forth… I believe there would be a lot to gain from a relegation league in pro baseball, I just don’t think college sports provides the right kind of launching pad for relegation for the very reason you listed. It would be absolutely devastating to UK football. Primarily because, we are able to recruit now, because we are in the SEC. We offer northern kids the chance to play close to home against the best. If you take that away, we would never recover.

    That said, you’re hatred of soccer is a bit baffling. Tactically, soccer is one of the most advanced games on a planet. And its a game, where the biggest and the fastest aren’t necessarily rewarded as stars. See Lionel Messi. Guy is tiny, but he absolutely dominates every game he plays. Its a game I believe with enough training, anyone could become a star given they have athletic ability. Unlike basketball and football, where the extremes of size dominate. You’ll watch a baseball game on TV. A lot of baseball games end 1-0, 2-0. They don’t end in ties, but whats worse than sitting in the bleachers when you’ve already been there 5 hours, watching a 18 inning game that ends in an anti climactic bloop hit to a center field. Hockey has a ton of 1-0 games. And they end in ties as well, I can only assume you aren’t a hockey fan.

    Most fans that don’t enjoy soccer, because as cliche as it is, they really don’t see the entire game aka “don’t understand it”. They don’t see the facets of the game that don’t light up the scoreboard, footwork, positioning, shifts and the tactical stuff, they just see players passing it backwards and forwards.

  38. Wildcat Brian
    7:38 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    I find this blog awesome yet funny because I actually do this exact system in my NCAA football game on the XBOX360 since it allows you to customly alter conferences. I absolutely love the system, I think it would make college football more exciting because the current system just does not work. However, I don’t see it ever happening because of money and TV contracts and all that.

  39. tampa satchel
    8:21 pm June 3, 2013 Permalink

    Love soccer and would love to see this idea or something similar implemented.