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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Draft Day Award Winners

After talking with a few other KSR writers, we have come up with our award winners from last night’s festivities.  Agree or disagree with us in the comments section:

MVP: John Wall

-Duh.  He was the star of the night.  He is really the one player with buzz in this year’s draft and ESPN promoted him up and down the draft.  He handled his interview well, was dressed nicely, and essentially made zero enemies last night.  In fact, he probably impressed A TON of people who hadn’t payed attention until then.

LVP: Salary Cap Expert

-The fact that ESPN actually hired some guy (whose name I am not going to look up) to only give information about the salary cap is one of the biggest waste of time and money in history.  Here is what you need to know about the salary cap: add up every player on your team’s salary and see if it is above or below the cap.  DONE. 

Best dressed: Demarcus Cousins

-Clearly Cousins knew he was going to Sacramento with his purple attire.  It worked really well once the 5th pick was announced.  Plus he was rocking one of the best watches in recent memory which would have literally taken up my entire forearm. 

Worst dressed: John Calipari

-Could we not find an appropriate tie there coach?  To me, it looked like Coach just finished a night on the town and decided on a whim to visit the draft.  It was like wearing jeans to the prom.  Hey, we all make mistakes.  

Best draft position: Demarcus Cousins

-He only has to beat out Samuel Dalembert, has the reigning rookie of the year on his team, and is playing on a team where if he does bomb, nobody will see it.  He is basically a lock to start, plus that fanbase is known to be one of the best in the NBA when the team is good. 

Worst draft position: Eric Bledsoe

-Even if you take out of the picture that Bledsoe is headed to the worst team in the league, he is still stuck behind Baron Davis and Eric Gordon, meaning there is very little chance he breaks the starting lineup in the near future.  Plus, he is going to the Clippers, which sucks for him.  But at least he gets to live in Los Angeles for a few years.   

Best Media Moment: John Wall’s Mom

Her breaking into tears during her interview was just amazing.  The realization that raising a child by herself had led to this I think hit her at that moment.  Probably the proudest person on Earth at that moment. 

Worst Media Moment: Daniel Orton

-ESPN using 30 seconds to basically make fun of Orton trying to talk was kind harsh.  But you can tell Orton is just not comfortable in front of the media, and the fact that ESPN poked fun at that was a little over the top for me. 

Most Baffling Decision: Ed Davis over Patrick Patterson

-Davis and Patterson met twice during college, and Patterson whipped him twice.  To me, that’s all you needed to see.  As Beisner said “the reason they showed highlights of Ed Davis’ dad was because they couldn’t find anything from Ed Davis”.

Most Non-Baffling Decision: Gordan Heyward to the Jazz

-Was there a more slam dunk pick than Heyward to the Jazz.  He IMMEDIATLY becomes the team’s favorite player, likely will not only take his hot girlfriend to Utah, but marry another 6 or 7 chicks there and live the life while averaging 6PPG for his career.  This would have only been topped by Cole Aldrich to the Pacers.

Article written by Bryan the Intern