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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Breaking down Big Ben’s chump statement

What was said: “I would like to begin by expressing gratitude for the thorough investigation process in Georgia and the prosecutors decision to not bring charges.” 

What he meant: “Thank you for not saying I raped that girl this time…..or that other time in Vegas.”

Breakdown: Big Ben did what so many athletes who are in trouble with the law do, THANK THE COPS!  But, that’s simply because cops generally have no spine in charging athletes with serious crimes.  I don’t remember OJ Simpson or Rae Carruth thanking the cops for doing a thorough investigation.  WHY?  Because they found them guilty.  Hey Big Ben, if you truly did nothing, you should be criticizing the cops for putting you through a PR nightmare for a little hanky panky in the bathroom.  You should be cursing the cops.   


What was said: “I don’t intend to talk about any of the details of the events in Georgia.”

What he meant: “I don’t want to have to lie to you folks.”

Breakdown: Here is where a lawyer comes in handy, because I am sure his lawyer told him to NEVER talk about what happened, because if he talks about it once, he will talk about it a million times, and is more likely to get caught in a lie.  If he says he bought the girl x-number of drinks, and there comes out video of him doing something else, then he is screwed.  I have no clue what happened in Georgia, but I know Big Ben is embarrassed about it now that the press has gone negative on him.  And it’s not like the public DESERVES to know what happened, because we don’t.  But, it’s clear this is a source of embarrassment for Ben.  Ahem…..Tiger Woods.   


What he said: “I am truly sorry for the disappointment and negative attention I have brought to my family, my teammates, my coaches, the Rooney’s, and the NFL.”

What he meant: “Well, sleeping around has surely caught up to me, hasn’t it?  Guess maybe I should do the P.R. thing and apologize.”

Breakdown: When you are reading an apology straight off a paper, it’s the most lame thing an athlete can do.  First off, you and I both know that Big Ben did not write this statement in any way, shape, or form.  So, to know if he is TRULY sorry is anybody’s guess.  But my thought is Big Ben wouldn’t have been sorry if this girl hadn’t went to the cops.  I bet Roethlisberger isn’t sorry for the other girls he corralled in a club bathroom and didn’t get publicity for.  Another thing: don’t apologize IN PUBLIC to your family and teammates.  Do that in private and leave it at that. 


What he said: “I understand the opportunities I have been blessed with are a privilege and much is expected of me as QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

What he meant: “Golly, I just have such pressure on my playing this sport for millions of dollars.  It’s time for me to quit all this fornicating and get back to the serious stuff, like throwing a football far and getting fatter every day.”

Breakdown: This also bothers me every time an athlete makes a scripted apology.  Using the team you play for as a reason you are going to redeem yourself.  THE REASON YOU HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THESE GIRLS IS BECAUSE YOU PLAY FOR THE STEELERS.  You all of the sudden can’t change that fact.  You didn’t consider the Steelers when you were with all these girls, don’t now use them as your crutch for improving your life.


What he said: “I absolutely want to be the leader this team deserves, valued in the community, and a role model to kids.”

What he meant: “Cmon, I wasn’t smoking crack or robbing banks or anything.”

Breakdown: To me, this ship has sailed for Big Ben.  This is TWICE he has been accused of sexual assault, and yet he has the nerve to say he wants to be a role model.  A true role model doesn’t even get involved in this kind of actions, and certainly doesn’t do it twice.  And the idea that the Steelers are a more “morally superior” franchise and deserves a QB that matches that is laughable.  HELLO??  Santonio Holmes just got traded because he hit a woman with a glass.  Pro athletes act like pro athletes, so let’s not act like you NEED to be anything different, just for the sake of the Steelers. 


What he said: “I have much work to do to earn this trust, and I am committed to showing everyone my true values.”

What he meant: “I will not sleep with another woman until someone does something worse than me.”

Breakdown:  Once again, how exactly does one show us his “true values”.  This is just a big, goofy blanket statement that means nothing.  Tiger Woods said he would get back to his Buddhist values and calm his attitude on the golf course, and then he threw his club 50 times at the Masters.  You are who you are, and your true values have already shown through Ben.  And I truly don’t care if that’s the kind of thing you want to do.  But, don’t try and trick everyone that your “true” values are not the ones you have shown for years. 


What he said: “I am excited to get back to work with my teammates and I am more determined than ever to have a great season.”

What he meant: “Hey look over here.  We have a season to play soon, so let’s just focus on that.”

Breakdown: The very typical “deflection” statement.  The idea that all this extra curricular activity is not as important as the upcoming season, and now that he got all his sexin’ behind him, he plans on being the best QB in the history of football.  Gag me.  The only way to truly hurt a football player for this kind of behavior is to not allow him to play football.  Suspension is the only answer.   


Big Ben hit all major points of a scripted, weak statement:
-Thank the Cops
-This is last I will talk about this
-I am disappointed in myself for the sake of my family
-I will earn back your trust
-Time to focus on my team/sport
-Mention God

Is Big Ben to blame though?  Probably not.  His lawyer likely wrote this statement, just like Tiger didn’t write his statement, nor did Rick Pitino, or anybody else who gets caught doing bad things.  My whole point is I am tired of hearing the same emotionless statement from athletes.  In fact, I would rather them just never address the media about the situation than give us something that is fake.  You don’t need to be sorry to me, you need to be sorry to your family and teammates.  And those apologies can be done privately.  And Big Ben, just like every other scorned athlete, will be loved again once they win games.  Beat the Ravens in Week 1 and all this stuff is forgotten.  So, why give some fake apology then?

Article written by Bryan the Intern