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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Absurdity in Sports

Look, sports is great and it is probably far too often the center of many of our lives.  But when you make sports a serious part of your life like I do, you also recognize the stupidity and absurdity that is has.  I have pointed out below many of the things that are just plain ABSURD about sports, both in UK land and throughout the sports world.  Agree or disagree, I want to hear some of the ones I missed.


-It’s ABSURD that people want John Wall to have his jersey retired but not Ron Mercer.  I guess getting to the Elite Eight is just as good as getting to 2 title games.

-It’s ABSURD that people rail on Tubby Smith, who won a national title, but rarely rail about Eddie Sutton. 

-It’s ABSURD that people hate Rick Pitino.  The man NEVER says anything bad about the UK fanbase or his time at Kentucky, brought the program backs from the depths of despair, and left to go to the NBA.  When that failed, he took the best job available in college.  Get over it.

-It’s ABSURD that Rich Brooks’ accomplishments don’t immediately put him in the ring of honor.  The greatest run of Kentucky seasons EVER. 

-It’s ABSURD that Kentucky football has not found a way to beat Tennessee at least once in 25 years.     

-It’s ABSURD that Rupp Arena is the largest college basketball arena, but on a game by game basis is not considered one of the loudest. 

-It’s ABSURD Patrick Patterson was drafted behind Ed Davis and Boy George.

-It’s ABSURD that Billy Gillispie was ever hired.  He had one Sweet 16 appearance and one player drafted in the NBA.  He had no serious recruiting success and was still handed the keys to a Cadillac.  Take away all the alcohol problems and he still was a TERRIBLE hire from the get-go. 

-It’s ABSURD how the media has treated Demarcus Cousins but it is also ABSURD how UK fans defended him.  The actual truth is somewhere in the middle. 

-It’s ABSURD that some people want Daniel Orton to fail. 


-It’s ABSURD that Joey Votto can not make the All-Star game despite being the leading 1B in all major categories, but a guy like Omar Infante can make it.

-It’s ABSURD that the All-Star game determines something like home field advantage in the playoffs, but goobers like me and LouisvilleFanCraig can pick the players who actually play in the game.

-It’s ABSURD that Bud Selig is still the commishioner of baseball.

-It’s ABSURD that ESPN will show the WNBA and MLS and X-Games but can’t find space for the NHL.

-It’s ABSURD that it takes 7 games to determine a 1st round playoff winner in the NBA. 

-It’s ABSURD the Super Bowl is going to be played outdoors in the northern half of the country.  Even bringing in the risk of weather affecting a championship game is stupid.

-It’s ABSURD that Mark Mcgwire is not going to be in the Hall of Fame.  Because clearly no hand eye coordination exists in Mcgwire.  And since there were so many positive steroid tests on Mcgwire out there. 

-It’s ABSURD that all American sports leagues call their champions WORLD champs, despite the fact we have never won the World Baseball Classic and lost the Olympic basketball title in 2004.

-It’s ABSURD that Brett Favre is in the conversation of “greatest QB ever”.  He holds records simply for playing longer than anybody.  Yet he only has one title despite having SUPERIOR talent all around him for his entire career.  Joe Montana followed by Tom Brady.  There is your list.  Peyton Manning gets into the conversation with another title.   

-It’s ABSURD that nobody can tell me who the 2nd highest paid NBA player is?  Without looking it up, I could give you 25 guesses and you likely would not get it.  The answer is Rashard Lewis.

-It’s ABSURD that teams can’t do a shootout in World Cup pool play, but the entire championship can be decided on them.

Article written by Bryan the Intern