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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: 2011 Recruits Comparison (This season sucks)

Honestly, I can not discuss last night for fear of saying things that Beisner would have to pull off this website.  (Last second play drawn up was the worst I have seen in 25 years of UK watching)

So, I will simply do what many UK fans are doing and that is looking ahead to the 2011-12 season. (How many times does Knight have to bumrush the lane with a wild drive at the end of games before we realize it doesn’t work)

Just how good can these incoming players be? (Seriously, Eloy was a Top 50 recruit.  Evan Daniels will never gain that credibility back)

Well, I compared the 2011 recruits by their position ranking in their class and compared them to the players at the same position rank in the previous classes. (For god’s sake, let Harrellson shoot when open.)

*All Rankings from

2010: Kyrie Irving (Duke)
2009: John Wall (Kentucky)
2008: Brandon Jennings (Arizona)
2007: OJ Mayo (USC)
2006: Ty Lawson (North Carolina)
2005: Greg Paulus (Duke)
2004: Shaun Livingston (NBA)
2003: Chris Paul (Wake Forest)
2002: Raymond Felton (North Carolina)

2010: Harrison Barnes (North Carolina)
2009: Lance Stephenson (Cincinnati)
2008: Demar Derozan (USC)
2007: Kyle Singler (Duke)
2006: Kevin Durant (Texas)
2005: Julian Wright (Kansas)
2004: Rudy Gay (UCONN)
2003: Luol Deng (Duke)
2002: Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse)

2010: Tobias Harris (Tennessee)
2009: John Henson (North Carolina)
2008: Samardo Samuels (Louisville)
2007: Michael Beasley (Kansas State)
2006: Brandan Wright (North Carolina)
2005: Josh McRoberts (Duke)
2004: Al Jefferson (NBA)
2003: Ndubi Ebi (Arizona)
2002: Paul Davis (Michigan State)

2010: Deshaun Thomas (Ohio State)
2009: Mason Plumlee (Duke)
2008: Jamychal Green (Alabama)
2007: Anthony Rudolph (LSU)
2006: Stanley Robinson (UCONN)
2005: Brandon Costner (NC State)
2004: Marquise Gray (Michigan State)
2003: Alexander Johnson (Florida State)
2002: Shavlik Randolph (Duke)

OK, dissect it if you want.  I just don’t have the energy for my pointless analysis today.

(Cal stinks worse at drawing up plays than Billy Gillispie.  There, I said it.)

(Deandre Liggins is not as good a defender as people think.  Plus, YOU’RE A JUNIOR!!!!  Stop acting like a spoiled 4 year old brat every time they call a foul on you.)

Article written by Bryan the Intern

130 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: 2011 Recruits Comparison (This season sucks)

  1. D
    9:08 am February 24, 2011 Permalink


  2. NDO
    9:10 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Nice post (jk ur an idiot)

  3. gahhub
    9:12 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    how many and 1’s did Ark have and how many did UK have?

  4. JackNicklaus
    9:12 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    The last second play was fine, Liggins threw it to the wrong guy. Jorts was WIDE FRIGGIN OPEN on the block. Throw it to him, game over…we win.
    I agree that we need some actual plays every now and then, instead of just driving into the lane and hoping something good happens.
    Lets Jorts shoot the damn ball, he cant be any worse than the others. Isn’t that the whole point…get a good open look at the basket? He was wide open the entire game from the FT line and never even considered shooting. His man just sags off into good rebounding position. So we are just playing 4 on 5 at that point.

  5. Scared For Life
    9:14 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    (Cal stinks worse at drawing up plays than Billy Gillispie. There, I said it.) Genius, I used to like BTI till that wording.

  6. BillyG
    9:14 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Well thank you for the kinds work BTI I always thought I could draw up plays better better than Cal too…still wondering why they fired me hell I should still be there my road record proves it…minus the drinking lol

  7. Playas Haters Ball....
    9:18 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Hate hate hate hate….

  8. Blue Blood
    9:18 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Totally disagree on worst play drawn up in 25 years. Actually the play was drawn up perfectly, Liggins just never paid attention to any other player but Knight. If he just relaxed and let the play develop then Jorts was there. But even though he is a junior he hasn’t has much in game experience in tight game situations like this to keep calm and make the good decision on his passes. Perfect play drawn up to be honest. Everybody watching that game had the thought of the ball going to Knight, even Liggins. Just a bad decision on who the ball was inbounded to.

  9. Matt
    9:19 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI is a little girl…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee leave KSR

  10. bob
    9:19 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Amazing…you guys just argue with BTI for the sake of arguing…deandre liggens does act like a spoiled brat!!! jerk his butt for those temper tantrums!!

  11. sexington ky
    9:19 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI is gay.

  12. mattyice57
    9:19 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    i’m still pissed!!!

  13. Liggin's Library Card
    9:20 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Signs of a bad coach:
    1. Team doesn’t improve. Check.
    2. Team loses close games. Check.
    3. Bench doesn’t develop. Check.
    4. Can’t win on the road. Check.
    5. Can’t shut down that nights hot scorer. Check.
    6. Doesn’t have a defensive philosophy. Check.
    7. Poor or no play after timeouts. Check.

  14. ihatetenn
    9:20 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah Liggins is starting to act like Brian Williams from Tenn averytime
    there is a foul called on him he looks surprised and pissed off.
    Just push it aside and play harder.

  15. CT
    9:20 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI bringing it today. I like it.

  16. ukclassof93
    9:21 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Gillispie was GREAT at out of bounds plays!! It was the only thing he could do right…well that and drinking!

  17. bung
    9:23 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    team is lazy and avoided contact entire first half… we even started shooting 18 footers so it wouldnt show up as a 3 pt attempt

  18. Just saying
    9:23 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Anybody else notice Liggins guy always has a career night? Anybody notice Jones can not play defense on someone his own size? Uk doesnt run set plays, period!! We run a stacked screen and hop someone pops open. Were down ONE point and the “play” we set up is a 3pt shot from the corner? Liggins never saw Harrelson because he was TOLD TO THROW THE BALL TO KNIGHT!!

    The issue with this years team is simple. Other teams watch game tape and have adjusted o the way they play us. They sag off Harrelson at the top of the key, taking away any hope for Jones to get open, and they bump and beat on Knight to wear him out. The other 3 guys cant beat anybody.

  19. PolsonFor3(minutes)
    9:24 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with almost everything you said in this post.

  20. bluesince66
    9:24 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    To your post BTI I am looking forward to next year as much as I did last year. If everyone comes back it will be alot of fun.

  21. Bilbo
    9:24 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    UK fans make me not wanna be a UK fan. It’s a disgrace. Who you guys expect to have as a coach other than Cal. You want Phelprey, lol.

    Guarantee half of you guys that post on here never played a lick of basketball on any level, and I guarantee all the writers from KSR never have

    9:24 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    can’t stand watching Liggins…yeah Lamb wasn’t playing D last night, but at least he can score!!!

  23. Runnin'Ramel
    9:25 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Liggins’ D is overrated. I feel stupid for getting into a back/forth over Twitter with Goodman a few weeks ago when he said Liggins wasn’t nearly as good defensively as Chris Singleton. You can’t just play inspired D in your home gym. He is hurting the team with his recently earned reputation from officials as a crybaby. Players get away with what he did last night all the time, but he got a T. It’s starting to get like Cousins last year. Refs are just waiting for him to act up so they can blow the whistle. Not good.

  24. Mikegilchrist
    9:25 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    How many costly T’s and 3 + 1 fouls is Liggins going to commit? Last year in the WVU tourney loss, Vandy loss, Arkansas loss- Liggins has gotten a T.

  25. Clayton Bigsbee
    9:25 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI!!! If you got hate in your heart let it out….

  26. Coach Cal Can't Coach
    9:25 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    We lost to Arkansas. The last time we lost to them was in 2001. Is Cal still the God most think he is? I a mgetting pretty sick of this… wait until next year bullsh$%. It is pretty pathettic that UK is now just a stepping stone for the NBA. Where are the true fans, that repsect tradition and want a good team every year, not focus on a bunch of overhyped recruits?

  27. bluesince66
    9:26 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Glad you were in the huddle #18, because I couldn’t tell that from watching it on tv.

  28. SexnNursinHomes
    9:28 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, just letting ya know, not me trolling about deadspin.

  29. SavnanahCat
    9:29 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Liggins is the only player out there with passion. The others are real nice guys, but have no passion. I’ll take Liggins, you can have Jones. Is it worse to get a “T” or walk away from the huddle when the play is not called for you. Jones is a selfish MF. Can the NBA do a supplimental draft right now? Cal does deserve some critism, but to call him a bad coach is just idiotic. Especially when some are calling for a Ford or Pelphrey. Just down right stupid.

  30. btiSUCKS
    9:29 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    They should screen the crap that gets blogged of KSR.. We don’t have any inside presence what so ever is the reason why we aren’t as good as we should be. BUT being soo critical of this team is crazy.. Been a life long UK fan and people are right what they say about us.. WE are living in a dream world.. BASICALLY our whole starting five has NO in-game experience.. MATT JONES you left KSR in bad hands..

  31. ReadyRed11
    9:29 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Senseless comparisons…

  32. Thank You!!!
    9:32 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Absolutely!!! Thank You BTI!!!! Finally someone willing to write some truth on this site. I’m with you 100%. Anyone else thinking otherwise needs to get there head out of their @ss. Just because you’re critical and honest about this team doesn’t mean you don’t still love them and this school. I’m still cheering for them, but I everything said is just how it is. The truth is the truth period.

  33. bung
    9:33 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    senseless lack of effort….1 fast break basket on 27 def rebounds…..heck, ark scored 9 fast break points on just 21 def rebounds

  34. btiSUCKS
    9:33 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    man this is a UK site.. and blogging bull-ish about our team just LEFT the door wide open for U of L trolls posing as UK fans.. idiots!!!

  35. Thank You!!!
    9:35 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    #13……….BULLSEYE!!!! Perfectly said!

  36. Blue Blood
    9:35 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Amazing how many people can quickly go from all the love for the team and the coach to complete hate. Lets be honest, we were spoiled with last years team. How many times was it said that this team isn’t going to be like last years, so don’t expect it. Those of you who have jumped ship on the coach and the team already go become UofL fans because that is their way of life. Support your team and coach no matter what happens. Cal’s record speaks for itself. Go try and find another coach with his passion and winning that can help our program become dominant again. Yes, we have high ranked recruits but don’t forget they are freshman. There are plenty of teams who would love to have Cal as their coach, stop hating on the man.

  37. Rick
    9:36 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Relax. It’s a second season. Yes second. We are fine. This is a sweet sixteen team at best. We all knew this coming into this year. How quickly we get spoiled. Remember vmi, Gardner Webb etc. Yes we have lost some close heartbreakers but it could be so much worse. Go Cats!!!

  38. SavnanahCat
    9:36 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Critism is part of being a fan. If you want no critism of your team, become an Aubun basketball fan or an Indiana football fan. You will hear no critism because no one cares.

  39. btiSUCKS
    9:37 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    #36 thanks……….. well well said… true blue blood!!!

  40. KYBLUE
    9:37 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI it is better to let that $hit out… We go from playing like a team, to playing 1 on 1 the last two minutes of the game trying to force it to knight or jones. Josh, DeAndre, and Darious need to take the ball to the hole instead of waiting on Jones and knight. Cal needs to give Josh the go ahead from the freethrow lane out. If he can prove he can shoot the ball and we all know he can that defender cant pack down on jones and maybe jones can start getting easier shots then just trying to plow over people. THe refs sucked for both sides.

  41. ACOTKY
    9:38 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    The game sucked and we gave it away at the end, but they’re a young team with no depth. Road losses in tough environments and close games are going to happen. I just love how all these so call UK fans on here are so quick to bad mouth their team and coach. I guarantee if we put together a run and that’s a big IF all of you including BTI will be spouting off about how good we are and you knew it all along and blah blah blah blah. I’m with PPat, the team needs support right now. If you can’t give it then you are not a “true” fan. Go jump on a bandwagon somewhere else.

  42. voice of reason
    9:38 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Anyone who thinks or says calipari can’t coach is just plain ignorant. He wins 30+ games per season. Ok, so this season is an exception—what other coach would even win 20 after losing FIVE first round draft picks? You know what? He will still have this team in the NCAA and likely win a few games.

    some of you need to wake up

  43. T.J.
    9:38 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    As much as i love Teague, I think its general concensus that Austin Rivers is the #1 point guard in this class. Teague is a close second. Splitting hairs i suppose.

  44. Coach Cal Can't Coach
    9:38 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    37) I do remember VMI and Gardner Webb, I also remeber a season where we were 1-6 o nthe road and lost to Arkansas for the first time in ten years. Oh yeah, taht is this season. What an idiot!

  45. ShooterMcGavin
    9:39 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Ater numerous examples of how he leads his players straight into a trap; your idea that he is a bad in game coach is quickly gaining on me. Can’t someone on that sideline draw up a play that is more creative and works? Do we not have a “go to” play with 2 seconds to go and the ball under the basket? This is a very common scenario with unfortunate results almost every time. Come on coach! Now Gilispie wasn’t the better in game coach, but atleast Tubby knew how to draw up a play that we could rely on when games were close. Calipari better Bounce Back quick because this is not acceptable.

  46. SavnanahCat
    9:39 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    37) I also remember 1996-1998.

  47. brianboone99
    9:40 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI becomes a bigger douche bag by the day. I really hate that guy!

  48. JimmyDykesSchtick
    9:41 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    would like to hear why Lamb sat at the end of the game + OT

  49. btiSUCKS
    9:41 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    savnanahcat you are absolutely right but at the same time i bet you wasn’t screaming all of this critism last year when we were winning all them games..

  50. Coach Cal Can't Coach
    9:42 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I’m sorry, true UK fans. I’m the idiot here. I’d rather have Tubby-ball and Billy G’s “toughness” rather than an exciting coach who brings in the best players in the nation. Man, where’s my Ovaltine???

  51. Rick
    9:43 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    44 you need to support your team. Sure we all hate that 1-6 who doesn’t, but wait and see it will make us stronger next month. Neutral courts are home courts for us. This team is just fine wait and see.

  52. The Fake Fake Gimel Martinez
    9:43 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, you are like the worst of the worst UK fans. When the team plays well, they are going to win the national championship, and when they don’t you start calling out the coach. The main difference is that somehow you have a public outlet for your moronic opinions. Just stick to reporting pointless stats every day and stop it with the “hard-hitting” analysis. John Calipari is one of the most winning coaches in the past 10 years in the NCAA. But you know how to coach a game better than him?? Is he perfect? Of course not. But to say that this loss is just his fault is just short-sided and dumb.

  53. JP Wilson
    9:44 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Chill out people. The prediction by most pundits on this team would be 7-9 losses, especially after losing Kanter. We are what are record says we are. That simple. We need to win these two home games, and hopefully get lucky at Tenn, and all of a sudden (bam!) we are fine. Just get a four seed in the NCAA tournament, and pray UL is the 5. Would love to play them again. And end there season. Repeat, we will be fine.

  54. Can't go to work today...
    9:44 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    because UK sucks! CAL sucks! And I live in Louisville and THEY ARE A BETTER TEAM THAN US RIGHT NOW!!! yeah, we beat them in the bucket but really??? Is that our “pound our chest” statement for this year? This JUST SUCKS! LIKE THIS TEAM AND COACH…

  55. JP Wilson
    9:44 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    oops, their season. Damn!

  56. bung
    9:45 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    part of it is no love for the name on the jersey

  57. Can't go to work today...
    9:47 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I’m just a butt-hurt little man who can’t stand to take criticism from UL fans! They hurt me so much with their words! I can’t think of anything clever to say back, so I’ll just sit here at home and cry myself to sleep. God, what a wuss I am!

  58. Bryan the Intern
    9:48 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    52) I feel 100% confident I could draw up a play better than the one Cal drew up with 2 seconds left last night. 100% confident.

  59. Lee Dee
    9:49 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    As much as I want it to be otherwise, I have concluded that this team is what it is. Thin, playing six guys who become fatigued at the end of up tempo games and make fatigued decisions in late, crucial points in the contest. They are three talented freshmen who have yet to learn how to fight through adversity and three upperclassmen who have never been depended upon before for leadership. In those lights, the losses aren’t nearly as surprising. Disappointing yes, surprising, no.

  60. Japrick
    9:49 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Some players just act like that. For crying out loud Rasheed Wallace(is he still playing??) acted like that and he’s almost a senior…citizen.

  61. mudcat
    9:50 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    43) I know you are trolling, but I will bite. You are no way a UK fan or a basketball fan for that matter. You are spewing complete ignorant crap. 1-6 on the road unacceptable,but to say Cal cannot coach is moronic. His coaching made us miss all those open threes, commit those phantom fouls, make those silly turnovers, and take those ill-advised shots. Go cheer for another team!

  62. Mr. House
    9:51 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    To all of those who want Cal gone: who else are we going to get? Travis Ford? Oklahoma St. is awful this year.

    We’ll be ok. Everyone should have known this season would be a struggle ever since the Kanter decision. I hate losing and I think it’s productive to complain about what happened during a loss, but to call for Cal’s head, after he’s gotten us out of the rut we were in for 4 years, is just ridiculous.

    Oh and I’m willing to bet that those complaining about these losses would still be complaining if we won that game last night. Some people will never be satisfied.

  63. Wow
    9:51 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    It’s amazing to see how many people get so upset about college kids playing sports. I’m sure you have more important things in you’re life to get upset about. I mean our season was over when Kanter was ruled ineligible. We lost by one and everyone is yelling about the inbounds that cal came up with, did cal get a t in the game did he decide to foul a great free throw shooter at the three point line(twice). Did he miss 2 crucial free throw with about 2 minutes left(jones) did he make no attempt at blocking a shot and just hitting a guy on the shoulder( harrelson) did he make the most idiotic pass with 50 seconds left?(knight) we should have not been in that position but idiotic plays get us to that point. Inexperience kills.

  64. Rick
    9:51 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    58 If you could draw up plays why are you blogging then. Lol. If shot would’ve fell he would be a genius, it didn’t so omg life as we know it has ended lol. Too funny. Relax people.

  65. KentuckyHouse
    9:51 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    58) Of course you could, because you’ve got all that experience as a Division 1 head coach, right? You’ve spent years and years perfecting your craft and you know so much more about in-game coaching that one of the best coaches in the country.

    Right. Hell, you can’t even write a paragraph without making so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that it makes my head hurt. How in the hell are you gonna draw up a winning play at the end of a game???

    It’s called spell check…try using it sometime.

  66. Japrick
    9:52 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Will we be better next year with or without Knight, Lamb, and Jones next year? Better obviously. The worse this team plays, the better the likelihood of them returning. It’s thin, but a silver lining is a silver lining.

  67. bung
    9:52 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    it wasnt an up tempo game on our part…..

  68. JP Wilson
    9:52 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, I disagree slightly on last play. I think the play was there, our player just didn’t make it. Liggins is bone headed (obviously). Jorts was wide friggin open. We had the game! I do blame Cal for now emphasizing to throw the ball inside no matter what on that last play. Oh well, beat FLA and Vandy, and I can forget about this one. Sick of the end of game bone headed plays!

  69. bung
    9:53 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I am a UK fan and get a hard-on every time UK loses. Oh wait, that doesn’t make since…I like penises, but I am married.

  70. bleedblueky
    9:53 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Great job BTI and totally agree with you!

  71. bung
    9:54 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    69) that dont really sound like me

  72. Chris
    9:55 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    They have lost 8 games. They’re undeafted at home. They only play 6 players. Mostly Freshman. Give them a break.

  73. bung
    9:55 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I dont think u spelt sense correctly either

  74. frogWilson
    9:56 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Well said BTI

  75. Japrick
    9:56 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    It seems like we want a coach who gets the best recruits, can motivate the best recruits, has the best mind in the game, all the while appeasing the fanbases need for exposure by going on t.v. and making us look good. I’m sorry but Jesus is too busy to coach ball. We have one of the best 5 coaches in the nation. STOP BITCHING.

  76. Burlington_UK_fan
    9:56 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    What a crappy ending to my 30th birthday yesterday.

  77. William Braskey
    9:56 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Since we are looking ahead to next year I can feel a little joy on this crappy Thursday morning.

    1) Jones needs to go pro, he is not doing anything better today than he did in November, and would fit better in the NBA system of “I don’t d-up” & take plays off
    2) Knight needs to play off the ball, it’s the mental side keeping him from being a lead guard. Cliff Hawkins would have known to call a timeout when he got trapped with under 30 secs in OT instead of the turnover that lost the game
    3) Next year’s crop seems to ‘get it’ in terms of playing to win and not for #’s

    I see us having a shiny new starting 5 next year. Knight will move off of the ball where he can be free to score without the task of running the team.

    pg-Teague, the prototype floor general
    2g-Knight, gives Teague breathers
    sf-Gilchrest, his motor will enable Miller to come off of the bench in a minor role where he excels
    pf-Davis, would eventually take over starting even if Jones returns due to Jones’ aloofness
    c-Wiltjer, perfect inside/out threat for a motion offense and is fundamentally sound in all aspects

    Liggins, focus on defense instead of scoring
    Lamb/Lacey, one of the two will come in for a scoring punch
    Beckham, will be the shadow guy keeping the starters honest
    big guy?, we’ll get someone to bring the beef for spurts so Wiltjer and Davis can rest

    No mans land

  78. thatsashame
    9:57 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I actually thought TJ and DM played some pretty good D last night. These two always seem to come up with a big block or rebound when it matters.

    Good teams are losing all the time this year on the road and at home.

  79. Scott
    9:57 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    You are just the worst BTI. I mean really. The worst

  80. bleedblueky
    10:01 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    My question is why we attempted a three when we only need one point to win at regular time (and why we didn’t call a timeout before the last attempt to make sure everyone is on the same page?) and why we attempted another three when we only need two to win at overtime? Everyone should know it’s much easier to shoot a two around the paint than shoot a three especially when all players were so tired at the end of the game. Great Coaching concluded!

  81. Ukman
    10:01 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    i dont understand why people are complaining the way there are. everyone knew (or should have known) that calipari’s success was based on the talent of his players. he has never been a great X’s and O’s guy, he has never done things the conventional way. his system does require the best talent to be successful. we knew this and yet we act surprised when his desinged plays dont work… secondly Liggins has always been a whiner. He complained his freshman year he didn’t play enough, he was “suspended” (not technincally but..) for like what the first 10 games last year…he’s a whiner. he has all the talent needed to be successful but he’s a whiner. do we think all this just happened over night…by the comments it seems that way. i don’t understand why the surprise…. i don’t like the losses either but when it comes to getting down to the nitty gritty, Cal will get out Xed and Oed by most coaches, but in the past he’s had the OVERwhelming talent to hide it. we have GREAT young talent, but nothing overwhelming, especially with 3 freshman on a 6 man rotation.

  82. Japrick
    10:02 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Last night was the first time I really seen a change in Miller. He missed his first couple of threes but showed no hesitation on that clutch three at the end of regulation. He has turned the corner for good this time, and I’m excited about it.

  83. William Braskey
    10:03 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    As for Cal, he isn’t a great x’s and o’s guy. But there aren’t that many of them out there. And having one that also can recruit is like a 4-leaf clover. Cal is a great coach because he gets guys good enough to usually hide the x’s and o’s side. So no need to bitch about him, because there aren’t any better candidates available. He is one of the best 10 coaches out there period.

  84. Blueburg
    10:06 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    It’s not that I want a new coach, I just want him to learn from his mistakes from game to game and do better. Every time Harrelson rolls to the top of the key, before I can stop myself I say, ” SHOOT IT!” The “hot potato” our guys were playin at times last night was so frustrating. But then it would come to Jones and you knew it was goin up. His game is not on the perimeter! Though he plays small (at times) for his size, Josh needs his help on the inside. Stop trying to make a freshman the “go to guy” for the final shot. Let one of the older guys try it sometime. By now Liggins should know how absurd the officiating is on the road in the SEC. This is the way its always been. But one thing the great UK teams of the past had to do was play at a level that it didn’t matter. The mounting frustration has been evident for awhile. So we just need to hope for a fairly respectable finish to the season and hope for the bestfor next season. We just don’t have enough grit or depth to mount any kind of a significant run. Hang in there gang. GO BIG BLUE!

  85. J hood
    10:08 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    1) 4/5 of the best teams in the country took a butt whooping last week. its called parity
    2) cal will never be the coach pitino is. pitino would be 10 deep with this team and they would all contribute
    3) still wouldnt trade cal for anyone because we will always have a potent team
    4) told you all along liggins is a street baller and will always be bested by a smarter player
    5) you all are blinded by athletisim. if they dont have smarts to go along with it, those little smart unathletic crackers will burn you!

  86. lebron james
    10:09 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    wait i wasnt the #1 small forward in 2003?

  87. Just saying
    10:10 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    27. You dont know me @$$h0le, but if you MUST KNOW my son is a senior in UKs Physical Therapy program and is on the UK medical staff (aka on the bench), so if you would now like to lick my @ss Im waiting.

  88. thebluevirus
    10:10 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Bti is cool and dont you people work. Just watch the games and have fun remeber you could still have tubby as a coach.

  89. Al's IndiCats
    10:10 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll admit to one thing BTI said, Liggins has GOT to quit being a brat after a foul. A friend of mine refs DII in Ill., Ind., and Ohio and he says once a kid get the rep for bitching and moaning they call fouls on him to get him on the bench or out of a game, and they absolutly LOVE T-ing them up for the slightest outburst. C’mon DeAndre grow up and even if it’s phantom foul, just raise your hand and bitch and moan to yourself or to a team mate or coach Cal.
    To the TROLLS in here, alls good! Yep we knew who we were, and know where we want to go. But you Jag in the bags are going to melt like snow in 70 degree weather, for we KNOW who you really are. You keep talking like there’s nothing like the Big (L)east, well we beat two out of three of you and they were all on neutral courts. How many teams from the SEC have you beat? Oh that’s right you all didn’t make a trip out of the YUM SLUM until the second week of January. Go draw your line beards, and climb out of Mamma’s basement and watch out who your coach will bang yet. It might be comming to a McDonalds near you.

  90. realist
    10:11 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    What did you guys expect? This team has actually over-achieved given the lack of quality depth and experience coming into the season. Sucks to watch right now but it is what it is.

  91. Ukman
    10:11 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    46) thats the problem everyone lives in the past. i remember this…i remember what…that was 13 and 15yrs ago. Holy crap! get over it….

  92. Blue Blood
    10:12 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    77) how can you say next years team “gets it”? do you know how they will play with each other next year? people thought that of this team coming in because there was a lack of ego like some of the players from last year. we have highly ranked players this year but not all of them are playing up to that ranking. so are you basing this just off their rank as players coming in or have you seen our potential starting 5 next year play a pick up game together already? what a stupid comment.

  93. Real uk fan
    10:22 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    You all who want to talk bad about our coach are all idiots. Nothing makes you happy, your the same people who have been complaining for years about anything that’s not a blowout. Look at where we were two years ago and just think about the fact that coach cal is 50+ wins and 13 defeats. No other coach could even dream about that and yet you all want to complain about his x’s and o’s. Give it up, because as a fan you will never be happy, hell you are probably never happy as a person. You are also (and this includes you brian the intern) probably someone who has never coached, or even somewhat athletetic for that matter. Stop talking about a coach who has done a job that not one other coach could do. And for those of you, bti, who wanna dog our players, you must be real stand up guys. Don’t even talk about deandres defense like he is not one of the better defensive pressure guys you have seen. Screw all you all bashers, go cheer for ul and choke on a wiener.

  94. Harley Wells
    10:27 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI really sucks!! Please remove this idiot from KSR!! I bet you would draw up a last second play and have someone WIDE OPEN under the basket…wait, that’s what CAL did..hmmm

  95. Fire BTI
    10:30 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Bti, you are a terrible writer, fan, person, and I bet you are the worst love maker in the state. Have fun being a super homo the rest of your life.

  96. Phillip Crady
    10:33 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    I will be the first one to admit that I could not score over a Leprichan with concrete blocks on his feet however has Terrance Jones ever ball faked his defender why must he allways try to bull his way over people and get his shot rejected

  97. really?
    10:38 am February 24, 2011 Permalink


  98. really?
    10:40 am February 24, 2011 Permalink


  99. really?
    10:41 am February 24, 2011 Permalink


  100. TreyDay
    10:47 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry haters, but BTI has it right on the game comments. It was a horrible play. 9 out of 10 times Knight shoots that kind of fade away corner 3 it is a miss. Only needed a 2, and someone else should have gotten the ball besides Knight because the defense was going to collapse on him regardless. Also, Liggins caused a 7 point swing in the 2nd half off a stupid ass T. 7 points! That is a complete game changer.

  101. JB is my Holmesboy
    10:47 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI you are high off your as* if you think Cal can’t draw up a play. Do you even watch the games? Go back and watch the last play. Knight comes off the double screen, two defenders are suckered into following at Knight, leaving Harrellson all by himself under the basket. It was actually a great play, the in bounder just got tunnel vision.

  102. stupidUKfan
    10:47 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Y R UK ‘fans’ Stupid?
    1. They really don’t know anything about basketball
    2. We should be going for our 6000 win. I mean why did we even loss one game
    3. Take away this recruiting class and the rest of the team is Billy G…That’s cals fault
    4. We;s the best every y we not got 60 NCAA championships….
    5. We need a better coach than Coach Cal…..and that would be who…
    6. I remember when Ricky P was runnin the show…20 years ago…
    7. We need 5 star recruits like Wall to stay all 4 years
    8. It’s the name on the front not the back….It’s about $$$$$ stupid
    9. If I wuz offered 1million to change jobs I wouldn’t do it…
    10. The tooth bruch was invented in Kentukee..becuse if it wuz any where else it’d be called a Teethbrush

  103. bluesince66
    10:51 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Hey #87 that’s funny. You really don’t know me and UK has NO senior managers and none in the physical therapy program.

  104. I agree fire BTI
    10:52 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI you should be fired. Jorts was wide open the play was fine the execution was poor. Except for the aberration of last year we haven’t had a good team in several years. All of last years recruits left for the NBA this team is lacking in talent only 6 players can play at this level right now. We might be the Roman Empire of college basketball and Rome wasn’t built overnight.This team has problems coaching isn’t one of them. It has always amazed me how many great coaches we have in this state who can’t get a job coaching anywhere.

  105. UK fan from loserville(1 of a million)
    10:57 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Stop the hate and loathing. We play with 6 guys and Cal sat Lamb for the last 14 minutes of the game. Best % shooter on the team. Thats all I am saying about that. This may not be the best year in UK history but we will be fine. Try supporting the kids. Good game guys, keep fighting, we will turn the corner. Lets win the last three and take our seat in the SEC tourney and win it. Then lets push as far into the NCAA as we can. GO CATS!!!!!

  106. JB is my Holmesboy
    10:58 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI is Colin Cowherd will less talent, if that is possible. Just an agitator, riling people up to get page hits.

  107. kdsmith
    11:01 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Well, this is just all out arrogance from our fanbase. Last year Cal was God and now this year he’s being compared in the same breath as Billy Clyde, even saying he might be worse in some areas. Even this website is turning into Benedict Arnold. What the hell do the fans and this website expect. We lost 5 players to the NBA draft, need I say it again 5 players. We go 6 deep and 3 of those are Freshman and of the other 3 only one had serious minutes prior to this season (Miller). Most teams wouldn’t have even sniffed out the top 25 after losing what we lost last year. Cal is one of only a 3-4 coaches that could have made us competitive after the player loses we suffered last year. Those who badmouth him are idiots, plan and simple.

  108. 2011: The winter of my discontent
    11:03 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, thank you having the balls to not be delusionally supportive of this team (this site is lacking in that regard). As far as I’m concerned you were right about everything except Cal’s playcalling, can’t do much if your team can’t put it into effect

  109. Braddy
    11:15 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    107………..please read 107 again………..GREAT POST

  110. Braddy
    11:20 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI -u can’t be serious………Were you questioning Cal’s play calling last year…….its his system you dumbassssss

    As for that last play – it was drawn up for a WIDE OPEN Jorts and that he was…..Liggins just had his finger up his ass when Cal drew the play up………..

    Either A. you didn’t watch the game or B. you don’t have a clue about basketball……….either way your an idiot!

  111. Braddy
    11:26 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    thx for deleting my post morons

  112. TrueBlue
    11:27 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    First off i want to say that I can’t stand people that come on here and try to talk smack about UK fans. We support EVERY team no matter what but we just like to vent because we are sooo pissed off. That’s what makes UK fans the best, we care the most. Don’t come on message boards and try to talk smack about us when you don’t even know what it means to care as much as we do. Call us crazy and stupid but we LOVE our basketball. Everyone on here loves this team and supports Cal but we are just pissed off and we like to vent because we want to win so bad. Yes, that was a dumb play call last night. Yes, Cal’s coaching may be sketch as hell sometimes. Yes, Liggins acts like a baby and the two T’s he’s gotten this year were costly. Yes, Knight makes costly turnovers at the end of games. But, guess what? Every single UK fan will be watching come saturday at 4 and cheering Cal and all those players on… just go back to acting like your team is better or more relevant.

    Go CATS! And remember, this team is a couple costly turnovers and couple threes away from having only 3-4 loses. I know it’s getting down to the nitty gritty and I’m worried as heck too but I don’t think a high seed wants to draw us in the second round on a neutral court.

  113. glensboro icon
    11:29 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    just saying, you are a total tool that has probably never even played basketball before. it is idiots like you that think you know EVERYTHING that give the great fans of this team a bad name. just get these few things trough that tiny little brain of yours.

    1. sometimes teams lose. it happens.
    2. this team lost 5 1st round draft picks from last year’s team. they are not gonna be as good as last year’s team.
    3. coach cal lost 3 guys that he figured would be around this season. Kanter, Bledsoe, and Orton
    4. you can get mad all you want about it, but this is the team that we have and as matt likes to say, “it is what it is”
    5. you are not a coach nor are you a player, therfore you know absolutely nothing about what happens in huddles so just shut your hole.
    6. BTI is still pretty gay

  114. RondoPlease
    11:31 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Cal could draw up 1,000 consecutive last second plays, have all of them fail, then somehow get 12-year old twin boys pregnant and still he would not be as bad at coaching as BTI is at life.

  115. Operation Win-Ter
    11:40 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Who but Cal could have put this program on the level that it is after the Billy G fiasco? Next season we will have the essentials: talent, experience, leadership, bench. Enjoy your day today critics, tomorrow is coming on fast.

  116. WHO'SBLU4U
    11:53 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Miller needed the ball in the last min. He scored at will last night in the paint. Cal messed up leaving Lamb on the bench instead of giving Knight some needed rest. Can anyone figure out Cal’s timeout calling? I can’t! This team has gotten used to losing! Terrence is waiting for the draft doesn’t care about the team! Our defense sucks! That team was a bunch of scrubs and they whiped the floor with us. We either help too much on defense or not at all either way it results in wide open lay ups! I LOVE U.K. basketball, but I won’t be watching Saturday sorry too much time wasted this year on games we SHOULD have won!

  117. Sad but true
    11:57 am February 24, 2011 Permalink

    To all those people who dont want the one and dones ask yourself this question…

    Is this the team I want for four more years or do I want Gilchrist, Teague, Davis, and Wiltjer or even Wall, Bledsoe, Cousins, and Orton?

  118. Three Stacks
    12:19 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, u have the lowest sports IQ I’ve ever seen…no offense. The worst inbounds play you have seen in 25 years got a guy wide open for a game winning layup? And just because a PLAYER makes a stupid mistake and doesn’t pass it then it’s a bad play? The collective basketball IQ of this entire site isn’t as high as Erin Calipari’s…moreless John Calipari’s.

  119. Wesa
    12:30 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Did you think it might not be the play calling from Cal but to me it seems our players can’t handle the pressure and are weak willed in these situations. I think Brandon has some great assets but he makes passes that not even I would attempt at times, like right to another player from the other team and T Jones, where was he during most of this game. the players have to be help responsible for the way they play down the stretch and not blame play calling. Notice how many times we throw the ball away in these close games. They are freshmen and we just have to deal with this and let them try to improve as they go along. I don’t think these would be an issue if Enes had gotten to play this year, but oh well it is what it is and we as fans have to continue to pull for them.

  120. UK Fan
    12:32 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI is to KSR as Billy G is to UK! Please Run away! You Suck more than Karen Sypher!

  121. LP
    1:33 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You usually have the suckiest, short sited, redonkulous veiw points.
    But this post is spot on. Hack Jones could stand to take a page from your book of brutal honesty.

  122. CalifCatFan
    1:53 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI has managed to piss off half of BBN–what a talent!

  123. CATS not CANT
    2:16 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Ok people, everyone knows that I ♥ my Cats almost more than I love my husband, & I stick up for them every chance I get. With that being said, GET OFF OF COACH CAL’S BACK! If he draws up a play & Liggins’ basketball IQ isn’t high enough to look to the post to Jorts, that’s not Cal’s fault. He is leading the proverbial horse to water, but he can’t force them to drink. You want to say Billie Clyde could draw up better plays, FINE, go take his team from 3 years ago (do you REMEMBER the NIT?!), Michael Porter as the PG and all.

    You take the losses AT HOME to Gardener Webb and Stoney Brook. You take the abuse to the players and the media outbursts. You take the Josh Harrellson that couldn’t put together two good minutes under Gillispie, and I’ll take the Harrellson that puts up double-doubles and demands the ball in the post under Cal.

    Yes, this team has growing pains and a LOT of them, mainly on the road, but that’s part of losing 5 MAJOR contributers, and the main leader of our team, Patrick Patterson. You want to know why we have problems winning on the road? It’s because our YOUNG team is so worried that they are going to make a mistake that they freeze. The problems with our vetran players? They know that if they mess up, the fanbase will turn on them. They’ve been there, and frankly UK fans, they’re right. You’re regressing too. You’re going back to the people that ran Tubby out of town (yes…that was you), and the people that boo’d OUR team under Gillispie. You loved that we were winning last season, and this season we’ve won a LOT of games, but we’ve also lost some really close ones, it’s the way life is…….deal with it.

    So we can all sit here on a Thursday, complaining about Cal, and how our team can’t possibly do well because we’re losing on the road, OR you can look at it this way: We have one of the BEST traveling FANS in the country. The one’s that can make a neutral court a HOME game. So it’s time to put on our rally caps CAT fans because our cheer is C-A-T-S not C-A-N-T!.


  124. quitcryinukfans
    2:38 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI I got an idea, go jump off a building. A really really tall one. Or better yet, hit up Pete Thamel and ask him if there is an opening for an internship. All you have to do is show him a couple of your posts on KSR and you’re good to go I’m sure.

  125. Losing Patience
    4:19 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    All these people who keep pointing out that we lost 5 players to the draft….Hello..we also have the number one recruiting class AGAIN. There is no Excuse for losing to teams like Ole Miss and Arkansas with such a talent gap. Now, either Cal has not gotten the most out of them or they just don’t care. One of the two.

  126. Coop
    8:37 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI does not need to question Coach Cal. Who should we listen to? COACH Cal or some jackass whos only on this website so we have someone to hate. Nobody needs to question Coach Cal. Last year yall loved him, typical fairweather fans. Yall will be back on his jock when he takes us to the Final Four in the next 2 or 3 years. Cmon cat fans, calm the F down, my god.

  127. BsbCoach
    9:22 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    The more complants I hear about Coach Cal from some of you so-called fans makes me want to either puke, or whip your ass. I’ve been a fan for over 40 yrs and I believe I could still do the later.

  128. BsbCoach
    9:27 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you so-called Big Blue fans make me want to puke. Go find another team/program to drag down with your derogatory comments.

  129. terrencejonesrighthand
    11:39 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    BTI, stop proving that your an idiot that knows nothing about basketball and continue to post irrelevant statistics to support you agenda. To say Liggins isnt a good defender is rediculous, to say the last play drawn up was the worst you have ever seen is pathetic. You talk how good of a shooter Jorts is, why not draw an inbound for him under the goal…he was having a good game..and guess what..who expected it…thats right no one..can i take your place on this site?

  130. Chill out
    11:45 pm February 24, 2011 Permalink

    All of you think you are the next coach at Kentucky. What do you guys want? This was supposed to be a building year. You complain when Tubby was coach that he got no recruts. Now you complain about getting the best of the best recruits.