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Bryan the Intern’s Wednesday News and Views

 two-interns-in-a-podTwo interns in a pod.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…..stop the rioting.  BTI isn’t writing the news and views post.  We’re just giving him the top billing because he’s turning like 17 or something today.  That’s right, our picker of the Picks to Click will be celebrating his grand entrance into this world all day long and it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t stop and give a metaphorical tipping of the hat to him.  BTI is the Cal Ripken of blogs, showing up everyday and mixing interesting stories with opinions that make your blood boil.  He might hate soccer and everything you believe in but how can you hate a face like that?  Bryan the Intern, happy birthday. 

**Be glad my birthday is next week or else I would have really layed into you in this post.  Don’t screw up 10 am.

Now onto a few UK notes…

 – Well, if you thought the Jodie Meeks posts were going to end when he announced his intentions and you were one of the people violently taking to the comments section the last time I wrote about him…..sorry.  We’re about to dig into the Jodie situation again.  But, now, at least we know his plans, right? 

With Jodie’s declaration for the draft, the conversation surrounding him now turns to where he’s going to get drafted and what kind of NBA player he could become.  I, the eternal optimist of this site, of course think that Jodie has a strong chance of going in the first round.  I don’t pretend to have any sort of inside info and I’d be shocked if he actually got any sort of guarantee…but I don’t think that means he’s a lock for the second round or worse.  I outlined last week the draft positions of the teams working Meeks out and a first round selection certainly seemed favorable based on that.  Today, we even saw the first mock draft (to go with last week’s CBS first round prediction) placing Jodie in the first round.  Now, Jodie will work out this week for the New Jersey Nets, who hold the #11 pick and nothing else.  Do they want to trade down?  Hmmm…what does it all mean?

It’s madness.  This draft is absolute madness.

Right now, outside of Blake Griffin, there is nothing certain about what will happen on June 25 and the difference between projected lottery picks and projected second-rounders is razor thin.  At this point, it could come down to simply selling himself to a team over Wayne Ellington and Marcus Thornton, who are widely projected over him.  Can he do it and will a team like Chicago, Minnesota, Oklahoma City – or even Atlanta – pick him up late in the first round?  I don’t see why not.  However, he has his work cut out for him.

But, on that note, I sent out a message to all of my loyal Twitter followers yesterday morning (most of them coming thanks to UKAthletics) that I think is a pretty good thought.  Jodie Meeks reminds me of a former Tar Heel:  Hubert Davis.  Meeks’ game is almost dead-on identical to Davis, the former NBA sharpshooter.  Davis was a scorer in college, averaging over 20 his senior year at North Carolina (Dean Smith held Jordan under 20!) after seeing his average take a steep jump from his junior season.  Davis, like Meeks, had the athleticism to get to the rim and could beat guys off the dribble, but had a pretty poor assist-to-turnover ratio.  And, obviously, Davis had a deadly long-distance shot.  Ultimately, Davis didn’t light the NBA on fire (he averaged about 8 ppg for his career) but he stuck around The League for over a decade.  And, he was a first round pick.

Can Meeks do that?  We’ll see.  And, most importantly, I promise I won’t write about Jodie when I do Friday’s News and Views.  Cross my heart.

 – One more basketball note:  Give Dwight Perry a scholarship.

 – Meanwhile, football continues to move along in the shadows of the basketball program and Matt May posted an updated football depth chart today over on Cats Pause.  It appears that Alfonso Smith will be tailback numero uno.  At least for now.

 – In case you missed it today, we had a contest to be entered in a drawing for Big Blue Madness tickets on the Twitter account.  If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up here.  There will be several more opportunities to win them.  Congrats to “bigjra” for the winning response today.

 – And, because no BTI tribute post can go without a rant, here’s a non-Jodie debate question for you.  How does Donte Stallworth get 30 days in jail for killing someone and Michael Vick gets 23 months in the slammer for fighting dogs?  Not that I don’t love dogs (I’d love to get rid of a golden retriever if anyone is looking though), but I place a slightly higher value on a human life.  Blah, blah, blah, soccer sucks.  You’re stupid.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as we celebrate BTI’s birth and Dustin previews the NBA Top 100 Camp that he will be attending and reporting from.  It should be a good day around here.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner