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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click (Why I hate Louisville)

It’s “Why I Hate Louisville” day here on the site, and since I am an expert in linkage, I thought there was no better way to express my hate than through links. 

1) I HATELouisville because they will, no matter how terrible their program gets, brag and brag about their one stupid Orange Bowl win.  NEWSFLASH: You beat possibly one of the two or three worst teams in BCS history in Wake Forest.  And how bad does the UL fanbase suck?  The longest videoyou can find on youtube from this win is a :35 second clip of the final seconds shot from the stands.  IF Kentucky ever wins a BCS bowl, you KNOW there would be 50 videos, all ten minutes in length, and edited to the high heavens, with every freaking highlight from the game.

2) I HATE Louisville because they won the Dream Game in 1983.  No matter how large the gap is between the history of the two programs, or the fact that Kentucky is winning the overall series, Louisville will always have bragging rights that they won the most important game.  Way to choke in the Final Four though.

3) I HATE Louisville because Johnny Unitaswent to school there.  Why?  Because Johnny Unitas was TERRIBLE at Louisville.  The team was terrible.  And the football program was barely Division 1.  The combined record of Unitas’ teams at Louisville: 12-23!!!  DURING UNITAS’ SENIOR YEAR AT LOUISVILLE, HE WAS SECOND ON THE TEAM IN PASSING.  And yet, that stupid statue sits right there at the Pizza Pit, like he is a god or something.  How often did Unitas come to UL games when he was alive?  Rarely.  You don’t see UK touting George Blanda to anywhere near that level, reason being he wasn’t very good at UK.  I’m sorry, but Rajon Rondo may be an NBA Hall of Famer someday, but he will never be a legend at UK.

4) I HATELouisville because they love their football coaches to no end.  Schnelly was an all-time legend, and Smith and Petrino were offensive masterminds.  And Lee Corso is somebody that everybody loves.  Here’s the truth: their football coaches have been a joke.

Lee Corso: Leaves Louisville, 41-68-1 at Indiana
Vince Gibson: Leaves Louisville, 17-17 at Tulane
Bob Weber: Before Louisville, 16-26 at Arizona
Howard Schnelenbugkle: Leaves Louisville, 53-53-1 at Oklahoma and Florida Atlantic
Ron Cooper: Leaves Louisville, NEVER Head Coach again
John L. Smith: Leaves Louisville, 22-26 at Michigan St.
Bobby Petrino: Leaves Louisville, 9-17 with Falcons and Arkansas

5) I HATE Louisville for the fact that is touts itself as the “Greatest College Town in America”.  HELLO?  You’re only the best college town because UK fans make up half the town.  This is the same fanbase who leaves at halftime of most of its football games.  This is the same fanbase who just had a women’s basketball team make the Final Four, and still got mediocre crowds ALL season.  This is the same fanbase who ran out of town its Hall of Fame coach who won them two national titles.

6) I HATE Louisville, most of all, because of “L Yes”.  There may not be another hand gesture that is dumber in sports.  I always want to show a different hand gesture every time I see it.  Mostly, I would like those people to turn that gesture over 90 degrees, point it to side of their heads, and pull the trigger.  And no, I don’t mean that I want Louisville fans to die, just the ones who use that signal.  And not so much die, and just wounded, and no longer have use of their hands.

Article written by Bryan the Intern