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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click (Final Edition)

This chick scares me….

This is going to be the last edition of the Picks to Click.  I actually went back and counted and this will be the 521st Picks to Click since I started writing in December 2007.  What actually started as a place to get every article and link about UK sports you could think of (here was my first post) has certainly turned into a whole different animal today.  But, lots of thanks should go to Matt who allowed me to shape the post in different ways throughout the months.  He’s allowed me to put many a dumb and uninformed opinion on this site, although I tend to think most of us are uniformed in general, so maybe I represent the majority.  Probably not, but I like to humor myself into thinking so.

But, just because the Picks to Click is leaving doesn’t mean I am leaving (sorry to my haters).  Starting on Monday, I will begin writing a more one-topic centered post.  Don’t worry, it will still have links, because I will never forget what got me here.  And then once a week I will still put together a crazy links post where you will get all the goofy and completely pointless crap I generally put on KSR. 

I hope you enjoy this last edition of the Picks to Click, and I am gonna stop writing now before I start crying all over this keyboard in my mother’s basement. 


1. Does nobody understand how to celebrate a big win?  Beating the #4 team to tie for the ACC lead doesn’t mean you should storm the court and it certainly doesn’t mean you should start rioting.  I don’t even remember rioting after UK won the whole darn thing in 96 and 98.

2. You know that we all hate Coach K around here, and for good reasons.  But, I will give the man props when he deserves it, and after reading this story from ESPN, you will like Coach K just a teeny tiny bit more. 

3. Good thing Tiger’s caddie, Steve Williams, didn’t know about all of Tiger’s fornicating, because he would have shut downall of those “fun times with Perkins waitress” things.  And good thing for the girls too, because knowing how Williams is with photogs on the course, he may have put some of them in holes in the desert. 

4. That lady/dude that can dunk for the Baylor women’s team might not be dunking anymore after just flat out sucker-punching another player on Wednesday.  Look, I will openly admit: that girl/guy would kick my ass 10 out of 10 times. (UPDATE: She has been suspended for 2 games.  Which would be like you assaulting someone at work and getting 2 days off.  Just another example of athlete getting special treatment.)

Article written by Bryan the Intern