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Probably my favorite topic to argue, because we can argue and fight over it but it just shows how big of fans we are is “who should have their jersey retired”.  This topic came back up yesterday when Matt posted about Tony Delk and you readers then talked about your opinions.  Here would be my list of the “10 most deserving” guys, with the warning that I dont think all of these guys should be up there.

1. Tony Delk (there is no argument, the ONLY slam dunk in my opinion)
2. Tayshaun Prince (only thing missing is a NCAA title, but the pro career makes up for it)
3. Keith Bogans (I don’t think this is gonna happen, but he has the stats and was a winner, I am higher on him than most people)
4. Tubby Smith (the man won a freakin title, put him up there, and he’s not coaching the rival either)
5. Ron Mercer (wont get up there because only played two years, but since Mashburn left the best talent to play at UK)
6. Wayne Turner (my problem with him is that people ONLY bring up the Duke game, and I dont think the guy should be up there just because he torched Wojo, that being said a great career with 2 titles, but had a TON of talent around him)
7. Chuck Hayes (as much of a fan favorite that has ever existed, if his pro career continues to get better, he may have a shot)
8. Jeff Sheppard (much like Turner, became a legend because of six games in March 1998, again a GREAT player, not an all-time great)
9. Travis Ford (people forget how good he was, maybe if he ever coaches here he will get up in the rafters)
10. Gerald Fitch (a key contributer to an undefeated conference UK team, never making a Final Four ends his chances)

So I think Delk is the only 100% bet and Prince is very close if not a certainty, but beyond that I dont think anyone on this list would be up there TODAY.  I truly think in 10 years, Tubby Smith gets up there.  I think I will get the most grief about putting Turner 6th, but after Matt’s post yesterday, I read the comments and EVERY SINGLE PERSON that voted for Turner (10 in all), all mentioned or agreed about the Wojo game.  I just dont consider Wayne Turner an ALL-TIME GREAT.  And at UK, they dont just put the great players up there, you have to be an all-time great.  All of this is silly in a sense though because no one will even be eligible for retirement until 2013 because of this stupid new rule about the Athletic Hall of Fame.  On to the links:

1. Kentucky baseball has rebounded nicely this week with 2 non-conference wins, keeping them undefeated in that category this year.  First, they dispatched Cincinnati on the road 9-4, a great accomplishment simply because the Cats were 3-7 on the road before the game.  The Cats followed it up with a much tougher than expected 6-5 win over Morehead St.   Colin Cowgill now ranks 2nd in the country in home runs with 14.     

2. Former UK baseball stud Brandon Webb has started off quite nicely this season for the Arizona Diamondbacks: 4-0, 1.86 ERA in 4 starts.  Another great start yesterday in a 4-1 win over San Fransisco: 8IP, 1ER, 5 K’s.  Not to mention the D-backs look like the best team in the majors right now. 

3. Lets also give some props to the UK softball team, who matched a school record for the largest margain of victory in a 16-0 beatdown of Oho St. The ladies have had a rough go of things this season, just 16-28, but they will now be in the all-time record books.

4. The Herald Leader highlights the UK Secondary, which may be the strongest unit on the team this year.  My vote goes to running back, but the secondary is pretty good.  And in my opinion, Trevard Lindley could become an All-American before his time is done.

5. All of the sudden, the Dan LeBatard show has soemthing great happen on it once a week.  Last week it was him and Jay Bilas going at it about race and the NBA, this time its Lebatard just sitting there as Kyle Turley (truly one of the bigger jerks in sports) and Robert Smith battle it out about the NFL’s disability plan.  To show you how poor/inexperienced Lebatard is at radio, when the f-bomb is thrown down, he literally says “I don’t know what to do”, its called laugh and hit the DUMP button so the FCC doesn’t fine you 20-grand.  As big as an idiot as Lebatard is, if stuff like this keeps happening, I might have to tune in.  WARNING: Video contains strong language about 2:30 in!!!!

Article written by Bryan the Intern