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Update: This video should make you hate Duke even more and realize they are very dirty players, but also very feminine. 

1. The question has been asked alot over the past 2-3 years: Is Kentucky still an elite program NOW?  I think its a legitimate question, and I tend to say yes, as the fanbase is still one of the best and facilities are wonderful allowing UK to recruit well.  Have results been at an elite level? Probably not.  So, the Courier-Journal performed a survey of 30 journalists across the country asking them “if you could buy stock in any college basketball program, which one’s would you buy”.  Interesting results as UK ranks 8th overall, but behind both Florida (6th) and Louisville (7th).  Eight is nothing to cry over, considering there are over 300 Division 1 teams, but it is very interesting that UK doesn’t rank first in its conference or its state.  Your thoughts? 

2. Pretty cool move by both CBS and UK as reported on by Rick Bozich of the Courier-Journal.  It appears Kentucky asked CBS to include a shot of Bill Keightley in their “One Shining Moment” montage after the championship game tonight.  And CBS agreed to do that in honor of Mr. Wildcat.  So keep an eye out for Keightley tonight, as my guess is he will be the only representitive in the video.  Bozich, who is at the Final Four in San Antonio, also is reporting that he is hearing whispers there may be change(s) on the assistant coaching staff.  I’m sure more details are to come.

3. The UK baseball team took another conference series, beating Miss. St. 2 out of 3 at home this weekend.  Coach John Cohen was ejected in the 1st inning of the game Sunday.  The 10th ranked Cats are now 25-5 heading into their Tuesday showdown with Louisville, who by the way is only 16-12. 

4. Here are much of the statistics from the spring scrimmage. Coach Brooks is also shutting down rumors of the Cats offense becoming a more spread offense, even with his choice of athletic QB’s this year.

5. Well, we are one week in to the MLB season and we know a couple things: the Tigers have wasted the most talent in the majors to an 0-6 start, the division with the best overall record is the NL Central, the Reds may actually have a good pitching staff, and right now 3 of your division leaders are the Orioles, Royals, and Marlins.  Obviously, we are only 5 or 6 games into the season so all of this is probably pointless, but randomness is what baseball needs, not just Yankees, Red Sox, and everyone else.

6. The Baltimore Sun has created it’s Top 5 Hottest tennis wives/girlfriends, and I respect this list very much as it puts Bridget Wilson (pictured above) as its number 1.  Disclaimer: the link only takes you to the list (no pictures), but there are links on the list to pictures of the women, so its still a good link. 

7. Imagine if you got hit in the head with a major league fastball.  I would bet most of us would be cursing up a storm.  Well, ESPN had the genius plan to put microphones on their umpires, and when one gets plunked on the head, they actually thought “hey, lets air what the guy just said”.  GENIUS!!!  Anyway, ESPN has a FCC fine headed its way.

Article written by Bryan the Intern