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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


Is it just me or is Georgia one of the more likeable teams you have ever watched.  What they did this weekend may be the greatest feat in many, many years in college basketball, and they have a bunch of guys you can root for, and a coach that does things the right way.  Is there any question that UGA is the greatest 14 seed of all time?  My other tourney note: USC will beat Kansas St. by 15 and make a suprise run to the Final 4.  Yes, I know NOTHING about college basketball.  On to the links:

1. Interesting note: Marquette and Kentucky have played 9 times in the NCAA Tournament, with UK going 4-5 in those games.  In fact, the two teams have played in the tournament at least once every decade except the 1980’s in the past 50 years.  To check out the history of the Marquette-UK series, you can click here and go to the Kentucky Statistics Project.

2. Did you think conference play would be any different for the Baseball Cats?  18-0, a Top 10 national ranking, and a 3-game sweep of Alabama this weekend.  One more win will tie the school record for best start.  This is nearly guarenteed with Morehead St. coming to Lexington Tuesday.  And then a trip to Auburn next weekend will be for the school record.

3. Eric Crawford previews the NCAA Tournament for all the local teams.  Good fact from Crawford’s article: the last time UK was seeded lower than 11th was 1985, when a 12th seeded Cats team made a run to the Sweet 16.  Really pointless fact but one to keep an eye out for.

4. John Clay believes its ironic the Cats are playing near Hollywood, as their comeback from the depths of losing is something out of a movie.  May be a bit of an exaggeration there, John.

5. Pat Forde gives you 65 tidbits to remember when watching the tourney and missing work Thursday and Friday.

6. #19 UK Great: Pat Riley

7. Courtesy of, the Top 10 Treadmill Gone Wrong Videos. 

8. The New York Mets Kaz Mastui is not going to be playing for a couple weeks after surgery.  What did he have surgery for, you might ask.  Well, you have to click on this link to find out.  It will be well worth it.

Article written by Bryan the Intern